Monday, September 19, 2016

Kathy B's Q&A

It's Monday!  That means time for another Q&A from Kathy B

1. Are more likely to burn your tongue on dinner, or sit down to it already cold? 

Burn my tongue, though my husband swears the food is always too cool for him….

2. Do you own a pencil?

Yep – I have a bunch of them.

3. When are you most likely to drop a stitch ? : 

during hat decrease?  in a complicated repeat that requires frogging to fix? knitting with zeros...period.

When knitting a shawl with a lace pattern, of course.  I’ve learned to ALWAYS put in a life line.

4. Last board or card game you played? 

Scrabble.  Hive sounds like a lot of fun…may need to get that as a Christmas gift for someone (yes, already trying to come up with gift ideas)

5. Flambeau


or Going to Seed. that rock) 


Flambeau – looks more Fall-like.


6.  SimplySockYarn Hedgehogfibers:

 Skinny Nutmeg

or Fools Gold 

Skinny Nutmeg for sure – love that turquoise!.

7.  Yarn barn kits

Cabled scarf or


Cabled scarf, but I would make it longer

8. kollage or knitters pride needles?


Hmmmm, I’ve never seen square needles – they look cool


(square needles for sure!) 

9.  Cream, Half and half or Coffeemate?

Only non-fat organic milk in my coffee.  Cream and half and half taste too rich to me and I don’t like Coffeemate. 


 Fresh Flowers

Walk in the Winter

 (Vesper yarn) 


Fresh Flowers, please.  Lovely.



  1. I love your answers to the Q and A. Kathyb always comes up with good questions.

  2. It was lace for me too. Those are some sneaky little stitches.