Friday, June 3, 2022


 Good Morning,

Just popping in briefly to say Happy Weekend!  Whew but it has been a week.  There have been work issues with which to deal, but thankfully I stayed away from the office all week!

I did get out to walk yesterday after lunch, but it was not such a pleasant time.  I drove to the River Trail in Valley Forge Park which is usually a favorite of mine.  However, there was an awful lot of standing water alongside...and even in...the trail.  And, because of the standing water it was very buggy.  It was also terribly muggy.  I walked about 3.56 miles, so 9/10 of a mile shorter than the day before and that was more than enough.  I could just abour wring out my tee shirt when I got back to my car.  The only wildlife I saw were 4 other humans, one dog, a toad I almost stepped on (it was under a leaf on the trail) and a rather large vole that ran across the trail in front of me (making me jump).

This little sweet thing (here looking for a kitty treat) needs to have another application of Front Line put on her.  We were going to do that yesterday, but strong storms rolled in during the late afternoon and we don't like to put that stuff on her if it will rain - don't want it to wash off.  So, most likely she will get it later today.

I like this shot of her mostly in the shadows, but the front of her face in the light.

Briefly I thought I might walk early this morning, but it looks a little threatening out there right now and I woke up (late) very stiff this morning.  Maybe after my coffee settles in and my joints loosen up a bit.  I do have one conference call at 11 today, so I need to be here for that.

Weekend plans include meeting up with Dee at the Lansdale Farmers Market and then heading to a local coffee shop to sip and knit (hopefully outside!!).

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a wonderful weekend - enjoy!!


  1. We had rain move through and cool things off overnight, so I hope cooler, drier weather is headed your way now! Enjoy your weekend and your time with Dee.

  2. Our weather keeps yo-yo-ing from super hot and muggy to chilly and rather pleasant. We're in a chilly/pleasant spell at the moment -- even needed an extra blanket last night. Hope you're able to get out and about more comfortably today. :-) Enjoy your weekend!

  3. We had some storms blow through on Wednesday night but yesterday was drier than they predicted and today is supposed to be dry. Around here the weather is never as they predict, not sure why that is! I do walk daily and manage to get out between raindrops.

  4. A bit of a soggy morning, eh?

    Mr. G. decided to try and wake me up for treats quite early. I was having none of it. I pretended I was dead. LOL I think he went off to bother Steve about it.

    Miss Mabel is oh so sweet with her spotty fur.

  5. It was very muggy yesterday and I was also drenched after my walk. We've had rain this morning, and I'm waiting for it to end so I can get out and walk today. I hope you have a good, relaxing weekend (especially after this busy work week)!

  6. That little face!
    Our weather is trying to moderate, but it's so up and down. Very chilly and cloudy yesterday until about 6 pm when the sun came blazing out. Today, forecast is sunny and mid 70s. Good day for my walk.
    I admire your perseverance walking in such challenging circumstances yesterday. Ugh.

  7. Yesterday was perfect temps and I kick myself for not getting out for a walk. Today is supposed to be another hot one with rain in the forcast for the weekend.

    Mabel is so cute. I love her markings.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  8. Great photo of little Mabel. I sure love to see her. They gave us a pill for both Lizzie and Zoey for ticks and heartworm.
    Take care and enjoy your time with Dee tomorrow.

  9. Very nice photo of Mabel! I'm so glad she is healthy again! Have a good weekend!

  10. It's been very muggy and buggy here. I am already looking forward to fall.

  11. How long does it take for a 4mile walk? Not that I plan to schedule it, just curious! Through a store, I could walk faster than most my age that are running, but not on a treadmill. Can't figure that out, but until I go for the cardio blockage, not walking at all.

    Miss Mabel looks like a different cat!

  12. I was glad that humidity blew out of here late on Friday and it has been the loveliest weekend! I hope yours is too!

  13. I do not like hot, muggy, and buggy. I hope you had better weather this weekend and that Mabel got her dose of prevention.