Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday 3/23/21

 Good Morning!

Gosh - yesterday was such a beautiful day!  I did manage to get out in the morning for a walk (just over 3 miles) along the River Trail in Valley Forge.  The Schuylkill River goes alongside the trail.  I only saw a few people (either biking or walking) and no wildlife, but I did hear woodpeckers in the woods.  At one point I spotted this hanging over the river:

At first glance I thought it was some strange kind of nest, but then I saw lots and lots of them.  It's just clumps of leaves that washed together when the water was high.  But so strange that almost all of them are round in appearance.

Work stayed quiet all day and later in the afternoon I got in some archery for the first time this year!

My first two arrows!  I did not continue doing as well...but I shot a total of 25 arrows which I thought was a good start to the season.  Rather than shooting all the arrows at once, I'm shooting 5 and then fetching them.  Since a good portion of them do not hit the target, it's easier for me to stop after 5 and walk up to retrieve them - less likelihood of missing one or just forgetting where one went.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  Obviously our target has weathered a bit....

Well, it is Tuesday which means it's time to report on Tiny Needle Progress.  There was a tiny amount of progress this week.  Another motif in the bottom border was stitched.  First a close up and then the overall sampler.

It is coming along.  Just two more motif figures along the bottom edge and I sure do hope it meets up well with the right hand side.  If not...I will fudge...I will not be ripping out - LOL.  There are still some letters to stitch (and I should decide on a color for my initials - I want them to be different than the other letters), also a larger fir tree than the one at the top, a few more leaves and a bunch of creatures.  I'm enjoying seeing this come together and, fortunately, it is still a joy to stitch.

A little later I'll head to the office for a little work and our virtual lunch.  Thanks for the wishes for me to win a prize!  I don't really care - I already received gift cards, a lovely candle (forgot to mention this, but it was in the box with the gift card and golden egg).  Bobby and the company are beyond generous!

One thing I need to work on is planning a meeting for April.  My one boss, Bruce, has decided he is having a meeting for his team in April in Florida.  What???  I told him I would organize it, but I will not be attending.  I have no desire to travel at this time and I think he's nuts to be holding a meeting...but that's my opinion, not his....

Enjoy your day!  Time for me to pour some more coffee and try to wake up.


  1. Will you be sad when you're done with that sampler? It's been such a rewarding project, it seems. I like the slow revelation of it.

    It would seem lots of people aren't very shy or leery of travel by plane anymore. I am, but the airports are getting lots of crowds now.

  2. Those "leaf balls" are new to me, and an interesting sight. Your first archery outing of the year looks pretty good to me. If I've got time this weekend, I'm going to try and shoot a bit. Your sampler is just delightful, and I enjoy seeing your progress each week. A meeting in FL is CRAZY! I wonder if I'll ever feel comfortable breathing shared indoor air again, even after my second shot, but I'm glad I don't have to find out anytime soon.

  3. I think there are a certain portion of people that think this thing is over. I wouldn't go to Florida now for ANY amount of money. That state is full of crazy.

  4. Almost any other place would be better than Florida! Or no place!! :)

  5. Your sampler is so fun and interesting. I really like it. Great job on the shooting. I've never even held a bow and arrow. :-) At first I thought that was a wasp nest until you explained it. Now that is strange that they're all round!
    As far as travel. No thank you. I'm stressing enough about my drive to NE and one night stay in a hotel. We had friends who's job held a conference in Sun Valley, Idaho last month. Everyone flew, stayed in hotels and attended large meetings. It's crazy. What are people thinking?
    Dennis and I ran into the grocery store on Sunday for tea that I forgot on my grocery order. (How could I forget tea?) I just about had a panic attack at all of the people. We were only there about five minutes and I couldn't wait to get out. I think a lot of people, (like me), are going to have big adjustments mentally when this is all over.
    Have a great day Vera. Enjoy your lunch!
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. I agree: it’s still too early to travel for work/meetings, especially to virus hotspots. The cluster of leaves is an oddity, and I also thought it was a nest. Your sampler is becoming even more beautiful.

  7. Nature is pretty amazing, isn't it? At first I thought that was a wasp nest hanging over the water.

    I'm kind of scratching my head at people who are traveling anywhere. Glad to hear you're passing.

  8. Count me in the too-early-to-travel camp. (Although I will be traveling to visit my daughter in California as soon as I safely can...) The sample is really awesome, Vera. I love watching it come together! How big is it???

  9. Agree that it is way too early to travel. I don't like the pressure that puts on people.

  10. Planning a Florida trip for others does sound kind of fuN!

  11. I think the 'leaf balls' are an amazing curiosity! Cool! The walk had to feel great. Look at that sampler shaping up! Nice job.

  12. We are going to Erie in April... just by ourselves. Driving, no flying. No eating out, but we will do some take out. The Airbnb we stay in has a lovely kitchen. I am really excited to walk and walk and walk all over Presque Isle!

    And those leaf balls... how amazingly curious! (and your stitching is really coming along! Yay!! I love the random letter placement!)

  13. I am enjoying seeing your sampler come together. It is beautiful. Such intricate stitching. And what about those balls of leaves - curious. Isn't it nice to be outdoors. Spring has sprung.

  14. Your sampler is filling out nicely.. it would make a nice pillow cover! You're smart not to go to Florida..they are not taking the virus serious and the spring break crowds will spread the virus when they all go home. What a pity. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. yay for walking and arrowing and stitching! I love your project and it's coming along so very fast at least to me.