Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reading and a Finish

Hello All,
Fletch and I have a habit of reading out loud after dinner.  The books vary...sometimes it is fiction, sometimes non-fiction, sometimes poetry, sometimes a nature journal.  This habit started many years ago. 
It was probably at least 15 years ago that we had a number of people over for dinner on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My best friend, Leslie, was staying with us and she suggested that we turn Saturday's dinner into a soiree of sorts where everyone reads either something they have written (poem, essay, etc.), or a favorite piece.  Leslie (who is a writer), naturally read one of her poems.  Colin (our son) and Fletch both read poems they had written.  My Dad and I both read favorite poems.  Fletch's brother and his son both read pieces that had great meaning for them.
The habit has stuck with Fletch and me ever since.
The current book we are reading is a hoot!  It is one my Dad read and recommended and we both thought "whatever."  But last week we picked it up and are finding ourselves laughing out loud every night.  The book is American Road by Pete Davies which is the story of the first transcontinental highway built across America.  Here is a sample from the book (hoping you can read or enlarge and read):
Too funny.  I took a picture of another page, but it just came out blurry.
Anyhoo...highly recommend this book for some good laughs and also a boat-load of history that I was not aware of at all.
Finally, happy to report I finally finished Colin's socks:

I'm not going to bother blocking them since 1) it is so humid it would take FOREVER for them to dry and 2) he is coming over for dinner tomorrow...I'll just give them to him then.  Both the pattern and yarn band are upstairs, so if anyone is interested let me know and I'll get the details to you.
Now I get to pick another project!!  I started Mick Jagged a week or so ago, but am not happy with how I'm joining yarn in a shawl.  In fact, I pretty much suck at that.  I need to re-think/re-try, etc.  how I do that...or just make it in one color...or pick another pattern.  Most likely I will cast on more socks too (yes, I am addicted to knitting socks).
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.  I can't wait for a long holiday weekend!


  1. That is such a lovely tradition. I love being read to. Thank goodness for Audible. It all started with my third grade teacher reading us the Little House books right after lunch each day. I was hooked.

  2. Congrats on finishing the socks.. lots of people are hooked on making them. I have the yarn.. have the needles.. the pattern... now I just need the time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh my ..........I wonder how many drivers had to actual disassemble their car???

    Can you imagine having to do that today???? Talk about traffic jam!

    Colin's socks look great.

    I wish I lived close enough to show you my trick for joining yarn.

    You fold the two yarns back on themselves so you have a loop. Put the end of the new yarn through the loop of the old yarn. (Think of it as linking them together like linking your fingers.)

    Then knit with the doubled over thread to lock it in. You have to fuss with the size of the loops to get them to end at the spot you need to change, but once you figure it is pretty easy.

  4. I just put that book on my To Read list, it looks like something I would really enjoy - thanks for sharing.

    We tend to read aloud on long car trips. It started when we lived in Chicago, and would drive home to West Virginia for Christmas. We'd read a Christmas-themed story, and then we just enjoyed it so much, we have kept that going.

    The socks look great - when I have someone right there to give them to, I never bother blocking. I'm sure he'll like them.

    I have no good tips for joining yarn. But I'm gonna see if I can work out what Dee describes above ...

  5. I never block socks. Yours are awesome. Reading aloud.....not since the kids couldnt read. HOW FUN