Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June Has Arrived!

 Good Morning!

Thanks so much for all the nice anniversary wishes.  We had a quiet day which is fine with us.  It was hot.  And muggy.  I had a lot of work to do, so I never managed to get out and walk.  Maybe early today.

So, May flew by and here is June.  My guess is that soon I will be waving goodbye to June as well.  Time seems to be zooming.  It's Wednesday and time for linking up with Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday where we all talk about making and reading.  But, my knitting looks the same as last week and my reading is pretty much the same as last week too, so I am skipping an Unraveled post.  Instead there will be a miscellaneous mish-mash of things at Chez Threaded Lane today.

As we have been getting older, both Fletch and I are slower to bend over and pick up things or do things.  He recently came up with a great idea for his gardening hobby.  He had an auger and bought an extension to it...hooked the extension up to a power drill and voila!  He can stand (or sit on a stool) put the tip of the auger in the dirt and turn the drill on.  The next thing you know, he has a neat hole for planting a flower, or herb or vegetable or whatever!

The man with his tool.  He loves it and he's been planting a lot!!

One thing planted the other day was some catnip under the apple tree.

At first Mabel was not that interested, but I rubbed the leaves on my fingers and then let her smell my hand and the next thing we knew she was nosing around the plant and enjoying it.  My aunt used to grow catnip in her garden.  She had a wooden box with a screen in place of the bottom.  She would place that over her catnip and her cats would lounge on top of the screen and have catnip dreams all day long.  LOL

Speaking of Mabel...yesterday afternoon I looked out and she was on the patio playing with a snake...AGAIN.  That makes 4 this year so far.  I was not amused or pleased.  I managed to get Fletch out there and he took the snake out to our woods.  He did say it was barely alive which I feel badly about...but I also don't want snakes on my patio.  It's too warm to be wearing my wellies all the time!

I wrote about getting new sneakers over the weekend and both pairs have ended up being great!  Since the canal path was so crowded on Sunday, I opted to walk in Oaks on Monday.  There were a number of folks out and about, but it was not as busy/crazy as the canal path had been.  My feet felt so great and my back was wonderful - I walked further than I have since the back issue began.  On the way back to the car I spotted a blue heron (and a Canadian goose) at the edge of the dam.

That particular blue heron was a youngster I think.  (I saw a HUGE one on Sunday as it flew over the water.)

Originally I thought I would go to the office today, but I'm pretty much done with work at the moment (yesterday was a bear!).  Instead I think I will go for a walk early - maybe 7:30-ish or so - before the heat of the day.  I may need to go in tomorrow, but I will figure that out later.  I know that next week I will be going in Monday for a meeting and Tuesday we are having a "Welcome Summer BBQ" on the patio at work.

Don't forget to head over to Kat's to see what others are up to making and reading.  I'll be back next weekend with knitting and reading updates.  


  1. I bought The Mister one of those grabby tools that dad used to have in the nursing home because he can't bend over very well anymore. I have used it a lot during the mite adventure as I don't want to touch any of the kitty blankets I put down so they can sleep on.
    It is hot out. Walking Pup was a misery yesterday. We had a thunderstorm at 1 am that woke me up but no rain. So weird.

  2. So glad you got some good shoes for walking! Whenever my knees start bothering me, I always know it's time for a new pair of shoes. I hope you enjoy your day -- and that it's snake-free. XO

  3. Snakes! Ugh. They are my biggest phobia. Good for Mabel, taking them on.

    Glad to hear your new shoes are helping your back so much. It's been vile here--so hot and humid!--and I've not risked a walk in fear of triggering a migraine. Better weather starts tomorrow.

  4. I guess I have officially reached middle age because I have recently been unreasonably happy about a comfy new pair of walking shoes -- I guess my feet are feeling my age first! A good pair does really make a difference, so I'm glad your new ones are working out well for you.

    I am really thankful I don't have to deal with snakes regularly (I've only ever seen one once in my garden, and it was many years ago). You are lucky to have Fletch to deal with them!

  5. Fletch could probably make some money with his power auger when it's bulb-planting time! It's great that you found two new pairs of shoes that both work. I needed new shoes and finally found a decent pair on the third try (part of the reason I don't like shopping at all). I hope there are no snakes in the rest of your week!

  6. Our hot and humid has moved it-not my favorite but it is June weather. It felt good yesterday when the wind ahead of the rain pushed cooler air for a while! We have one cat who is a snake hunter-she has conquered some dangerous ones also! I appreciate her efforts but don't want to lose her in the process! The catnip pic is so cute!

  7. Good for Fletch! That was a great idea. We had very, very hot and humid weather last week, but then a cold front moved in and I've had all of the windows wide open. It's lovely.
    Snakes. Ick. We have lots of garter snakes in our back yard that live in a rock wall at the back of the yard. I know they're harmless but I still don't like them.
    I'm glad the shoes are helping. What brand did you get?

  8. Miss Mabel is certainly earning her keep. She's a good little huntress.

  9. Right now, I’d welcome a catnip coma! This week is packed with doctor appointments - today I go to the dermatologist. It’s an hour drive, so I’d better hit the road. I hope you had a great walk.

  10. Good shoes are such a necessity! I am glad you found a pair that work! :)

    And Mabel... really? Snakes?? NOOOOOOO!

  11. Your husband is very creative with his new tool. Good walking shoes are so important. My touchy back knows the difference.