Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 1/4/23

 Good Morning!

Here we are at the first Unraveled Wednesday of 2023.  Hardly seems possible.  This is the day we link up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk making and reading.  In my case, I tend to talk knitting on these Wednesdays.  And...drumroll...I do have a finish or two to share with you!

First up, my Turning Leaves socks are finished.  Woo-Hoo.  I managed to finish these on Friday the 30th of December.

These socks just make me happy.  Plain and simple.  The colors in the yarn are marvelous and the way the colors all go together is wonderful.  I'm not sure I would have named the colorway "Turning Leaves" but it doesn't much matter.

On Saturday, New Year's Eve, I decided I needed to cast on something new.  Well, that didn't work!  There was unraveling several times.  Fletch and I both felt like we had Covid Fog Brain.  New Year's Day dawned and I just knew I HAD to knit something.  So, I cast on for a pair of socks.

And that's as far as that has gotten - 15 rows of ribbing.  I need to determine what pattern I will use.  The yarn is Twist Sock from Machete Shoppe and the colorway is "Douglas Fir."  Naturally I want to incorporate some kind of tree into the pattern.  I'm considering this pattern but maybe just at the top of the sock.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, my next finish is a shocker!  I started Odyssey Shawl way back in June 2019!  All that was left to do was the picot edge bind off.  It had sat patiently waiting for me to pick it up for years!  Why had I put it down?  I think I was deciding whether or not to keep knitting...make it a little bigger and then one little delay became one huge one!

Obviously this needs to be blocked.  There are several lace sections plus the picot edge bind off that need to be pulled out to shine a bit.  I hope to get to that later today.  

The yarn is a delight!  It is some I bought at the last Allendown Fiber Festival and is from June Pryce Fiber Arts and the colorway is "Secluded Forest."  It is a hand painted gradient - Watch Hill Sparkles.  760 yards and is 75/20/5  SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina.  I am so happy to have this off the needles!!

This past year I did not knit Christmas gifts.  By the time I decided to, there was not enough time. plan (until some other shiny object comes along) is to start now making a few gifts for next year.  First up will be a cowl for one of my SILs.  (That was what I attempted to cast on Saturday.)  Dee and I also have plans to knit Planetary by Melanie Berg.  But I have a question for everyone:  how do you know what length circular needle to use?  This is the first pattern I've come across that doesn't indicate the length of needle.  I looked at the Sigla pattern I knit to see what length I used, but different yarn, different number of stitches, etc.  I've emailed Melanie Berg's pattern support, but so far have not heard back.  I'm just not that experienced a knitter, so any help will be appreciated.  Merci!

There has not been a lot of reading.  See the mention of Covid Brain Fog above...I took this book

to Texas, but didn't have much time or good light.  I've less than a hundred pages left, so I hope to finish soon.  It is ok, but I'm getting a bit tired of it and am finding it easy enough to put down.

Fletch and I are continuing to listen to The Cartographers but again I am finding myself bored.  Fletch is enjoying the story, but I am finding the whole thing more annoying.  Plus, I don't like the various narrators.  So.....we will finish this (still 4+ hours left), but after that I think we will go back to reading out loud.  I'm not enjoying audio books as I thought I would.  Boo Hiss.

That's a wrap for me this Unraveled Wednesday.  Be sure to head over to Kat's to see what others are making and reading.

It's a mild day here and rain is forecast.  I think I will put a big pot of split pea soup on the stove and maybe bake some bread to go with that for dinner.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Those finished socks are just so grand! The colors are spectacular... and no pooling! Perfection! But I am loving that Douglas Fir yarn... as well as the pattern! I have some green-ish yarn in my stash, I might just join you in knitting those!

    I hope both you and Fletch are better soon... with no lingering effects! XO

  2. Your completed socks are wonderful! I have also wondered about the Turning Leaves name for the colorway, but they are marvelous whatever they are called. And that shawl! I do love a good gradient and that one has a great name.

    I'm no expert on sweaters, but I looked through Planetary projects and could only find one that gave circular needle lengths:
    She started with a 16" to do the ribbing and switched to a 32" circular after the first round of increases. Hope that helps!

  3. I like the subtle striping on the Turning Leaves socks. I have a set of interchangeable needles, so I change the length of the cable as the stitches begin to crowd.

  4. The socks are great! You are right, that yarn is amazing!

  5. Hooray for the sock finish! It didn't take long to get that first finish of the year. I've got several projects in the running for that honor but the will is just not there to get it done. The holidays made me lazy and I don't have Covid for an excuse. Not yet anyway. I'm not sure how we've managed to avoid it this long.

  6. I love those finished socks! I don't knit for Christmas but I used to knit for birthdays and that felt much more manageable. Good luck with your knitting plans!

  7. That's a pretty big accomplishment --- TWO finishes.

    I don't get the name Turning Leaves either, but the yarn was good. I'm wearing them today. :-)

    See you when we are both feeling better.

  8. Great socks and shawl too. I k now what you mean about covid brain. I definitely had that and I'm not entirely sure it's gone.
    I'm having a difficult time finishing a book right now. We have a library downstairs with lots of books and I've brought a few home but can't seem to concentrate. I do love audio books but haven't found anything on them to interest me either. I think it's a bit of a funk.
    Blessings and hugs,

  9. I haven't knit much in the past week due to having company in the house. I am hoping tonight I'll have my needles on fire. lovely little sock you started.

  10. I'm not a big audio book person either. I really liked The Cartographers but I think it would be challenging to listen to it, if that makes any sense!

  11. Whoo hoo for finishing that shawl. It looks beautiful, even unblocked. Isn't it nice when you love a finished project, like those socks? I once knit this pattern:
    It has one little row of trees just under the cuff.

  12. Whoo-boy, I'm sorry about the spacing in my comment. I'm not sure how that happened.

  13. Love the finished socks! I like the pattern you might use for the new ones, too, and I think you'd be fine doing the stitch detail just a bit on the leg.

    For the sweater, I generally use a circular needle that's roughly the same size of the circumference of the garment. I'm often making a 38" bust size, so I'll use a 40" circ. The general rule of thumb is that you don't want your stitches to have to stretch too far to get around the needle because that can affect your gauge. Most people will say to use a needle that's smaller than the circumference of your project, but a 32" needle, for me, is too risky because I worry stitches will fall off the needle when I put it down. A couple of inches' difference in length between project and needle usually isn't an issue because of the stretch of knit fabric.

  14. Great finish on the socks! I love the color of the new green socks! And the shawl-I remember that! It will be very warm and pretty when you wear it soon! I always knit with a 32" circ needle--I use it for projects that are wider or narrower--it works!

  15. What lovely socks, Vera! And I'm looking forward to seeing your shawl in all its blocked glory! :-) I read The Magician's Assistant years and years ago -- so long ago that I don't remember it at all. . . but I think I liked it. (The Cartographers? I started it, but . . . it was not for me.) XO