Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thursday Check-In

 Hello All,

It's Thursday which means Weekend Eve!  That makes me very happy.

Yesterday my trip to the office was quick, just as I had planned.  I did what I needed/wanted to do and then got out of dodge.  Fletch and I had lunch together and then I took off for a walk along the Perkiomen Creek in Oaks.  It was beautiful.  I don't like the fact that I can hear a lot of traffic while walking on that trail (hello Route 422 with lots of trucks), but the Creek is so peaceful looking.  Also, this particular trail is paved which is easier on the soles of my feet.

There were a bunch of flowers blooming - some of them extremely fragrant.  First up some phlox (pretty sure that's what they are).

The next ones looked just like Lily of the Valley except they were very I don't know what they are!

I walked further this time - past where the Perkiomen Creek spills into the Schuylkill.  Just as I got to where the two bodies of water meet up, a Blue Heron flew over the water!  My phone was in my waist pack and I could not get it out quickly enough take a video, but the Heron landed on the opposite side of the Creek and I took a shot then.

There were plenty of geese around - many with babies.  This pair was on the bank of the Schuylkill.  I'm not sure if they had youngsters around or not.

I even saw an elephant!!

LOL - the first painted rock I've seen in some time.

Even though it had clouded up a bit and there was no blue sky, it was so nice to get out and take a walk.  Not sure then that will happen again.  Today I have a dentist appointment at 7:30 and PT at 1:30 and then tomorrow we are forecast to get some rain.

Meanwhile, I'd best get to work on my reports to do something before I have to run to the dentist.

Hope your Thursday is a good one!


  1. What a beautiful place to walk, Vera. (I find a good dose of nature helps shut down the "noise" around us . . . even truck noise.) XO

  2. My walking route is all through my neighborhood, which means I never quite get away from the traffic, so I am envious that you can walk near the water and see real wildlife (I'm not sure the squirrels I see count!) on your walks. I now have to google what baby Canada geese look like, because I've only seen the adults!

  3. You have such a gorgeous place to walk with animals, and even elephants! Who would have thought? I've never seen one of those during our cemetery walks. :-)
    Enjoy your day my friend.

  4. Your walking trails... sigh. They are just so beautiful Vera! And I agree with Kym... that little dose of nature helps balance the stress of the day!

  5. It is lovely to see your walking photos, full of nature! Most of my walks are in my neighborhood and up through a large cemetery. I often see fat, waddling groundhogs and enjoy reading the headstones and imagining the lives lived, but I still envy your flowers, water, turtles, Great Blue Herons, and elephants!

  6. That white flower is call Summer Snowflake. I believe they are related to Snowdrops.

  7. I second what Val said. They looked like snowdrops to me too. Good luck at the dentist.

  8. Thanks for taking us along and sharing pictures of your walk. You are in full spring mode there!

  9. An elephant! Someone is clever and creative. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  10. It does so good to get out and take a walk! Very pretty flowers! Spotting the painted rock was a bonus!

  11. The way the geese are making ugly noises at Pup when we take her for a walk down by the water leads me to believe there are babies nearby. We saw a lot of really cute ones last year.

  12. What pretty wild flowers. That looks like a pretty place to walk in spite of the traffic noise.

  13. could you imagine seeing a real elephant on a walk, totally stressful I'm sure. I love your walks!