Monday, April 15, 2024

Just About Ready to Go! 4/15/24

 Good Morning My Friends!

How are you and how was your weekend?  Mine was lovely - filled with family, good food, a bunch of chores, but also time to relax.

Saturday morning found me scrubbing bathrooms and washing bath mats and towels.  Just as I finished that, our neighbor Rob came over with home made Focaccia that he had made using his sour dough starter.  Little cherry tomatoes and Kalamata olives on top with tons of herbs - oh my!  A little touch of heaven.

Later in the day Colin was over helping Fletch with some garden stuff.  Mailing showed up a bit later and we ordered out delicious Indian food from a place one of Colin's co-workers had recommended.  So much food.  And so good!  We will definitely order again.

While the boys were working in the garden and before Mailing came over, I found time to finish my latest stitched piece:  Sew Red by IStich.

Stitched on 40 count Woodsmoke linen using one strand of silk thread (Old Maid of the Heart from Vicki Clayton) over two threads.  I'm pleased with the way it turned out.  I think my next piece will be a Quaker style one in yet again a single color.  This is so unlike me!!

Sunday was a day for more chores (that damn kitchen floor is finally clean), laundry and packing.  Tomorrow I fly to NC for a nice visit with my friend Leslie.  I'm the person who can usually be found packing at midnight before an early morning flight.  I don't know what's gotten into me but I'm all packed already (shorts and tees and flip flops mostly - it should be in the 80's while I am there!!).

There was also a bit of time in the afternoon for wandering around the yard.  Our Red Bud has opened!

And our Asian Pear is looking VERY healthy.  I wonder when we will get fruit?  Last year we were worried that it would survive (and it's in a cage because of deer).

And last, but not least, the first apple blossoms have opened!!

Seen, but not photographed:  asparagus is up!  And the rhubarb leaves are already getting to be platter sized.  LOL

It is also definitely tick season - Fletch found one crawling on his leg the other day.  Yuck.  Last night we managed to capture Mabel and get her treated...hopefully it will work.  Speaking of the darling here she is yesterday afternoon while Fletch and I were sitting on the patio.

I know it's the say she is sitting and has positioned her legs, but she is looking a bit widette!!  (Does anyone else remember The Widettes on SNL?  It was around the same time as the Cone Heads.  LOL)

OK, I'm dropping off library books this morning - giving up on The Fox Wife.  I thought I would love it, but I kept falling asleep while reading it.  Despite having read around 100 pages, I can't remember a thing about it.  The book I will take with me is The Seed Keeper which I am loving (and the cover of the paperback is wonderful).  I think that Jane recommended this book.  I will also pick up a few groceries for Fletch to have on hand while I'm away.  

Wishing everyone a wonderful week and I'll see you back here next week!


  1. I think the big difference in your packing habit is now you're retired and don't have to work around your work schedule! I hope you have a fantastic trip and all your travel goes smoothly. And thanks for sharing that adorable photo of Mabel -- she has an adorable little tush!

  2. wow the cleaning frenzy must feel so so good! I love your redbud, I do not have one as of yet but I do want one.

  3. I am sorry you did not enjoy The Fox Wife! But I just finished The Seed Keeper and loved it! Your stitching is so cute, Vera... there is something so beautiful about a single color stitching!

  4. I really love your single-color samplers, and this one is no exception! Maybe I need to consider one myself; I found that I do not like changing floss color. Safe travels and I hope you have a wonderful time in NC!

  5. Sew Red is beautiful.

    Have a wonderful trip and good times with your friends. Safe travels.

  6. Have a great time in NC with Leslie, Vera. (And please tell her I said hello! It was a pleasure "meeting" her earlier this year.) ENJOY! XO

  7. You sure got a lot accomplished over the weekend. Dennis cleaned our bathrooms on Saturday. The twisting around things does my back in quickly and he doesn't mind. He does the showers, toilets and floors and I do the counters and mirrors. It's teamwork!
    The redwork turned out beautifully with another on the way?
    Have a wonderful time with your friend. An important trip to reconnect.

  8. Have a great trip! Glad you got so much done and still had time to relax!

  9. Congrats on the big finish! I love a red sampler. I've always meant to do one but never have. Your trip sounds so exciting. I'm a last minute packer myself. It drives The Mister crazy.

  10. I was a little worried about my asparagus - I've not seen any signs of life... but maybe it's still okay if you're just seeing yours now!

  11. Your sampler is spectacular! Will you frame it? Beautiful job.
    Bon voyage—and a real gift you’re giving Fletch and yourself—a clean house for him AND for you to come home to. (Makes such a difference.)

  12. The Redwork Sampler is gorgeous!!! So is your yard; I love the way it is Springing-up!

  13. Love your sampler Vera ! Sounds like a lovely trip is planned, enjoy your time ☺️

  14. Safe travels and have a wonderful visit. The red sampler is so pretty. Look at everything growing in your yard. Spring has Sprung!

  15. Congrats on another finish. Love that red sampler. Be safe and have fun!

  16. It delights me so much that you and Dee are meeting up NOT on Saturdays. and that you're still stitching (and finishing), knitting socks, and reporting on the garden. seems like you're settling in?!