Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A New Start and Pretty Yarn!

Bonjour on a grey, damp Wednesday.  But hey, it's the middle of the work week, so that's good for me.

I ended up ripping out the socks I started in the KnitPicks Chroma -- the yarn is gorgeous, but horrible to use for sock knitting (even though it is billed as that).  Instead I started the Oaklet Shawl with the Chroma yarn (Vermont colorway).  Here's where it is as of this morning (approx. 30 rows).  The yarn is still a pain, but not as large a PITA as it was for socks - lol.
I also wound two skeins of yarn that I bought while in vacation in Maine earlier this year when we visited Good Karma Farm.  (They were at MDSW for anyone who was there.)  The yarn is hand painted and really beautiful.  It's sock yarn, but a little thicker than what I am accustomed to and I believe it is 100% wool (need to look at the label again).
No names for the yarn, but the pinkish one on the left is already on some #1 needles for socks.  The one on the right has a lot of dark blues and greens in it with some lighter shades -- very pretty.  This may end up as socks for my son.
Planning ahead to next week and my girlfriend trip!  What should I pack knitting-wise?  None of the sisters knit and most of our time will be spent going to the spa, shopping and then, when home, consuming wine, cooking great food, talking (a lot), more wine, etc., etc.  I doubt I'll get much knitting done during the long weekend (maybe the early morning hours if I get up early - ha!) and my flight isn't that long.  I'm thinking just a pair of socks to work on.  Small, easy to throw in my purse or carry on tote...and that leaves more room in my checked bag for purchases!
That's it for now.  Hope y'all are doing well!


  1. The Chroma looks great as a shawl: I think it's happier.

    I'd vote for taking a sock knitting project on your trip. I usually knit socks on trips.

  2. Wow! Why didn't I know you had a blog? lol! Now I know! Love the color of the yarn for the Oaklet! Beautiful! Like the other yarns too. As for your trip -- hmmm. Good question. Socks are definitely portable. Makes sense to me!

  3. Oaklet is sweet. Perfect for that naughty Chroma. I love that colorway. I think I have it here somewhere.

  4. Pretty yarn colors. Yes, I'm thinking the Chroma will work much better for a shawl.

    Plain ol' vanilla socks sound like the way to go for the sister's weekend.

  5. Plain socks are great for traveling (and wine, and leaving plenty of room in your bags for other things!)

  6. That yarn looks lovely in shawl form. Have a wonderful time on your girl trip, you can still knit while you are drinking wine!

  7. I have to agree. Socks for travel knits are the BEST