Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday's Q&A

Wow!  The last Monday of September.  How did that happen so quickly?

Today's questions from KathyB

*Do you work better in groups or alone?

Definitely Alone!  

*Butter or margarine?

Butter…never margarine

*For a day : no phone or no computer?

I guess computer since I almost never get on mine at home…but I check e-mail and texts from my phone all the time

*Gym shoes: wear them out or replace regularly?

Wear them out…I’d rather buy yarn.

*More likely to find in your couch cushions: money or needles?

Neither…but uncapped pens (grrrr) and pencils left by Fletch all the time

*What kind of knitting hurts your hands/arms/fingers?

I was surprised to find that knitting the dishcloths for the exchange bothered my hands…guess I’ve been stuck on socks so long that bigger needles were a problem…and thicker yarn.

*How do you feel when someone asks you to knit for them?


Delighted and Pleased!  My son just asked for more socks (just finished his first pair a few weeks ago and he loves them – yay!!)
*I choose my patterns based on : 
-the designer
-the difficulty
-ability to use stash on hand

Hmmm…the difficulty since I am a new knitter…not too experienced.  But, I enjoy trying new techniques.  I should try to use up stash, but I am so easily swayed by pictures I see of projects in a certain yarn and then I cave….

*I store my yarn in :

-plastic bags
-project bags
-bins and pots and pans

Most of it is in a sweater chest, then there are the project bags and plastic bags and tote bags holding more and more.

*Last company you called customer service

It’s been awhile (thank goodness as there is not so much customer service these days), but probably Verizon…and I need to call them again…

Enjoy the last week of September!!


  1. I know what you mean about the lack of customer service. Most businesses have the attitude of take it or leave it.

    My hands always hurt when I knit with cotton because it doesn't give like other yarns I use.

  2. Thanks for playing! I find to have amazing customer service. Best of any vendor I use.

  3. It is nice when you gift someone a knit item and they ask for more.