Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday 3/24/21

 Good Morning!

It's a foggy one here ( my head is not so foggy).  Rain is coming in and it looks like we will have rain all day.  Hopefully not too heavy - Colin & Mailing are driving down to Richmond, VA after work today.  Mailing has to go down for her job and Colin is going along since he can work from anywhere!  They will wind up with a weekend in DC with some friends.  Fletch and I are on cat feeding duty starting tomorrow morning.

As I said, rain is coming in, so I probably will not walk today.  I didn't yesterday either but I managed to get some more archery in (another 25 arrows shot).  It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we had a summer-like dinner.  Fletch grilled wings (half hot and half BBQ) which were delicious and I made a potato-leek salad to go with.  And we had some roasted cherry tomatoes.  Sigh...I do love to eat!

Before I get into Unraveled Wednesday business, let me briefly tell you about yesterday.  The virtual luncheon was nice.  A lot of folks attended - probably 70 or so logged on, but it went without a hitch.  I did not win any prizes but oh boy! the prizes were very nice ($200 Amazon gift cards, $200 Chef-at-Home cards, Apple Watches, I-Pad minis, Bose ear buds, Yeti coolers, Google Nests, X-Boxes, etc., etc.).  Like I said before, Bobby and the company are beyond generous.  Also learned a few nice things:

  1. My office, though open if you want to go in any time, will not officially open before September.  And then it will depend on the status of vacinnations as well as the status of schools (since so many I work with have school age children).
  2. When we do re-open, no one will be working at the office for more than a few hours at a time.  No more 8-4 or 9-5 or whatever folks used to work.
  3. Our office space is much, much larger than we need whenever we do re-open, but we are stuck in our lease until 11/24, so we will not be moving to a smaller location or anything.

All of this was so nice to hear.  I had talked with Bobby previously and he had indicated that this was what he was thinking, but it was nice to hear it announced to everyone!

One other thing:  the Hawks are back!!  Do you remember that last year we had hawks nesting on a light fixture on my office building?  It was so cool to watch the babies grow and finally fledge.  The building and surrounding walkway, etc. were a MESS though - bird poop on the side of the building, on windows, on the walkway, etc.  Property management finally put up a canopy over the entrance!  Anyway, maybe 6-8 weeks ago I had noticed some sticks on the light fixture and then they disappeared.  I figured property management had cleared them out.  Yesterday there were many more sticks on the fixture and the hawk was squawking at me from a nearby tree.  When I got up to my office Bill told me the hawk had buzzed him as he came into the building!  I hope property management lets them be (even if they are a terrible mess).

On to Wednesday business!  Some progress has been made on the 2nd Northern Lights Sock:

Last night I turned the heel and started down the gusset.  It won't be long now!  I think I've already decided (subject to changing my mind, of course) on the next pair I will make.

Still no more progress on the Guernsey Wrap.  Every time I think I will pick it up and knit on it, something else gets in the way.  Oh well!  No rush, no deadline, and it is a good thing to have projects from which to choose.

On the reading front, I did finish Miss Benson's Beetle and I loved it!  I am now engrossed in Clock Dance by Anne Tyler and am enjoying it.  Anne Tyler is one of those authors for me who I sometimes really like and other times her writing just bores me.  Reviews on Clock Dance are mixed, but I like it so far (roughly half way through it).  I also received notice from the library that a book I had been waiting for came in, so I picked it up yesterday on my way home from the office.  Victorian Gothic is not a genre I typically read, but the reviews of This Book have been good, so I will give it a try.  Have any of you read it?

On this Unraveled Wednesday, I am linking up with Kat to talk making and reading.  Head on over to her space to catch up with her and others.


  1. Those are some awesome prizes. Too bad you didn't win, but you won the big prize when you landed that job.

    I have Miss Benson's Beetle on my TBR pile currently.

  2. Your company sounds really generous -- it must be really nice to work for such caring individuals! Having that flexibility and their concern for everyone's safety sounds like the best prize of the bunch. I still don't know exactly when I'll be going back to the office, but it's been confirmed that we won't need to go back until we're vaccinated and that working from home will be a viable option for good (though I don't know if it's going to be a full-time option or just an occasional one).

  3. I read Clock Dance. I remember liking it okay. Maybe not a favorite, but good enough to finish.

    I really liked The Midnight Library. I picked up another Matt Haig book at the library and started it last night. Hate it. It's going back today.

  4. So glad the hawks are back!

    Sock is looking good.

    We are supposed to get rain too - starting late afternoon and then all day tomorrow. I don't mind. The start of the week has been amazing. We could use some rain

  5. It's lovely to read about such generosity from a company, and good plans for the future! Many things have changed this year and it's nice to hear that your company is learning from the experience. I'm glad to read the good hawk news and your second sock is nearly done! I'm looking forward to seeing what you knit next.

  6. I would welcome a nice drizzly, all day rain. I imagine everyone was excited with the prospect of shorter hours in the office and some work hours at home. Happy to hear the hawks are back.

  7. it's raining here all day I guess. I loved all the sunshine and warm weather we had, it felt so good! When I turn a heel I know the rest is fast. Yours will be fast as well.

  8. What a GREAT company you work for. I think a lot of places will change the way they work. Now that they have realized that business can be done away from the office, many will go to smaller buildings as it menas less office equipment, desks etc.
    Dennis will probably be working from home once we move. They are not wanting him to retire...ever but it will come in time. Meanwhile it will be nice to still have health insurance for me.
    I hope the hawks get to stay too. It seems a shame for them to work so hard building a nest just to have it destroyed. I think it would be worth the mess for a few weeks.
    It's raining here again today too. I got out and picked up the grocery order, washed the car and was home about 10 minutes before the rain started. So much for washing the car!

  9. At your recommendation, I am listening to Miss Benson's Beetle. It is fun. Hooray for a second sock. It seems like once I knit the leg, the heel turn and gusset, the foot practically knits itself. I'm not sure why but it's ok with me. I have not read the Gothic novel you linked but it appears on many lists and in reviews.

  10. Wow! Those are some prizes! That's some company you work for.
    The sock is looking good.
    It rained like the dickens here all day. I loved it. I napped and watched old movies and women's basketball all day. Go Lady Terps!!!

  11. I was amazed at the free gifts given away, I've never worked anywhere that was that generous. Good job on the near sock finish. I was so glad to finish the knitted dishcloth! LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Hello,
    We had a rainy day here too, really dreary. Wow, the list of prizes is wonderful, they are generous. I hope the hawks can stay, it would be nest to see the baby hawks. Take care, enjoy your day!

  13. Yay for an announced plan at work. I am coloring away and almost have decided on the colors for my next cast on! :)

  14. I have mixed feelings about the hawks being back! Great to watch them in the nest but it is no fun to get 'buzzed' by them! The sock is looking great. I'm glad things are set for work--nice to have it said out loud!

  15. I rarely (like pretty much never) win door prizes. (My sister, by contrast, wins ALL the door prizes, always.) I'd be especially sad not to win one of those great prizes! I'm so glad your office is being so cautious (and I would say smart) about their re-opening plans. I hope that becomes a trend many workplaces follow in the days to come. Can't wait to hear about the hawks! (I remembered to take my front door wreath down early enough this year that I won't have finches nesting there again. I love seeing the finch nests -- but the mess is incredible, AND I can't use my front door for several weeks while they're nesting.

  16. I love the idea of watching a hawks' next, but I would not be too keen on getting buzzed by one!!