Monday, May 30, 2022

Memorial Day 2022

 Good Morning!

Happy Memorial Day - today is the "real" Memorial Day, May 30th.  This day was always observed on the 30th before Monday holidays became the vogue.  May 30th is also my Dad's birthday - he would be 102 today!  To celebrate that, two of my favorite pictures of him:

This shot is one I took of my parents when we were hiking at Hawk Mountain.  Not such a pretty sky, but a typical picture of my parents who both enjoyed walking and hiking so much.  This was probably taken in the mid 1970's.

(I should have dusted this photo before taking the picture...but oh well!).  Colin and my Dad in our kitchen - taken sometime when Colin was in school...not sure what year.

Happy birthday Dad - miss you so much!!

Our weekend has been quiet.  I did meet up with Dee on Saturday morning which was nice.  On the way home from seeing her I stopped and managed to buy 2 pairs of sneakers!  The pairs I had been using were just not comfortable.  Hopefully the new ones will be better.  I wore one pair while walking yesterday and they seemed to be fine.

My walk yesterday was along the canal path and they could have used a traffic controller both for the water and the walking path.  Busy, busy, busy - kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, bikes, dogs, walkers, joggers, etc.  It was crowded.  My plan is to get out soon to walk before it gets too crowded and before it gets too hot.

Yesterday we watched the chickadee babies fledge from the camper birdhouse.  The parents didn't seem overly concerned, but we were!  We had to grab Mabel and put her inside as the babies were flying down to the ground.  I think all 3 chicks ended up safe.

No BBQ plans for us today.  Fletch grilled both Saturday and Sunday nights, so I think I will cook something tonight.  Just planning to take it easy.  Pollen has increased and my allergies are working in overdrive this morning!

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice, long, holiday weekend.


  1. What a wonderful birthday reminder of your Dad! The walk sounds perfect! Glad the birds made it safely!

  2. Those images of your dad are just awesome, Vera! I am with you on allergies on overdrive... sigh.

  3. I love those photos of your Dad! It's always nice to have delightful photographic memories. We tried to go fishing at a nearby state park yesterday and it was packed! The NJ governor has made state parks free for the summer and it sure brought out the crowds. Hope your new sneakers make your walks more comfortable.

  4. These photos are so wonderful! And how lovely that today is your dad's birthday and you can have a holiday to remember him!

    We went out yesterday for an event called Open Streets, where they block off city streets to vehicular traffic so that bikers, walkers, rollerbladers, etc. can use them. It was fun but SO crowded, probably because the weather was perfect and they hadn't done this since pre-pandemic times. It's been a long time since I felt that claustrophobic outside!

  5. Cool photos of your Dad. He was a very handsome man with a beautiful smile.

    We walked in Princeton yesterday. It was mobbed!

    It was good to get together yesterday. NEXT week, I'll remember to bring my sweatshirt! YIKES it was cold in there.

  6. Those are great pictures of your Dad. I like how your parents enjoyed hiking, something you could all do together.
    It's been so hot and humid here. It rained, thundered and lightening all night here again. The power went out a couple of times but only for a few minutes each.
    Glad the baby birds were okay.

  7. I've had good luck with Skechers for walking shoes.
    Love that the chickadees are fledging. We have starlings in our attic. I am enjoying hearing them (they are very loud) - Dave not so much. I saw one out on the roof yesterday and it looks like they are getting ready to take off. I suspect they will be gone by the end of the week - then Dave will plug the hole and no more starlings in our attic.

  8. It was a chilly weekend with overcast and dripping clouds. I would welcome and all day drizzle as it’s terribly dry. Love the photo of your Mom and Dad.

  9. I bet Mabel went CRAZY with the fledgling birds. Thank you for saving their lives!

  10. Nice to see the photos of your dad. I sure miss mine. Mine would have been only 94 this year. The older I get, the younger that

  11. I do love old photos. What nice memories of your parents and especially your Dad.