Thursday, June 8, 2017


Yikes Everyone!!  It was 48 degrees (F) at my house this morning.  People!!  It is June 8th.  What's up??

(Of course, the fact that I am talking incessantly about weather makes me feel really, really old - LOL)

Meanwhile, nothing much going on today.  It is encouraging that it is almost the weekend.  Colin will be over for dinner tonight - Fletch is going to grill hot and sweet Italian sausage and we'll have onions, mushrooms and peppers to go with.  Probably some tomatoes as well.  And a nice baguette for Colin and me (Fletch doesn't eat white bread if he can help it...but there is a whole grain croissant or a ww roll for him).  Over the weekend I made some oatmeal butterscotch cookies (very, very yummy) and an apple-rhubarb tart kind of thing with puff pastry.  There are leftovers of each.  So, not much for me to do tonight in the way of prep which is very nice at the winding down part of the week.  I can just pour a glass of wine and enjoy!

Saturday Fletch and Colin are planning to drive down to Delaware.  My brother and his wife just moved there from Pittsburgh and they brought several items for Colin.  First up a hunting bow that my uncle had made (not strung, and I think Col plans to use it as wall art).  The second item is a desk that my grandfather made.  We have a dresser that he made - solid maple that I use to store my fabric.  No one else in the family wanted the desk and my brother and SIL don't have room for it in their new home.  I'm so glad that Colin wants it.

Once they pick it up, they'll need to take it to Colin's to unload.  I won't be able to go since the back seats of our car will need to be down in order to fit the desk in the car.  Ooooppppsssss!  That means a free Saturday for knitting, reading, stitching, whatever.  I'm looking forward to that.

Last night after dinner Fletch and I settled in to read a bit.  As I mentioned the other day, we are reading Winter's Tales - a collection of short stories by Isak Dinesen.  Flipping through the front of the book I noticed this last night:

I just found it interesting.  Don't believe I've ever seen this in a book previously.  The copy we have is hard-backed and is from my Aunt's home in Vermont.

Well, it may have been 48 degrees earlier, but the sun is out (amazing) and it is warming up.  Supposed to get to 75 by the afternoon.


  1. I hear you on this goofy weather! I PUT MY FURNACE ON YESTERDAY!

    And I make no apology. We are living in a society here (to quote George Costanza), and I am not going to suffer like some sort of Colonial or Victorian. Or worse, camper.

    What an interesting note on your book's frontispiece! I have never seen that before, either. I have inherited a lot of old books; I'll have to look for that in some of that.

  2. I've never seen a note like that in a book: looks like you have a piece of history.

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend of knitting and reading, sans the responsibility of preparing meals for others.

  3. What a unique find in your book.

  4. I'm not minding the cool, especially since it's supposed to be in the 90s and humid starting on Sunday, for at least 4-5 days. Give me colder anytime!

  5. It was cold here this morning too! I loved it. It's supposed to get HOT again next week so I've got the window open and am enjoying every minute.

  6. A little cooler today for many of my blog friends. I hope you will enjoy a very nice Saturday. Your dinner tonight sounds delicious. Interesting page you have shared in your book.

  7. One thing about weather, just as you get used to one pattern, it changes! Enjoy your alone time on Saturday!

  8. I had a book like that too -- it was Anna and the King of Siam (the basis for The King and I). Same thing. The paper was thinner than usual and the type closer together, I think. It said the same thing about wartime restrictions and how the book was printed. I thought it was pretty cool!

  9. What an interesting find in your book ... and I'll bet you're looking forward to a day to yourself on Saturday. Enjoy!!

  10. Enjoy your alone time tomorrow and the cooler weather...we're being warned that a heat wave is on its way to us starting Sunday...phooey!

  11. aren't you getting a heat wave soon? I know we are!!