Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday 5/25/22

 Hello and Good Morning,

How are you this morning?  I am actually chilly!!  I think we will get to the mid-70's today which (for me) is a nice, comfortable temp.  But right now my computer says it is 51.  Glad to have a cup of hot coffee by my side.

I managed to make it through my necessary office days last week and this.  Thank goodness!  I can't even tell you how I used to work at the office 8-9 hours a day Monday through Friday.  That's a mystery to me.  If I need to be there now longer than an hour or so I run the risk of going crazy.  There are a few people (some of whom I saw this week and last) who would like everyone to be back to work in the office.  Not me!

Well, today will be busy.  I have my annual physical this morning and PT this afternoon.  In between those appointments I will need to work some.  Hoping for some quality knitting and stitching time as well.

So, it is Wednesday, which means time to link up with Kat and others to talk making and reading.  Both of which have been slow for me this past week due to work and then being worried about Mabel.  The Guernsey Wrap is progressing and here is a shot from last night.

It is getting long enough that it is difficult to take a picture of it spread out flat...but this way some of the patterns are a little more visible.

On the reading side of things, I am still into Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward.  Wow she can write!  I will finish this book today or tomorrow.  And last night I started "Island of the Blue Dolphins" which several of you were talking about this week and last.  I don't believe I ever read this as a kid, but I am already drawn into it.

The world seems to be a crazy and heartbreaking place right now.  I hope everyone is safe.


  1. The older I get the less time I have in a given day! Good luck with the appointments. When it's difficult to photo due to the size you know you are closer than ever to the finish line :)

  2. Like you, I wonder how I used to be able to be in the office all day. I feel like I'm actually more productive now because I can get other things done during the day in between projects.

    The wrap is looking lovely. I hope working on it is bringing you some comfort for the difficult news.

  3. I am sorry, I just could not do an Unraveled Wednesday today... my heart is crushed.

  4. That wrap is really lovely up close and it's always nice to have comforting books to read. Crazy and heartbreaking just about sums it up.

  5. I read Blue Dolphins when I was just a little kid. I loved it. It's heartbreaking to know of the thousands of books unread by the children who simply went to school in TX. That's all they did.

  6. I am totally retired ...............I STILL run out of time in the day to get the fun things done.

  7. I doubt I would make it through a full day of teaching anymore. I’m happy being retired. The wrap is a beauty. I love the stitch texture.

  8. Dennis has been retired less than two months and we wonder how we ever had time for anything else.
    I'm finding it hard to concentrate on things today. I need to do a blog post and yet it all seems so insignificant when I think of how all of those families are doing.

  9. The close up the wrap is stunning!
    I've had to keep myself away from the news and social media because I was watching it all happen in real time yesterday on Twitter and it made me physically ill. I was a teacher. I can't imagine going to work everyday not knowing if you will be coming home. I feel so sorry for my kids and my grandkids. What a world we have left them.

  10. I could never go back to the office. It's just not in me any more! Loving Guernsey more and more with every row!

  11. I think that is one good thing from the whole lockdown fiasco--that working from home was found to be feasible! So many in my family utilize the privilege now, too. The shawl looks so comfy-texture is gorgeous!