Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday 3/31/21

 Good Morning and Good Bye to March!

It doesn't seem possible that today is the last day in March and we are a quarter of the way through 2021 already!

Our first vaccination shots went off without a hitch yesterday.  After all my complaining about what a cluster Southeastern PA is/was in reference to scheduling shots, I have to give them an A+ for how things are being run.  We arrived early - like 45 minutes early!  Fletch was all set to wait in the car, but I said I was going up, so he tagged along.  The two police at the entrance told us as long as were scheduled that day, we could go in.  As soon as we walked in there was a guy with an I-pad who took our names and had us verify our birthdates.  Then we got in line which looked like airport security.  There were two lines and they moved right along.  We got our shots, waited the 15 minutes and were on our way home before our scheduled times!  It was great.  So far no reactions for me.  Every once in awhile my arm feels heavy - not sore - just heavy and that's it.  Last night Fletch said his arm was a little sore.  He is still asleep, but I'll find out later how he feels this morning.  Our second dose is set for April 20th.

This Unraveled Wednesday finds me with a new start.  I posted about the finish of my Northern Lights Socks on Monday.  My new start is:

A side note:  My new "Attempted Murder" mug arrived!!  Love it.

The new start is my Beekeeper Socks.  The yarn is from KnitPicks - their Static line and the colorway is Beekeeper.  These will be for Colin since he wants to raise bees.  The pattern is very vanilla-like.  It is just a 2x2 rib for the cuff and then the leg is knit 6, purl 2 around.  This is what I did when I knit Fletcher's Barn Owl socks and he says they are so comfortable and feel great.  Hopefully Colin will feel the same.

On the reading front, I did finish "Clock Dance" by Anne Tyler.  It was ok.  The first half of the book was definitely better than the second half and, like so many of Tyler's books, I find the characters engaged in activities that just don't seem plausible to me.  I also realize that her characters (to me) seem the same from book to book.  I am now reading Gone to Dust which I believe is a mystery Bonny read and recommended.  It is a quick read and I'm enjoying it...will most likely look for another in the series.  Fletch and I are still plowing our way through "Decline and Fall" by Evelyn Waugh which at times is just plain silly.

As usual, I'm linking up with Kat for Unraveled Wednesday.  If you head over there you will find inspiration from others in the making and reading departments.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. love that mug and I'm glad your vac appointments went well. My husband is still not eligible with the current guidelines, grr. I wish I could be more patient. Oh love the new sock colorway!

  2. I'm glad you will soon have the mug for that morning smile of coffee!
    The new socks are going to be superb-I like a rib like that for most of my socks!

  3. Congratulations on your first shots! I'm glad they went well. My arm was sore after the first one, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to experience that small side effect! I love your mug; it makes me think of "probable caws" :-) I also love Colin's new socks and will have to check out that KnitPicks yarn. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Your socks will be make Michigan fans very happy! :-) So glad you were able to get your vaccines without a hitch. Neither Tom nor I noticed any side effects with our first vaccines. (We'll see how the second ones go in a couple of weeks. . . ) I often feel the same way about Anne Tyler books. Sometimes I really like them; sometimes not so much. (And anything by Evelyn Waugh is always an interesting read!) XO

  5. The new socks look like a lot of fun -- just enough patterning between the yarn and the stitches to keep them interesting! And the mug is perfect.

    I am glad to hear that the shots went smoothly. Here's hoping the second dose is just as easy for you!

  6. One down and one to go--hooray! Great news about the ease of your vaxx.

    I got three books from Amazon, and I haven't picked even one up yet. So typical of me: I get all revved up for reading, then don't feel like it at all. Perhaps today will be the day since the weather is headed into a cold, miserable cycle for a few days. Out Like A Lion, you know.

  7. I bought that same Bee Keeper yarn so I'm very interested to see how yours knits up!

  8. Hello,
    I like the yarn colors and the pattern on the new sock. I am glad all went well with your vaccine shots. My hubby has not felt any side effects from his shot. Take care, have a happy day!

  9. Glad all went well.

    I love the color of that sock yarn It is so pretty (or should I say handsome since they are for Colin.)

  10. I love those socks!! Yay for vaccination!!

  11. OOOh I really like that new yarn! The sock looks great. I'm tempted to rip back my current pair that I was just knitting plain vanilla and so that pattern. I'm not very far so it wouldn't be a big deal.
    I'm glad the shots went so well with no negative effects. Mine is all done. The second wasn't as easy as the first with some side effects, but 24 hours after the injection, they were all gone so well worth it in my opinion. It made for a miserable night, but that okay. Still much better than getting or spreading Covid.
    I hope you have a lovely day Vera. Spring is here!

  12. One step closer to giving the pandemic the boot! I’m happy that the process to get vaccinated was smoother than obtaining the appointment. The Beekeeper yarn is going to make a great pair of socks.

  13. Yay for your first shot!! We've got just two weeks now until our second.
    Static is on my naughty list because I can't get it to match and I never realized until now how obsessive I was with this matchy matchy thing. It's such lovely yarn that I need to get over all that and just knit.

  14. Hooray for that first vaccine. I think getting an appointment is the hardest part. We arrived early for our second shot and we were in and out before our slotted times. Those vanilla socks are just the best. I love the color. Now I have to go look at that yarn.

  15. Oh you are protected somewhat on day 12, did you know that? Then before you get your second , your protection is actually almost to the J and J numbers. Hooray for ALL vaccines. Waiting for our second has made me so irritable. I vowed I be every grateful, but between the cold ,gray weather and March in general I ve had a pity party. I just want to be done! We are being promised some more 60 degree days. Anyhow, I love your sock work. WOW I love how it is naturally knitting up!

  16. Congrats on getting your first vaccine! I love how that sock is looking. I didn't have any negative effects on my first Moderna shot, but the 2nd one I had a sore arm and felt crappy, I took an Aleve and I perked right up. Have a wonderful weekend.

    ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤•.❀ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤•.❀

  17. I am so happy you got your first vaccine! :)

    And I love those socks!