Friday, June 10, 2022

Catching Up on a Friday Morning

 Hello and Good Morning!  TGIF!!!

Well, yesterday certainly got away from me...and was much busier in so many ways than I expected or wanted.  Such is life.

I did not sleep well Wednesday night.  Not at all.  Just one of "those" nights.  We had storms and the rain sounded nice.  The thunder was in the distance and it was a bit windy.  None of that really bothered me (I love hearing rain as I fall asleep), but I was just restless.  In the morning I first saw this visitor:

Sorry for the crap picture, but it was the best I could get before he ran off (assuming he is a he).  He was in our driveway and when I opened the door to our patio for Mabel to come in he came around to the back by the picnic table.  He has a very large head and reminds me of a feral cat we had on our property years ago.  That feral and his sister I named Cheech and Chong (LOL).  Cheech was never that friendly, but she did give birth (in our cellar window well) to 3 gorgeous kitties - one of which was Maestro, our calico.  Chong, however, was a love bug.  When the ferals disappeared, I missed them.  I'm curious to see if this guy above comes back and curious to find out if he has a home in the neighborhood (hoping).

The other thing I saw when I opened the patio door for Mabel was this:

Looking straight back (my target for archery is in the back).  And, looking from the back towards the neighbor's house:

A big chunk of our dead tree came down - thankfully in our yard and not the neighbor's.  This is the tree that my clothesline is tied to.  It has been dead for a number of years.  The greenery is all the massive trumpet vines encircling the tree (we joke that the vines are what are holding the tree upright).  Fletcher ended up having a different day than he thought he would have.  It took some time to cut up the limbs and cart stuff out to our woods.

All of this (the visitor and spotting the fallen tree limbs) was at 5 a.m.  By 5:30 I had poured a cup of coffee and was busy working on my Thursday financial reports for work.  I had to leave the house by 7:45 for a doctor's appointment and wanted to get the reports finished and emailed before I left.  success!!  And a good doctor's visit (my 6 month check up with the dermatologist - no spots of bother - yay!!).

The balance of the day was spent working (busy again) and fixing another vegan meal as Colin was coming for dinner.  Mailing was busy with her work-mates again.  It was very windy all day and still a little windy after dinner, but we managed to have another fire.

I was also surprisingly chilly - I wore a sweatshirt all evening!  Mabel of course was around and ran up the apple tree.  Once again the wrens were so busy scolding her and she talked right back to them!  Here she is as she started to come down the tree.  Such a pretty girl!

When we came inside, I saw this pretty moth on the kitchen wall.

I have no idea what kind it is, but the markings are so pretty.  He/She is still in the same spot on the kitchen wall this morning.

This ended up being a long-winded post.  I am so ready for the weekend (and Dim Sum tomorrow!!).  First I need to get through 2 conference calls (one at 10 and one at 12), then my weekend can begin.  Here's wishing everyone a lovely weekend - enjoy!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your day, Vera! It's always such a surprise when a branch (or more. . . ) comes down. It makes the yard look so different, doesn't it? Love Mabel, and your "new" cat looks HUGE! What a big kitty-boy. Enjoy your time with your kids this weekend. I'm so glad you're able to spend extra some time with Colin. XO

  2. Well I'm sorry you had to deal with the tree, but I'm glad no one was hurt and it didn't do any serious damage! Mabel is such a sweetie. I was really enjoying her meows on the call the other night! I hope today is less dramatic and you have a wonderful time with the kids this weekend.

  3. Sorry to hear about your tree, and maybe your clothesline, too! It's lovely to see the picture of Colin and Fletch together. I hope today goes quickly (it probably will since you're so busy) so you can get to the weekend and dim sum sooner. Have fun!

  4. Oh ugh about that tree... but thank goodness it did not come down in the neighbors yard.

    That is one big cat! Wow! Have a great weekend with the kids! XO

  5. That cat is enormous! We've had several strays upsetting our indoor cats to no end, and I cannot seem to get them to leave. They love my back yard and rest under the dwarf Japanese maple. Grrr.

    Your poor tree (and clothesline). I guess it held on as long as it could.

    Enjoy more time with Colin and Mailing. What a treat!

  6. We've a stray that is no where so large! Sorry about the tree! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. golly that is a LARGE cat, scary!! No strays here that I know of but I have a pesky raccoon that eats out of our birdfeeder so we bring that in every single night!

  8. Sitting around a fire on a slightly chilly evening would be wonderful. It looks like the large wok is working very well.

  9. That's a handsome fellow! We have a big feral tom that comes from time to time for a meal. I don't see him for weeks and then one morning he shows up and heads back out to do his tom catting elsewhere I suppose. We call him Smoosh because he has a Persian face. He makes me sad because he's such a beautiful cat minus all the scars and wounds from fighting. He would have made someone a lovely pet.

  10. Your lovely moth is a false crocus geometer moth.

    Glad you had a good visit and could spend some time outside with Colin.

    Mabel posed very nicely for you. Have a good time tomorrow.

  11. For a moment I thought that was a cougar or some such but stilly me.

  12. Sorry about the tree and the clothesline that came down with it. How wonderful that Fletch is able to take care of things when they happen. Just like my Dennis. In so many ways I don't know what I would do without him.
    That is a beautiful visitor that came to see you but Mabel still has him beat for beauty. She is such a sweetie. Enjoy your time with Colin. Hopefully your calls are done and you are into your weekend now.

  13. Love Mabel in the tree. And what a pretty moth! Have a great weekend