Monday, August 15, 2016

Creatures and a Sock

Here are other pics I was attempting (Ha!) to load onto my blog the other day.  More visitors to our space:

Toad (from Toad Hall of course – one of my favorite books).

Usually we have toads on our patio all summer, but this year we have only seen one twice.

And then this scary guy.  It is a fox but it does not look like one!  Check out the long legs and the nasty skinny tail.  I showed the picture to our vet when I took Tyg in on Saturday for his annual check-up and shots.  She thinks perhaps it has Mange.  I’m just glad it wasn’t foaming at the mouth!  But he is a frightening creature.  My husband threw a ball at him to try to chase him off our property…instead he fetched the ball!  Yikes…I think the foxes have been breeding with dogs perhaps?

Lastly, the first of my son’s socks…the second one is just past the cuff…not too far yet, but he likes the first one, so that’s good!


  1. I found you Vera! Love your new blog address!
    Foxy...what does the fox say?

  2. That's not a young coyote, is it?

    Great looking MAN SOCK!

  3. We had a weird fox here the other morning. It was gray and very small and absolutely adorable. I've only seen the big red ones. I have to say it freaked me out to see him/her sitting in the driveway like it owned the place.

  4. I know I shouldn't find it amusing, but I had to laugh when I read that the fox fetched the ball. I love foxes (well, from a distance, I guess I wouldn't want to wake and find one on the bed ...).

    That sock looks really nice. I love the color and the design.