Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday January 27, 2021

 Good Morning!

Our storm never materialized yesterday and this morning it is actually above freezing!  I'm getting a bit of a late start.  After waking at 3 a.m. and staying awake for a couple of hours, I managed to fall back asleep and did not wake up till 7 a.m.  Thankfully work is quiet and I have no where I HAVE to go today.  We may actually get the Christmas tree out of the house today!  This is the longest it has ever been up, but it has remained fresh and we haven't been too motivated to take it down.  We only put lights on it and the red cardinal we always put on the top - no other ornaments, so it will be a fast job.  I need/want to clear the Christmas stuff off the buffet too.  So hard to believe that January is just about over!

The past week saw a bit of progress on my knitting projects.  First up the Heart Warmer Cowl - I'm about halfway through the cable & lace section.  

Not sure why the picture turned around sideways, but whatever.  I'm loving the varigated yarn with the solid ribbing.

Next up I managed to get through the color work on the Yule Wave Sock - I did that last night and have not tried it yet to see if it is loose enough.  I did switch to a size 3 needle for the color work and I believe that helped.  

I definitely need practice with this.  I need to find the best way to keep the color work loose, but not get ladders where the needles meet up.  If anyone has suggestions, tips, etc. please share!

I've also been a bit like a crow or raven - distracted by shiny objects.  Specifically, the pattern Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood.  I have wanted to make this for years!  Finally I bought the pattern.  And then the yarn.  But, I did not go with Brooklyn Tweed yarn (I've heard some very mixed reviews on that and it would have cost over $100 for the yarn to make this).  Instead I went with Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks (around $21 for the yarn) in the colorway Mink Heather.

I wanted a nice neutral shade and I think the various patterns will show well.  So, I'm excited to cast on!  Naturally, while perusing that wool some sock yarn just happened to jump into my cart:

Aren't these fun?  All are 75% superwash and 25% nylon.  The top skein is Stroll in the colorway "Northern Lights."  The middle skein is Muse (I think this is a new line KnitPicks is offering?) in the colorway "Enthusiasm Speckle." And the bottom skein is Static in the colorway "Beekeeper."  Just for the record, I have socks planned and people in mind who will receive them!

On the reading front, I am still reading The Falcon Thief and enjoying it.  But again, shiny objects have caught my eye.  Yesterday I stopped at the library and picked up Some Writer! and read several chapters last night.  I'm so glad this was not available on Overdrive as the pictures are wonderful and just the entire set up of the book is better to read as a *real* book than a digital one.  Last night I received an email that Monsieur Mediocre is ready for me to pick up.  I think this will be a bit like Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence" which was so enjoyable and laugh-out-loud funny.

You can see that I really don't have time to work!

As always on a Wednesday, linking up with Kat for Unraveled Wednesday.  Be sure to check out her blog (beautiful knitting) to see what she and others are making and reading.


  1. The Knitpicks sub should be a lovely replacement for the BT yarn. I had some BT but I sold it all (except for the skein I used). I liked the rustic nature of it and the colors were lovely but it was too fragile for me. The skein I used broke in three places while I was knitting the hat I used it for.

    Adding Monsieur Mediocre to my list, sounds lighthearted and totally fun.

  2. I like your yarn choices. You are definitely feeling the need to Sample lately. I'm feeling the same way, but I never actually pick anything up. It's The Winter Of My Discontent, I think.

  3. I think your wrap is going to be beautiful in the KP yarn. I know their yarn isn't always as nice as the more expensive stuff, but I've found it to be an excellent value. Plus, for as pretty as the BT yarn is, it's also pretty fragile for how much it costs.

    Fingers crossed that the colorwork is loose enough!

  4. That wrap will be so lovely! It's freezing here today - perfect weather for something like that.

  5. It was so weird to open the door this morning and find it was almost warm out. Over night our ice turned to rain. I'm glad for it. It's a great cleaning day with the windows open a bit.
    I got an order of Knit Picks WOTA this morning too. I was going to make Bernie mittens but I think the frevor has warn off. I'll find some use for it I'm sure.

  6. I like the color you picked for the Guernsey Wrap. I can't wait to see this one come along.

    That speckle yarn really has the SPECKLES!!! LOL

    I started Where The Crawdads Sing. I'm really enjoying it.

  7. The Muse speckles will make fun socks. I enjoy knitting with Knit Pucks yarn and needles.

  8. I looked at the pattern for the Guernsey wrap and it really is a very pretty pattern but I probably would have ordered Knit Picks too. I like Wool of the Andes a lot and you can't beat the price. Dennis wore his new sweater AGAIN yesterday made of Wool of the Andes. He wears it at leat two times a week. I told him he has two other identical sweaters and he tells me that no he doesn't. I guess it's true. They are made with Big Box wool yarn, not Knit Picks. He really prefers the Knit Picks one for some reason but he said he can't put his finger on the reason.
    Love your sock yarn too and the colorwork socks are great. I'm no help in answering your questions. I got so frustrated with the mitts I was working on that I frogged them and started a baby blanket! lol
    Have a great day Vera. I'm staying inside as it's snowing yet again.

  9. I think Wool of the Andes is a good basic worsted weight yarn. It comes in so many colors too. When I need washable yarn (for kids etc or gifts) I knit with Swish from KP's. I am no help with colorwork knitting. I love the look of it but I have a heck of a time with the floats. I can do it in a pinch but it's not my favorite knitting. I am wishing you better sleeping. It's the pits to wake in the middle of the night.

  10. Your cowl looks cushy and fun! How nice to get a yarn delivery. I like the fun look of the middle, speckle-y one. How long do you have to work before you can retire? You will love it.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. My favorite was the BEEKEEPER skein. I got some yarn mail this week. It is waiting for me to open it. Im trying to keep my interest in my Cardigan going and THEN i'll look at my new yarns! Middle of the night awake is not fun. Im sorry!

  12. Hello,
    Your yarn picks are all beautiful. I think the Guernsey Wrap will look lovely. I really love the Northern Lights, all the socks will be pretty. I will have to see if my library has these books. We had a little bit of snow but it is gone, yesterday it was near 40°. Take care, enjoy your day!

  13. Your projects look so nice so far! I have wanted to knit the Guernsey Wrap too - as a matter of fact, a loooonng time ago, someone actually gave me the yarn as a Christmas gift ... hm, wonder if I still have it?

    Isn't it fun to compare Knitpicks prices to the yarn used in a pattern? Granted, it's a nice treat to buy special yarn, but at least if you buy from Knitpicks, you can afford it!

  14. I think that knit picks yarn will be an excellent substitute for that gorgeous wrap! (and I love your cowl!! I think I should have mixed up my yarns a bit... perhaps another one will be in my future! I made it to the bobble section... oh boy, lol!)

  15. love the color combo of your heartwarmer cowl! I am knitting one all in a greenish yellow (yellowish green??).