Thursday, May 5, 2022

Thursday Stuff 5/5/22

 Hello and Good Morning,

It's early - still dark out, but I'm up.  I need to leave by 7:30 for PT, but am hoping to get some of my Thursday reporting done prior to leaving.  First though, a post.

Yesterday I had mentioned our garden garlic.  Here is a picture of it as of yesterday afternoon.

As I mentioned, no scapes yet, but soon.  And after those are done, Fletch will harvest this.  With our strange weather earlier, we were wondering how the garlic would do.  It popped up early and then the tops got burnt, but now it looks normal.

Our rhubarb is thriving too.

It is already flowering and some of the leaves are the size of platters.  The stalks, however, are still more green than red, so I will wait to harvest it.  Hopefully by the weekend - we picked up some gorgeous strawberries at the store on Tuesday and I've a hankering for strawberry rhubarb pie!

After an extremely grey and dampish day yesterday, the sun finally came out around 4:00.  Fletch and I grabbed our beverages and stepped out onto the patio.  Mabel, of course, had to join us and then, before we knew it, she raced off and up into the apple tree.

Our little wild beast!  She is such a cutie.

Finally, when you have time, I think you all would enjoy this video.  Colin sent me the link stating that he had not watched, but thought it sounded right up my alley.  He was right.  Amazing stitching!  You all know how popular and trendy "Visible Mending" is.  Well this is Kaketsugi, which is Japanese for Invisible Mending.  I had never heard of this, but wow!  What talent.

And that's it for me this Thursday morning.  Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Isn't it exciting to see your garden come to life again? I love it! In the spring, I always wish Tom liked rhubarb. He HATES it, and so I don't use it or make anything with it. It always makes me think of my mom, though, who loved rhubarb . . . I hope you have a great day. XO

  2. Your garden is beautiful! All this cool weather and rain must be making it very happy. My hostas are looking very happy and healthy right now also.

  3. I have garden envy! Do you have any advice on growing rhubarb? I've heard it grows well in shady spots, which is most of my backyard. I've always struggled to grow things back there, so I thought rhubarb might be good there. Mabel is impossibly cute up in the tree!

  4. The pic of Mable in the tree is so sweet! i lvoe to see your garden coming back alive!

  5. I made rhubarb cordial with some fresh rhubarb, and it was terrific. Not syrupy sweet, either. Really good on its own or mixed in with lime or lemonade. Nothing beats a good rhubarb pie or crisp, though.

    Love the shots of Mabel in the tree. Very reminiscent of Tyg in your blog header.

    The video was incredible. What tedious (and impressive) repair work.

  6. Mabel in that tree is just too cute! Once in a while, at the townhouse, Relic would go up a tree. That was before he got fat though! Lol. Now he's a certified lounge cat!

  7. That video... wow! Amazing!

    Your garden is coming right along!

  8. We intend to plant garlic for the first time this fall, so it's nice to see how impressive it might be. My rhubarb is really old and not producing very well but I hope to have enough for a pie or cake this weekend. Nance's rhubarb cordial sounds good, too!

    1. (I'm not sure why I'm anonymous above, but it's Bonny.)

  9. That was a very interesting video. Amazing the work that they can do.


  10. The first cutting of rhubarb is tender and a bit sweeter than normal, or is that just my imagination?

  11. My rhubarb was just poking its head above ground last Monday. Hopefully by the time we come home it will be ready to harvest.

    Mabel is just the cutest up in that tree giving her impression of fierceness. :-)