Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday 3/16/21

 Good Morning!

Last night (finally) was a good night sleep-wise and I feel as though I am beginning to catch up.  I'll head in to Chesterbrook (where my office is) in a little bit.  First I need to consume some coffee and wake up.

I'm happy to say (and show) that I finished the motif at the bottom of the sampler that I had started last week.  My gosh!  That single motif seemed to take FOREVER.  But I finished it up, stitched another letter (the U), a little fox and a cluster of leaves.  First up a close up:

The little fox is just so darn cute!  Still an open space there - one more letter and another creature will go in there...and after that the left hand side of the sampler will be finished!!

Here's an overall shot of where things stand:

It's coming along.  Still quite a bit to stitch on this one, but I'm beginning to feel as though I am closing in on it.  Still definitely enjoying it, but I admit I will be happy to be working on something else (eventually).

There is not a lot I need to do at the office today - mostly some printing of spreadsheets for Bill (and printing a couple of patterns for moi).  I also need to scan some documents - got word yesterday from our accountant that our taxes are finished, so I have the E-file authorization forms that Fletch and I have signed to scan and send so that taxes can be filed.  Guess I need to head up there and pay the bill as well.  Glad to have that pesky part of life over with!

Still pretty chilly here.  I don't think I'll be walking today unless things warm up significantly.  And, I can't tell yet what the wind situation is.  It was still pretty blustery yesterday.

Hope everyone's week is going well.  See you tomorrow for Unraveled Wednesday!


  1. I just love your sampler, Vera! It's so fun to watch it all come together. :-)

  2. Your sampler is looking just divine! I love the colors, the varied motifs and your determination to get it finished!

  3. Ah, the pesky parts of life! Haha. I'm getting a handle on our taxes.

    That little fox is adorable!! Love the whole sampler.

    We had about an inch of snow overnight. It's bright, but I can't wait for it to be gone! We'll be slowly warming over the next week.

  4. It looks like your sampler is really coming along now! This sampler seems quite unique to me, with letters and creatures scattered randomly and I really enjoy seeing it. I love that fox!

  5. I love how this sampler is shaping up--that fox is very sweet! Have a good day!

  6. I'm charmed by that fox. He looks so much more natural than the rabbit and bird. The shading is the key.

    We had a bit of thunder last night, and it woke me up. Felt like Spring.

  7. It's beautiful!!! Now that I have started mine I realize that Quakers are harder than they look. I am even more in awe of yours now and how much progress you've made in such a short time.

  8. Great progress on the sampler! It’s beautiful. My taxes were recently finished, too. Such a relief.

  9. Hello Vera,
    The fox is cute, I like all the critters. You are making progress!
    Take care, enjoy your day!

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  11. Your stitchery is so fun to look at and the fox is adorable. I know we have them around here but hardly ever see them, they are sneaky critters. Good job to have your taxes done.. hubby is dragging his feet on finishing ours up. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. We did our taxes back the first week in February. It's always a relief to have them done.
    Love that stitchery. I think the little fox is my favorite of everything so far. It caught the fox attitude perfectly!
    Blessings always,

  13. Your stitching is so gorgeous, I love the pattern and the delicacy of it all. Stay safe.

  14. That sampler is really coming together! Love that fox!

  15. Mr. Fox is FABULOUS. I like how he is looking back. So cool.

  16. Don't you love that feeling of seeing the end in sight on a long project? It sounds as if you've enjoyed working on it but still it is nice to have the end in sight.


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