Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Football Food!

So, football season is here.  Everyone knows I am not a fan of sports at all...don't enjoy going to games, don't watch them on TV, but I certainly do enjoy food (as everyone also knows).  Today's Ten on Tuesday prompt from Carole is favorite things to eat during a game.  Here are mine (sans game):
  1. Jalapeno poppers (with cheddar, wrapped in bacon and preferably done on the grill)
  2. Wings (hot and spicy, please)
  3. Nachos (with plenty of black olives and jalapenos)
  4. Shrimp (either hot BBQ'd shrimp or cocktail)
  5. Salted peanuts in the shell
  6. Fresh figs with brie (grilled)
  7. Chili & garlic bread
  8. Crab & corn dip with nacho chips
  9. Stuffed mushroom caps
  10. Bloody Mary's (vegetables you know)
What do you like to munch on?


  1. Chips ...............I am a terrible chip-a-holic. I love salt-and-vinegar chips the best (and I ♥ football)!

  2. I don't watch games on TV either but if I'm sitting and watching something and don't have knitting in my hands I like to munch on popcorn.