Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 Good Morning!

How are you this fine Tuesday morning?  Still dark here, but my computer says 33 degrees and partly cloudy which is a little warmer than yesterday.  The winds yesterday were pretty obnoxious...not pleasant at all.  Hopefully those have died down now.

I learned something new yesterday!  One of our cars went in for an annual inspection.  It had not been driven enough miles over the course of a year that we were exempt from having the emissions inspection performed.  BUT...in PA, you are still charged for the emissions inspection whether or not it is performed.  WHAT???  It is true and we have the itemized bill to prove it.  Right at the top it states Exempt from emissions inspection...and then the charge.  Oh well - only $40 and, as I said to Fletch if they don't inspect, they can't make you buy an expensive part - LOL.  The check engine light had come on a couple of times during the year and each time the code meant related to emissions.  At any rate, we got off easy and the bill was light.  Just an oil change, some wiper blades and a filter or two.  That works for me.

Now it is Tuesday and FINALLY I picked up my stitching over the weekend.  I had not put a single stitch in either sampler since before Christmas.  First up, a little progress on the "Praise Loudly Blame Softly" sampler:

Click to enlarge if you like.  The Arrowhead stitch was completed and the small alphabet (stitched over one linen thread) has been started.  I finally feel like this sampler is progressing a bit.

Next up is Ellen Harrison.  A couple of motifs have been added:

A ship with a pretty large anchor (in comparison to the ship) and a couple of birds and a plant.  Here's a close up of the new parts.

It definitely was fun getting back to stitching and I'm looking forward to adding more to both of these samplers in the coming week.

First, however, is the office.  Yup - today and tomorrow are office days for me.  I need to be in by 8:00 this morning.  I have two different groups coming in for meetings.  Tomorrow I have to be in even earlier as I ordered breakfast for a meeting that will be delivered before 8 a.m.  Hopefully I will be able to get out of dodge both days shortly after lunch time.  We shall see.

Meanwhile, I need to have some more coffee and pull my stuff together.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful stitching, Vera! But... oy... 2 office days in a row! I hope they go smoothly and you are home on time! XO

  2. I have been exempt from the emissions test for years now because I walked to work even before the pandemic and really only drive to pick up my daughter at school most days (3 miles round trip). But of course they do charge you!

    I hope the next two days go by smoothly and quickly and you have plenty of coffee to get you through them!

  3. Your stitching is beautiful and it's so nice to see it again! Ryan was in the same situation for his PA inspection and had to complain that CO didn't do that; the guy at the garage told him that he didn't live in CO now. I'm sure the mechanics hear it all the time! Good luck at the office; I'm sorry it's two days in a row, but hopefully they're short.

  4. Your projects are so beautiful. I do love a classic sampler.
    I didn't know that about the emissions. We just had to take both of our vehicles in and it was a pain. We're looking to being 70 so we can be exempt.

  5. Love the different color combinations on the samplers! Glad the car is up to speed; too bad about the emissions charges.

  6. I remember the first time taking our hybrid (2007) to get emissions tested here in northeast Ohio. The tech was so confused.

    Your samplers are really coming along. I love the ship and its anchor.

  7. We used to have emissions testing like that here, but four years ago they did away with it for passenger vehicles, and now it's just big trucks (semis and dump trucks etc).
    It's so nice not to have that worry any more! It was never popular. It was also only for people living in heavily populated areas. My brother, who lives 3 hours north of Toronto, never had to do it - which made it even more contentious.
    Making you pay for even though it's exempt doesn't seem right!!
    Your stitching is looking great!!!

  8. I never looked to see if I was charged for the emissions test. I'm pretty sure I won't hit the mileage thing again this year. I don't think I even put 1,000 miles on last year.

  9. Lovely stitching! I hope it feels good to be back at it!

  10. We don't have inspections (emissions or otherwise) here in Michigan. If has 4 wheels and runs, you can drive it! ;-) I always love to see your stitching progress, Vera. I'm glad you're finding the time to pick it up again! XO

  11. I always enjoy seeing what you are stitching.

  12. I enjoy seeing your stitching again. Both pieces are charming.