Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday March 30, 2021

 Good Morning!

Back to the chilliness this a.m. - 28 degrees which is a bit of a rude awakening after the warmer weather we had last week.

Yesterday ended up being different than I expected.  My boss Bill called shortly after I hit publish for my blog post and it turned out that I ended up going in to the office for a bit.  No big deal...it is only 12 miles away and the drive is a pretty one wandering through Valley Forge Park.  Plus, as I told Fletch, it gives me a chance to check on the hawks.  Sadly I didn't see any hawks, but the sticks are still on top of the light fixture.  No one sitting on them, so no eggs yet.  It was a quick trip in and out - I got to the office at 9 and left before 10:30, so not bad.  I still managed to get the bathrooms cleaned and do some laundry.  Now I need to find new bath rugs for the downstairs bathroom as the toilet bowl cleaner leaked onto the rugs and left a trail bleached out.  LOL

Here we are at another Tiny Needle Tuesday and I'm happy with the progress I made this past week.  I stitched 3 more letters (G, S and H) and...drumroll...stitched the second fir tree!  I love the look of those trees, but geeze, what a PITA to stitch.  LOL

And here is a close up of that fir tree clump:

I think next up will be another creature or two.  Time will tell.  I also need/want to finish the bottom border (fingers still crossed that it will meet up the way it should).

Today is our first vaccination appointment.  Hoping it is not crowded and goes smoothly and quickly.  Fletch has an eye doctor appointment this afternoon, so we will be rushing back home so that he can get to that.  I hope to knit/stitch/read this afternoon...oh, and I guess I will check work email - hahaha.  I am also in search of unsweetened coconut.  All I can find at our grocery stores is the sweetened kind.  I found a new recipe I want to try for Easter:  a Lemon Macaroon Pie!  I may head over to a "natural foods" store later today to see if they have the coconut I need.

Hope your week is going well.  See you tomorrow for Unraveled Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful stitching! And good luck with your shots! :)

    (also Bob's Red Mill has a lovely Unsweetened Coconut... I have gotten it at Whole Foods)

  2. Those trees are gorgeous! Sorry they're a pain . . . but they are really worth the extra effort! (I love seeing this sampler come to life.)

  3. Oh, those trees! Well worth the time and PITA.

    I know...easy for me to say.

  4. I'm in agreement about those trees! They look wonderful, as does the whole sampler. I hope your first shot goes well, along with your search for unsweetened coconut. That pie sounds delicious!

  5. I can see how those trees would be a pain to stitch, but they are well worth the effort!

    I hope everything goes well with your vaccinations this afternoon!

  6. The trees look wonderful. I can imagine that they are time consuming to stitch but the effect is so nice. The sampler is truly one of my favorites.
    I hope your vaccinations are uneventful like my first one was. Which shot are you getting?
    I found unsweetened coconut at Trader Joes a few years ago but I don't know if they still carry it or not.

  7. WaHoo for vaccination day! The sampler is more beautiful with each added detail, especially that PITA tree clump. 😉

  8. Hello Vera,
    The fir trees look beautiful. It is a lovely sampler. My hubby was able to get the first vaccine shot today, I go on Friday. It will be a relief somewhat, I will feel safer when the vaccination is done. I wish more people go for the vaccine. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. I'm glad you're getting your vaccine today! I know how much safer I felt after that and then getting the 2nd one makes you feel even better. Love how the sampler is going. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Yay for your vaccine!!!
    Your Quaker is just gorgeous!!! The progress you are making is amazing. It would have taken me years.

  11. Yay for getting the vaccine! I have to drive 45 miles each way for both of my shots -- and I'm not complaining!
    That tree detail is so pretty.

  12. I love those fir trees! They are gorgeous.

    Congrats on the stick ..........today was my 2 week mark from the second shot.

    Let me know if you can't find the coconut. I can check McCaffrey's and Organnons. I can run it over to you on Saturday if I find some.

  13. I often buy coconut at Trader Joes but I don't know if it is sweetened or not. The fir trees are so pretty.

  14. I really like the look of the fir trees; they are very detailed which I'm sure isn't a ton of fun but they look fantastic!

  15. beautiful stitching progress, I love the color scheme.