Friday, April 12, 2024

Another Week


Good Morning my Friends!

Well, it was kind of a wild night - strong winds and heavy rains woke me early.  Luckily I managed to get back to sleep.  I'm happy to be heading into weekend mode.

Yesterday Dee and I got together at Manhattan Bagel for a morning of catching up, sipping coffee and doing a little knitting.  Always a pleasant time.

Wednesday found me taking care of things.  My annual mammogram was at 8:45 a.m.  I'm always on edge before a mammogram - my Mom had breast cancer and my (paternal) grandfather had breast cancer in the 40's.  Weird to hear of a guy having breast cancer.  Both survived, but those two cases, of course, elevate my chances.  Right after the mammogram I had a CT lung scan.  Another thing to have me on edge.  I smoked for decades (since my teens) and only stopped in the last 5-6 years (I can never remember which year).  Because of that, my primary care physician suggested I have a lung scan.  I'm happy to report that both tests had good results.  Amazingly, I had the mammogram results on line within 3 hours of the test!  I had to wait over 24 hours for the lung scan results.  But, the important thing is that all is ok.

Next on the list is an audiologist appointment, but I will wait to make that for a couple of weeks.  By the time I'm finished with that, it will probably be time to start all over again with blood work, eye exam, etc., etc.  Good thing I am no longer working!!  LOL

Wednesday afternoon I had an appointment regarding finances...I want to get my 401K rolled over and there were other things to talk about.  Again all is good and I have another meeting with him at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to prep for leaving town again!!  Without Fletch!!!  Next Tuesday I am flying to NC to visit my best friend for the past 58 years - Leslie.  And, my senior year in college I roomed with Nina.  She and I also shared some apartments after college.  I have not seen Nina in close to 30 years, BUT, she is driving up to Leslie's from where she lives in SC on Friday and will spend the night.  Can't wait to see them both.  

I have gifts to wrap before I go and I need to dig out some summer clothes - it is forecast to be in the 80's when I land in NC on Tuesday!  Naturally I want to clean the bathrooms and do some laundry before I take off and I'll pick up some food so that Fletch does not need to run to the store.

Colin will be over Saturday afternoon to help Fletch with some garden stuff.  I've suggested that Mailing come over too and we can all go out to dinner...still waiting to hear back from the kids on that idea.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you make room for some fun.  Enjoy!!


  1. Cheering those normal scans, Vera!!! That's everything.♥
    You've got a special trip ahead -- what a reunion that'll be. Enjoy!
    And you've got one of my all-time favorite scents on your table. Hyacinth. Right up there with peonies, for me.
    Happy weekend to you, happy trip prep.

  2. Our lawn is now a lake and with the clay soil, will stay that way for a long while. I had to get a lung CT every six months for three years to watch three suspicious nodules. Now, started again, and that is a lot of radiation!! Anxiety is off the charts, relief, and then it starts again. I had to use hypnosis to stop smoking over 20 years ago, did not expect it to work, and was ticked because when I left the appt and got into my car, I could not bump one out of the pack to light!! That was it.

  3. We had to sleep in the lower level, the winds were that bad here. I'm going to be cranky all day now.
    Your girl's trip sounds like fun. I can't get The Mister to go anywhere anymore so I guess all my travels will be girls trips if I can find the girls to travel

  4. I got woken up by the wind, rain, and thunder, too, but I was glad to see that there was no water in the cellar (yet). Hooray for normal scans and good financial news. Enjoy your weekend and getting ready for a fun trip!

  5. Have a great visit with Leslie and Nina.

  6. Very good news indeed on the scans. It's always worrisome. I had to have ultrasounds and mammograms every three months a few years ago and I was always on edge before had. I have had lumps removed and there are a few ladies in my family who had breast cancer which increases the anxiety.
    It sounds like a VERY fun trip ahead for you. Old friends are the best as they knew you "then". I'll keep you and Fletch in my prayers as I'm sure he'll miss you.
    Enjoy your time with the kids. It's sure a precious thing.

  7. Great to know that you got comforting reports from your tests. And you have lots of things to look forward to coming up. Sounds like busy, fun times are ahead!

  8. Great health news!! Your trip & get together with old friends sounds wonderful!

  9. Glad to hear all was well with the scans (and thanks for the reminder to schedule my mammogram). Don't you wish there was a way to go in to a facility and get all the tests and screenings done in one day every year? Sounds like you have a wonderful trip to look forward to next week, and you're very nice to get everything clean and prepped for Fletch when you're away. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and great trip next week!

  11. Your trip and reunion with friends sounds wonderful!! Hope all goes smoothly - with traveling, etc. And hooray for good health reports. Enjoyed visiting your blog today!

  12. So glad all the testing came back normal. It is always a relief. We haven't had rain but mercy, such wild and crazy windy days. Have a wonderful trip.

  13. Good for you for getting those tests done and hooray for good results! I had my mammogram on 3/5 and only (finally) got the results last Wednesday. Oof. I think your trip to visit your college friends sounds wonderful!

  14. Glad for the good health reports! Have a good time with your visit--always fun to share a meal with your son and dil!

  15. I am so happy for the good health reports! I go to the audiologist tomorrow and I am a bit nervous!