Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday 5/4/22

 Good Groggy Morning!

Yes, another night where I woke at 1:15...turned on the light at 3 when I heard it raining and proceeded to read for 20 minutes or so...fell asleep (finally) after 4 a.m.  This time I actually did have things on my mind (at least that I was aware of), so when I first turned on the light I made a long list of things - all work related - that I need to do.  No wonder I am tired!

My PT session yesterday was good, but holy moly was I tight!  Renee stretched me a lot and then gave me a very good massage.  After that, I did exercises on my own and then drove home.  I felt good and actually did some archery before lunch.  The afternoon saw me in the grocery store and $200 later I was back home.  We did get some delicious broccoli rabe and I sauteed that last night with plenty of garlic, mushrooms and onions.  Yum!  Broccoli rabe is not one of Fletcher's favorites, but he did tell me he liked it and could tolerate it every six months or so.  LOL  Anyway, believe it or not, we are still using garlic that we harvested from our garden last summer!  There are still one or two heads hanging from the patio roof!  We use a ton of garlic in our meals, but we also grow a lot.  I'll have to remember to take a picture of it in the garden.  Soon the scapes will appear and then after that it will be time to harvest (again)!

I also was able to cut a couple of Lilac sprigs and cut some Lily of the Valley and Grape Hyacinths.  You can imagine how heavenly the fragrance in our house is.

Our buffet is getting crowded...but crowded with things we love.  You can see that the Protea flower is still around!  Amazing.  Here's a close up of the blooms picked yesterday.

The bud vase with the dogwood bloom on it is one that my Mom kept in our kitchen.  She often had a single rose from the garden in it.

Now it is Wednesday and time to link up with Kat and talk about making and reading.  I tended to focus more on the Guernsey Wrap last week and I'm happy to say that I am now more than halfway through knitting this!

The color is all wrong thanks to taking the picture last night, but if you click to enlarge you can see the latest section (Chart B) at the top.  Next I will start Chart C, the final one.  but like the first chart, it is 78 rows long and it is to be knit twice and then rows 1-58.  So, still a bunch to knit, but it does go quickly.

Meanwhile the Hiking Trail sock #2 has progressed to the point where I am just about halfway down the foot.

Hopefully this will be finished soon.  I plan (ha!  we shall see) to wrap up a couple of unfinished projects before jumping into another pair of socks.  If I look at my stash, though, I could easily get off track - lured by the next colorful skein!

The reading front has been a bit slower.  Fletch and I did finish "Teaching a Stone to Talk" by Annie Dillard.  We liked it, but not as much as either of us anticipated.  We have yet to start another book (I need to search the various bookcases for something).  I did start "Young Mungo" the next Read With Us selection.  Hoo-Boy!  The writing is very, very good.  But, I'm having a rather difficult time reading it.  The story is a tough one and I find that I can't read more than 20 or 25 pages before I need to take a break from it.  I am roughly a third of the way through this.  On my nightstand I picked up "French Braid" by Anne Tyler.  I have found her books to be hit or miss for me in the past.  50 pages into this one and I'm not sure yet, but I'm leaning towards a miss.  Not sure I will finish.

Well, I suppose I should tackle that list of work related things I made in the middle of the night.  I'm betting this will be a good nap day later!!


  1. Your lilacs are gorgeous but your lily of the valley... my favorites!

    Your scarf looks so deliciously squishy... it will be a cozy layer for wintry walks!

  2. I love your fresh blooms, Vera! I have a little bud vase I use for garden blooms, too. I love having them in the house. (And I wish I had a lilac!) Glad the PT is going well, and the knitting, too. (I feel the same way about Anne Tyler. And will be starting Young Mungo myself this week.)

  3. Annie Dillard is a big miss for me. I just cannot get through her stuff. I just finished The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles. It was good, but I still don't care for books that jump back and forth among narrators.

    Lilacs here are making my daily (or semi-daily, thanks to rain) walk a joy. They are just coming into bloom. How I wish I still had my own lilacs!

  4. Your flowers are really lovely, and I really like your mother's little bud vase. The color and texture of the Guernsey wrap are both very nice as are your socks. (Knitting plans are easy to make but it's so easy to be tempted by new yarn.) I hope you get an uninterrupted night's sleep tonight!

  5. I wish we could find a way to get smell-o-vision through the internet -- I'd love a sniff of your flowers! The patches of Lily of the Valley in the neighborhood are just starting to bloom, but our lilacs are buds yet.

  6. Beautiful flowers! How sweet to see the things that bring a smile throughout the day!

  7. The wrap and socks are looking good! It poured all day and all night yesterday. It was raining this morning - it's stopped now but still grey. I'm hoping the sun will peek out later today. I'd like to get out and poke around in the gardens after work!

  8. Your garden is ahead of ours. The lilac has buds, but nothing open yet. Maybe today's rain will help. I can't believe that Protea is still blooming. You've had that one quite awhile.

  9. The rain woke me up too so I put on an Audible book and fell back asleep. It was really coming down in buckets.
    The wrap is looking good. I don't know where you get the time for it with all you do.

  10. This morning, the grass is a bit greener thanks to a shower last night that rinsed off some Winter grime. I saw a clump of daffodils yesterday snuggled up against a house foundation, so Spring might actually be coming. Glad your PT went well and that your feeling better.

  11. I love your flower tableau! I can't bring lilacs in the house as they give me a headache but I adore lily of the valley. Mine isn't in bloom yet but I'll pick a posy when it is.

  12. Your blooms are so pretty. Dennis has been working outside in the garden, aka "yard" in the USA, with Alex. They're putting down some paying stones by his office in the back. This way the rain will run off and he can store his gardening tools there in a tiny Rubbermaid type shed. They also replaced some decking boards and have now decided to build stairs into his office. He had a small building put up in the back and it's beautiful. This way he can work all night in there if need be and not disturb our DIL or the baby. Japanese time is opposite of the UK. :-) Anyway, between a few adventures in the countryside, cuddling the baby and work in the garden, Dennis is keeping very, very busy. Me? I'm just baby cuddling and washing bottles and loving every single minute of it.

  13. How fun to have such fragrant flowers on your buffet. I picked a few lilac sprigs on Sunday but the Lily of the Valley won't bloom for awhile. The Guernsey Wrap is so pretty. Keep on knitting.