Monday, August 22, 2016

A No-Nap Weekend!


First, let me say that I am the Queen of Napping.  I love to nap.  And, nothing better on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon than to take a little snooze after lunch.
This weekend I had no naps!  I tried to nap on Saturday, but I think I had too many things swirling around in my head.  Our son and his girlfriend wanted our piano and a desk, so movers arrived around 12:30 to do the work.  I was so nervous watching them move the piano…and a little sad.  I took piano lessons for 10 years or so – all through school.  The piano was originally my grandmother’s in Vermont and then we moved it down when I was very, very little.  My Mom played, my Dad played, one of my brother’s played and me too.  Always piano music at Christmas.  If I’m honest, I have to say I have not touched the piano since it was moved to our house a number of years ago.  I fully intended to, but I ran out of time and then the room where we had the piano became a dumping ground of sorts and I couldn’t even get to the piano.  So, it’s all good.  Our son’s girlfriend plays and our son wants to fool around with it.  Maybe I’ll hear Christmas carols again this year?  Hoping…


This weekend was also the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  We usually bike or walk on one of the Rails-to-Trails that goes right past the Old Poole Farm where the Festival is held, but Saturday we were obviously busy and Sunday the forecast was for some much need rain which finally arrived around 2 p.m.  So, I decided to do some necessary cleaning after lunch…boring but necessary.  And then I set about making bluebarb jam (blueberries & rhubarb) with the addition of raspberries.  The finished product:

It looks kind of chunky with bits of rhubarb, but it tasted yummy while it was cooking…haven’t yet sampled the finished product.


So no naps and the weekend seemed to zip by.  I did finish up my swap and that is being shipped out today.  I picked up the second sock for my son and was able to do about half the leg, but no progress pics.


Hoping everyone had a fun weekend.


  1. Blueberry rhubarb sounds interesting. It certainly is a pretty color.

    Sounds like you made out okay even with NO NAP! LOL

  2. Wow that jam looks yummy!

    I'm not a napper, unless I'm feeling sick. But my husband could sweep the gold medal competition when it comes to napping!

  3. Mmmm....jam! It looks delish. I have an unused piano in the basement. I bought it years ago but this house had no wall for it to go against so it went in the man cave where it's gathering dust. Once in awhile I go down and pound out a few songs from lesson book #1. That's as far as I got.