Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Kathy B arranged a swap for dishcloths and I signed up immediately!  Look what arrived in yesterday’s mail:

Dee sent me two fabulous dish/wash/spa cloths that are gorgeous…and a Starbucks gift card (YAY) and some gorgeous thread which is just the incentive I have been needing to pull out some stitching again.  Thank you Dee.  I love all my goodies.

Here is a better picture of the two cloths.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I love the colors and the designs.

I haven’t gotten my package in the mail to Dee yet, but I hope to send that off before the weekend.  If only I didn’t have to go to work each day…..


  1. Dee did a great swap job! ! wheeeee. I sent mine to Cindy already. Dee and i are in the moving crazy modes. I was afraid I'd lose mine before the deadline. DOnt mind us

  2. Exactly what Kathy said. Knitting those dishcloths kept my mind off the craziness of trying to sell this house!!!

    I am SO glad you liked the dishcloths and Flo the Flamingo will spring for a cup of coffee!

  3. What a haul!!! I'm still working on mine for my swap buddy. I hope they are patient because I am up to my neck in work for the camp.

  4. Those are beautiful, and I am not surprised at all that Dee sent such a wonderful package. :-)

    I have one finished for my partner, and plan to do the other this weekend. (Things got a little crazy here, so mine will be closer to the deadline than I may have liked.)

  5. Wasn't the swap fun! Kathyb always organizes a great swap.