Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 Good Morning!

It is early - still dark outside.  I'm betting it takes a bit of time to get light as today is supposed to be grey and overcast all day long.  Again.  At times I find days like this utterly calming.  At other times they are just so tiresome.  I'm hoping for calm today, but we've had so many overcast days that tiresome may win.

Meanwhile, it has been awhile (like a month?) since I posted a TNT post.  It has also been that long since I picked up a needle and stitched.  Life got busy - work and holidays - and trying to finish up knitted gifts, etc., etc.  However, last night I picked up my needle once again and a little bit of progress has been made.  First up, an overall shot of the Quaker Autumn Sampler:

There is still quite a bit of open space and the border has a way to go.  Here is a close up of what I managed to stitch last night:

The letters O, B, T and A and the little copper and green leaf to the left of the A.  One of the features of most Quaker samplers is the random placement of letters all over the place.  There is no real rhyme or reason to it, rather they are just out there.  At first I thought I would leave the letters off, but then realized I really do like them.  They are all stitched in the same dark green color, but I am planning to use a different color (maybe the copper?) for my initials.  It was definitely fun and relaxing to pick up my needle again.

My morning at the office was relaxed and productive yesterday.  My car was the only one in the parking lot when I arrived.  About 2 hours later I saw one person come in (and we waved at each other from a long distance).  Before I left I noticed that my boss Bruce's car was in the lot and I walked down to his office to say hello but couldn't find him!  So, that was it - only one person seen from a distance.

When I left I stopped at Staples and picked up a new book for keeping track of my knitting, stitching and reading during the year.

Initially I was just going to get a composition book, but when I saw the cats on this I had to get it!  Plus the spiral spine is so much nicer.  It is just a book with lined pages.  Nothing fancy.  For the knitting record, I print out a small picture of the finished object and tape that to the page along with a small sample of the yarn used.  Typically I make a note of when I started a project and the finish date along with any comments on the pattern, yarn, needles, etc.  And a note of the recipient if it is a gift.  On the reading side of things, I just list the title, author, my rating (1-5 stars) and the date finished.  Once in awhile an extra note - like gorgeous photographs, or extraordinary writing, etc.

Today is an "at home" day.  I hope to do a little yoga later in the morning (after more coffee).  Like so many of you, I have signed up for Adrienne's "Breath" program - 30 days in January.  I have missed my yoga class and for sure my body has as well.  Everything is tight.  I'm taking it easy and not forcing myself to do every single day, but rather letting my body wake up to doing yoga again.  I have an awful lot of pain in my wrists (and some in my elbows and knees) when doing yoga, so I'm being gentle.  Kym had a fabulous post yesterday with many links and I plan to order the "yoga jellies" to help with my wrist pain.  I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions or goals, but I definitely need/want to get in better shape.  My weight has gone up since I quite smoking almost 2 years ago.  Not unexpected (I used to smoke instead of eat/snack), but not what I want either.  My body is also more bothered by cold and dampness than it used to be so that I don't really enjoy walking when it is not nice outside.  We have one of those Gazelle type glider machines in our basement, so I've been using that a bit.  But BORING!!!  The view in my basement is of my washer and dryer and a bunch of junk...not inspiring...but I will keep at it.  I need to remember to take my phone down and listen to a pod cast or something.  I enjoy listening to "Fresh Air" and "99% Invisible."  If you know of any other programs like those, please let me know.  I find knitting podcasts annoying and I have not (in the past) enjoyed audible books (may need to give that one a try again).

Time to pour another cup of coffee.  Wishing you all an enjoyable Tuesday!


  1. If you figure out a way to enjoy audible books please share! I usually have the TV on for company while knitting and would like to do something more "educational" than watching 10 reruns of NCIS where I know all the lines.

    I love your kitty notebook!

  2. Some other podcasts (non-knitting) you might enjoy: Hidden Brain, Kelly Corrigan Wonders, Radiolab

    I've always had some issues with audiobooks because my mind tends to wander and I miss things, but interesting podcasts like this tend to hold my attention a little more, often because they're more of a conversation.

  3. I love your tracking notebook! I am going to be doing that as well this year (no more Ravelry for me since now most designer's have other ways of purchasing patterns) I love the idea of writing notes about a project! I know you like poetry, I have found some lovely (and short) poetry podcasts: Poetry Unbound, The Slow Down, The Writer's Almanac. I also loved John Meacham's It Was Said (they are about 30 minutes long).

    Your stitching just is so beautiful! I wish I could do that but my eyesight is just not good enough to see anymore.

  4. I've missed TNT and enjoyed seeing your sampler once again. I will second Sarah's recommendations for Hidden Brain and Radiolab, and also add The Moth (short stories) and In the Bubble (covid-related, but from a scientific point of view). Hope you find something you enjoy!

  5. Oh man, I quit smoking almost 16 years ago -- followed by some major family stress and menopause -- and the weight has always been a constant struggle!

    In addition to Hidden Brain, I recommend Revisionist History (podcasts). Bonny gave me some great advise for audio books, as I struggled for a long time, too. She recommended listening to someone familiar telling their own story... I started with Anthony Bourdain's and Rosanne Cash's memoirs. Once I wasn't so focused on "the voice," I could enjoy the story. There are some voices that I just cannot listen to, but, for the most part, I really enjoy audio books now!

  6. I'm intrigued by the random letters that appear on the sampler. It would drive me crazy, I have to admit. I'd struggle to make them mean/stand for something.

    I can't listen to audiobooks, either. I have to read, period. Podcasts annoy me when there is extraneous chatter that seems inane. Yikes, I sound terribly hard to please!

  7. Your sampler is coming along nicely. It's got so many interesting things going on. That's my kind of stitching.
    Your notebook is adorable. I have a very bad habit of buying cute notebooks and then not being able to bring myself to write in them. I have quite the collection.

  8. Sampler is looking great.
    I did Day 1 of the yoga the other day, and my wrists were soooo sore! I hope to do day 2 today.

  9. I really love that Quaker piece. That pine tree is gorgeous!

  10. The sampler is coming along--even after your little break. The notebook you chose inspired me to try again this year!

  11. Hello,

    Your sampler is looking pretty, I like the border, the critters and the leaf. Your note book is cute with the cute kitties. My treadmill died and I ordered a exercise bike weeks ago, I am still waiting for it to be delivered. They gray dreary days are tiresome, I like some sunshine. Have a great day!

  12. My favorite podcast is "Smartless" with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. It can be a little raunchy but I always laugh a lot while listening to it. For audio books, I've been listening to ones that are 'performed' with multiple actors rather than one person reading. There is a set of Jane Austen books narrated by Emma Thompson with great actors.

  13. Your sampler is really pretty. I'm going to get my cross-stitch out this afternoon and see if it hurts my wrist to put some stitches in it. I did crochet a little bit yesterday and it didn't hurt at all. I think it's the knitting motion that's aggravating it so I'll stay away from that for awhile.
    My Knitting project book was almost full after this year so I ordered a new one from Amazon that is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I would also like to put a small photo in the book. I've never done that before but put most of the other details you mention in it.
    Take care and I hope you get some sunshine soon. We had some on Sunday for a couple of hours and it makes a huge difference in the attitude doesn't it?

  14. I love your sampler, Vera. It's just charming! I will look forward to seeing it "grow" this year. I listen to quite a lot of audiobooks, but I had a hard time adjusting to them at first. I had to figure out what types of books I liked listening to vs. reading. It turns out I enjoy listening to mysteries/crime stories on audio, and I also enjoy classics. (I have no idea why, but that's how it worked out for me.) I hope you like the yogajellies!

  15. Good job on picking up your sampler again. I think the tree in it is very pretty. You should frame them all and make a whole wall of them. I have 7 of my paintings on the wall next to me. I don't need a book to keep track of my crochet projects as I only complete 3 or 4 a year.. lol! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. The sampler is becoming more interesting with all the added elements. You might try listening to the Dateline podcast and one that I really enjoyed was S Town - an intriguing true story.

  17. I am doing Adrienne’s yoga as well. One of my favourite podcasts is The Moth. People telling real stories! I really enjoy them! I listen when I walk and I laugh and I cry! All good!

  18. my sister is doing Adrianne's class as well. I should do it too.... I only exercised twice last week and I feel the ill effects this week! Lovely stitching, I like the colors :)