Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 Well Good Morning!

Yesterday turned out to be not as bad or as tiring as I feared - being in the office.  There were a lot of folks around and only one mask to be seen.  But, everyone is vaxed and boosted and distances were observed.  My bosses were understanding about my need to leave early afternoon so that was not a problem.  Today will be similar, I'm sure.

I left the office around 1 p.m. and once home I wanted to cut a few small blooms for a bud vase before the major storm arrived.

Some Lily of the Valley and some Azelea blooms.  So delicate!  And the Protea is still hanging on - so weird!!

We did not get the afternoon storm that was forecast.  That mostly went North of us.  But, right around 6 p.m. the wind picked up and sure enough, some rain and hail fell.  Volume on and you can hear the hail hitting our picnic table.

Everything sure is lush!

Let's jump to Adam & Eve (who still have not made an appearance yet) this Tuesday morning for a TNT update.  Only a little stitching was accomplished this past week.

The branch under the BIG bird has been added and the two side borders in red have been lengthened a bit.  Obviously still a way to go on this, but it's still fun and that's what matters.

Colin & Mailing are flying to Pittsburgh today.  They are meeting up with friends Rob and Faye for a one night overnight backpacking trip in the Laurel Highlands and then friends Christina and Michael are getting married Saturday at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden (Oakdale).  Both Mailing and Faye are in the wedding party, so there is the rehearsal dinner and cocktail hour Friday...wedding Saturday...and reception (also at the Botanic Garden).  Hope they have good weather for this.  And then just 2 weeks later the kids will be back here for another wedding!

OK, time for me to get dressed and ready to drive to the office.  Wishing you all a great Tuesday!


  1. I'm glad Big Bird has a branch to perch on! The sampler is really coming along nicely. It must be wedding season with all the traveling C&M are doing. I hope you get to see them when they're back up in two weeks. Have another good (short) day at the office!

  2. glad work wasn't too taxing! The embroidery is so pretty!

  3. I saw all that stormy weather pushing your way and hoped for the best. I'm glad nothing too severe was in your neighborhood. C & M are busy travelers, but tis the season for their age group.

  4. Thankfully, we just got a bit of light rain. The breeze last night was really nice.

    Have you put out an alert for Adam and Eve? They must be somewhere nearby!

  5. We're on the docket for thunderstorms, some possibly severe all day today. We were planning a Costco and Lowes run, but probably will just stay home. I'm still voiceless anyway.
    The stitching is coming along great. I like each touch you add to it and if you're enjoying it, who cares how long it takes?
    Colin and Mailing are racking up those frequent flier miles aren't they? If I felt better I would be ready to head back to London. Better weather and a baby to snuggle. :-)

  6. I'm loving all the new things appearing under the letters!
    We had a good thunderstorm roll through Sunday night, and another one yesterday late in the afternoon. This area is good for thunderstorms.
    I think it was you that I told that I lost my Lily of the Valley.... well, I didn't. When I was weeding on the weekend, I found it again! I forgot where I had planted it, and it got covered by weeds. It's all uncovered now and I expect blooms by the weekend!!! Yay!

  7. I really like your stitching! That red is so cheerful! We finally have a day of sun before the rain comes back tomorrow and Thursday but after that--the rain may stop for a while! Hooray!

  8. I'm glad that the rain held off a bit on its way to you. It wasn't as bad here as I expected, either, though it did mess up my normal walk schedule a bit. The kids picked a great day to fly in today -- it's sunny and less humid!

  9. The Mister's brother and sister in law both have Covid at the moment. His brother is very sick. High fever. Off to the ER last night. This no masking thing is making me nuts. We may be over Covid but it's not over us.

  10. I love that C&M will be in my "neighborhood" for a bit! But I wish they were closer to your neighborhood!

    Your stitching is really coming along! A slow reveal is perfect :)