Monday, June 13, 2022


 Good Morning!

It is grey and wet here...we had rain yesterday and again last night.  I think it is supposed to stop soon, but it matches my feeling which is very, very lazy.

Friday ended up being a much longer work day than I had anticipated or hoped for - long as in I was still doing some work at 8 p.m.  Not good!  But Saturday we got up, met Colin & Mailing and drove into the city for Dim Sum at Ocean Harbor which was both fun and tasty.  We arrived early (the restaurant doesn't open till 10 a.m.), so we walked around Chinatown a bit.  It had been a long time - years - since I had been in the city.

We were pretty worn out when we got home.  Both Fletch and I took naps in the afternoon and we both ended up sleeping 9 hours Saturday night!  It felt great.  I even had a 2 hour nap Sunday afternoon.  I just felt out of it all day and couldn't wake up.

The weekend provided a little opportunity for knitting and stitching.  I picked out yarns to make some dishcloths.

I'm in need of some - several of the ones I had been using ended up in my "rag bag" for scrubbing floors.  Hopefully I will get to start one today.

The kids are back in Texas now.  Their flight home last night was delayed, but Colin texted me around 12:30 that they had just landed in Austin.  They are looking forward to a few months with no weddings!  LOL  We won't see them again till they come up in October for a local wedding.

Here's to the week ahead.  Mine feels as though it is off to a slow start, but it should pick up some.  How was your weekend?


  1. Ugh, working that late on any day is awful but even more so on a Friday! I'm glad you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend to (partially) make up for it, and I hope this week is calmer,

    It looks like you've got some pretty dishcloths in your future!

  2. I'm glad you were able to have a "lazy" weekend and get some good sleep after all the excitement of too much work AND time with your kiddos. Here's to a good (and more relaxing) week for you!

  3. I can hardly imagine working that late, especially on a Friday from home. I'm glad you had some fun, saw the kids, and took some naps this weekend!

  4. Oh ugh, working that late any day is no fun... but doing that on a Friday just is so wrong! I am hoping your week is much calmer. :)

  5. well I'm glad there are weddings that bring them to you :) So glad you had a visit from them. We do not have rain (yet) but it's humid and getting a little hotter.

  6. That's a late Friday for work--ugh. But you made up for it in lots of ways. I'm so glad you had good times and good time with Colin and Mailing, making the most of their time in PA. It sounds as if you needed your rest.

  7. Our children fly to each other's weddings nowadays--it was unheard of when we were all getting married! I'm glad you got to have some visits as a result, though! Hope you have a good week!

  8. Glad you had a bit of an adventure! And then some sleep!

  9. My weekend won't hear this on the blog but SIL got home from a business trip to FL on Friday and of course he now has Covid. Daughter is beyond hysterical over the new baby's health. I told her she needed to put the husband in quarantine for a few days but noooo "don't lecture me" she says....And even worse-they went to a friend's baby's christening yesterday before they new he was sick. Ooooof. We go from bad to worse around

    1. "knew...." hard to spell up on my soapbox. :)

  10. Had a good weekend. Got lots of stitching done, drank coffee and basically chilled. Glad you had such a good time with the kids and inlaws.