Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday January 20, 2021

 Good Morning!

Happy Inauguration Day!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my stitching yesterday.  I appreciate them.  The project (Quaker Autumn) is a lot of fun to stitch and it surprises me how much I am still enjoying it (given how LARGE it is and how much further I have to go!!).

Not much was accomplished yesterday - no stitching and not really any knitting.  I was so tired after waking at 2 a.m. and not getting back to sleep.  I did take a little nap in the afternoon but my eyes still were tired and it was difficult to concentrate on anything.

The mitts I showed on Monday were finished on Saturday.  My attention then turned to the Heart Warmer cowl and I managed to get the first section (1x1 ribbing) finished.  

The next section is "lace and cables" and I will start that with the varigated yarn.  If today is not too busy, I will try to get that started.  I really like that there are so many different patterns to do in this cowl.  It should keep it interesting.

The next version (hopefully not too tight) of the Yule Wave sock looks like this:

LOL - stitches on one needle and they need to be put on 4 needles and then the 1x1 twisted ribbing will commence.  Perhaps today?  I did manage to wind the yarn for the main color.  Initially I had planned to do another blue, but I like this darker grey with the red, so will use that.

On the reading front, I am still reading mysteries.  They seem to be easier to handle right now, though I am waiting for some non-mysteries to become available to me from the Library.  I finished the first book in Linda Castillo's Kate Burkholder series (Sworn to Silence) - pretty graphic and gruesome, but I went ahead and requested book #2 from my library.  Hopefully it won't be quite as detailed!  Then I picked up the first book in Deborah Crombie's Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James series (A Share in Death) and should finish that today.  A quick read and quite mild compared to the Castillo book.

As usual, linking up with Kat and others to talk about what we are making and reading.  Be sure to head over to Kat's blog to read her news and see the links that others post.  Happy mid-week!


  1. A Happy Inauguration Day to you, Vera! The Heartwarmer cowl looks interesting, with plenty of variety. I'm looking forward to seeing the different sections. Hope it's a good Wednesday!

  2. Happy Inauguration Day!

    I enjoy patterns from Letesknits and this cowl looks like another winner. Have fun with it.

  3. today is a GOOD day! I woke up every hour or so but fell back to sleep, I'm blaming it on the subway I ate...I hope tonight is better!

  4. Lots of lovely projects there, Vera! I hope you have a calm and relaxing day today, with plenty of time for knitting! XO

  5. I have read all of Linda Castillo's books and enjoyed each one. Yes, they are graphic but not blown out graphic for the sake of graphic.(if that makes any sense). Have a great day, its gonna be good.

  6. Happy Inauguration day!! I am so excited! I am working my way through that Lace and Cables pattern too right now! I like when we knit the same things! :)

  7. Happy Inauguration Day!

    There's a lot going on in that cowl. It should keep you interested and busy. Good luck with the second sock.

  8. My flag was out after sunrise and is waving in the wind. Today, I’m proud to be an American and looking forward to better days ahead.

  9. I hope that after today you'll feel able to relax a bit more and maybe not wake up at 2 a.m., at least not due to any subconscious anxiety! I hope the second attempt at the socks is successful, and I'm looking forward to seeing that cowl grow!

  10. Happy inauguration day and happy knitting. Looks like you have a lot of interesting projects to keep you busy.

  11. What a pretty variegated yarn you've choses for the cowl. You always have so much going on. I only managed to knit two pair of mittens yesterday. I hope for another pair today, but I'm fighting a migraine. I just got my sight back a little while ago and now the headache is setting in. I probably shouldn't be on the computer, but I so enjoy chatting with everyone every morning.
    Take care and I hope you sleep well tonight.

  12. You have lots of projects in the hopper, which is always good. I'm crocheting stripes on my meadow blanket but also have a shawl in time out. Don't work too hard! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Hello,
    I was happy to see Inauguration Day pass by peacefully. I am sure the heart Warmer cowl will be beautiful. I started the Crombie's series too.
    Take care, have a happy day!

  14. Nothing like new projects to allure your hands for knitting time!

  15. New projects are so much fun. I love your yarn and color combinations. The cowl should be fun with all the different stitch patterns - a knitted sampler so to speak. Over the weekend and the first of this week I didn't sleep very well either.