Thursday, September 15, 2016

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Last night Fletch and I were enjoying drinks on the patio before dinner.  Soon a doe and her yearling wandered into the yard and came over to the apple tree (about 20' from us) to dine on some apples.  We watched them for some time until they finally wandered off (the little one was easily spooked by any noise). 
We went inside and I started pulling stuff together for dinner.  I looked out the window and saw this guy:
He is so handsome!  He was in our yard a few weeks ago looking quite comical - he had leaves and vines all through his he was trying to come into the yard disguised - lol.

He is much more cautious than the doe.  Always on the alert.
So far they are only munching on fallen apples...soon they will be on their hind legs pulling the branches down and munching on fruit from the tree.  That's ok with me.  This year we have a ton of apples, but they are all much, much smaller than usual.  Any applesauce-making enterprise would end of being extremely labor intensive...not so sure I want to do that!


  1. Think of it as making a deer family very happy!

  2. The Mister called me to the door last night to see the herd in the yard. It's that time of year. I just hope they stay out of the road.

  3. When do they rut? ?They get so crazy and run into cars around here when they rut.

  4. We have deer often in our backyard, but no apples, I would love to see one pulling apples from the tree.

  5. Such beautiful creatures ♥ Happy Sunday ♥