Monday, September 5, 2016

Lots of Food, But Not Much Knitting!

Hi All,

Hope everyone has been enjoying a long, relaxing weekend.  Every year around mid-August I start craving Fall/Winter food - soups, stews, etc .  I get the same way in March, but in the reverse.  Anyway, our weather cooperated this weekend and it was very, very comfortable.  Saturday morning I got up and made an "Amazin Raisin Cake" which is basically a spice cake (cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg) and then you add in chopped apple, raisins and walnuts.  It is a 3 layer cake and frosted with whipped cream.  YUM!!!  Sorry, no pics.  Fletch grilled a leg of lamb for dinner.  I had cut slits in it and stuffed fresh rosemary and garlic slivers in the slits...then a marinade of Dijon mustard and honey.  I baked some acorn squash and roasted Brussel sprouts.  I could hardly move after dinner!

Saturday I did cast on a new pair of socks for Fletch...just boring, tan, vanilla socks.  I'm using a cotton/nylon blend from KnitPicks and so far it is working up very nicely.  And I made crawfish ettoufe for dinner.  LOVE this dish!
That night I made a batch of artisanal ketchup with the garden tomatoes we had recently picked.  This stuff is sooooooo good - especially on home-made fries. 

This morning we took a hike along the towpath from Oaks to Phoenixville.  This is part of the Schyuylkill River Trail.  Very pretty, but the water looks really awful.  Plenty of kayaks, paddle boards and canoes on the water.  Also lots of turtles!
If you enlarge, you should be able to see two turtles and a duck on the log.  A bar/canoe & kayak rental place was doing a great business.
That's Fletch walking ahead.
Tonight I made corn bread, green beans from the garden and roasted a chicken.  Then I made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips (like I really need that!).
I should pay some bills, but I think I'll watch an episode of Chef's Table instead.  Hopefully more knitting later in the week.  I never even picked up (or looked at) my Mick Jagged.  Yikes!  I need to get going.


  1. That looks like a wonderful place to walk.

    I'll tell you a secret ------I SO wish I could convince Steve to move back to Pennsylvania. I miss it more than I let on to him. I just know it's not a financially wise move for us, but my heart sure would like to.

  2. Mmmmm....crawfish etoufee. We spent the weekend working while listening to The Mister's favorite Zydeco music and all I could think of is jambalaya. Mmmm....

  3. Wow. Now I'm really hungry. For all the food!

    Sounds like a great weekend. I have not yet met a part of the River Trail I do not like ...

  4. Your week sounds delicious!