Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hello Everyone,
Finally the weather seems to have broken a bit.  It actually feels wonderful out tonight!  It has been a wonderful weekend.
We got up early, early Saturday and met our son for breakfast at the Koffee Korner in Lansdale - a small, but great place to have breakfast.  Then we set out for Treweryn Farms Trail in Lower Gwynedd...a place I used to walk with my Dad.  It is a beautiful trail that is not strenuous in the least which is a good thing since it was very, very hot and humid before 9 a.m. 
We walked for about 1.5 to 2 hours which was longer than Fletch was hoping for.  Funny as he is in much better shape than I am, but is also much more uncomfortable in the heat and humidity.  By the time we were done walking, I could have wrung out my tee shirt.  We heard some birds and bull frogs, but only saw a few deer.
After a shower and some lunch, I spent the afternoon reading, napping and knitting.  A perfect day!
Today I made red beans and rice for dinner (love me some Cajun food), did a bit of shopping - found some great shoes at DSW for half price and a couple of cute tee shirts at Old Navy.  Oh, and check out my new slippers from Fletch:
Love these!  I had seen them at LL Bean and told Fletch and, since yesterday was my B-day, I got them!!  It's still a bit hot for them now, but come winter, they will be so cozy!
Tomorrow it's back to the work grind, but only 3 weeks or so and I will be heading to North Carolina for my annual Sisters' Weekend.  I don't have any "blood sisters," but my best friend for over 50 years has two sisters and they all adopted me many, many moons ago.  Once a year we all get together (rotating where we meet) and have a spa day, cooking, drinking wine, shopping, talking, more food, more talk, more wine, etc.  It's fabulous!  And exactly what my soul needs.  Can't wait.


  1. Love those slippers!
    Your weekend sounds like fun in that Divine Yaya sort of way!

  2. Oh, yes. I almost forgot. I'll have that box of soapy stuff on the way sometime this week. I think it should be getting cool enough to finally mail. It certainly was a brutal weekend here.

  3. Happy birthday!!!! I love the slippers! TOO CUTE!

  4. Happy Birthday! Those are perfect slippers.