Thursday, November 4, 2021

What's for Dinner? November 4, 2021

 Good Morning!

28 degrees this a.m.  The heat has been turned on and I just had my first sip of this morning's coffee.  Mabel is somewhere...hopefully staying out of trouble (see below).

I don't have a dinner recipe to share today.  We simply had a ham steak last night with baked acorn squash and sauteed cabbage.  Simple, but good food.  And to mix things up, Colin is coming for lunch today instead of dinner (one of the headlights is out on his car and he would prefer to not drive at night until he gets that fixed).  It will be fun to have him over during the day and I'm hoping he will have a little chat with his sister (Mabel) (see below).  I'm not fixing anything fancy for lunch - just some soft tacos with chicken, peppers, onions, mushrooms.  There is fresh cilantro to chop and, hopefully, a ripe avocado I can slice.  Most likely dinner will be various leftovers.

I did do some food prep (I don't really think it can be called cooking) yesterday.  I found This Recipe for Christmas Fudge and decided if I'm going to make it for Christmas I'd best test it first - LOL.  I'm here to tell you it's good, very good.  Very, very sweet, but tasty.  I hope to send some of it home with Colin today.

It was while I was either finishing up the fudge or prepping things for dinner that I heard a crash in the living room.  Fletch was outside, so that left one responsible creature.  And what a mess!

This particular plant had not been doing all that well, but now it was in worse shape.  And Mabel kept going back to the scene of the crime.  I got it cleaned up before Fletch came in and he found another (plastic this time) pot for the plant.  But...Mabel has got to learn!!  She is definitely still in the kitten stage of life.

She has also been sneaking down to the basement quite a bit.  Whenever the door opens - I'm either going down for laundry or going down to get wine or going down to get a canned good...she will race by my legs and then later come upstairs with a face full of cobwebs.  LOL  I do want her to get used to going downstairs to the basement.  That is where we usually keep the litterbox for emergencies.  Since Mabel is not yet going outside, we have the litterbox upstairs in a bathroom.  Not ideal, but it is cleaned daily (sometimes twice a day), so it is not really smelly...but still...I don't like it there.  However, we have no other place to put it.  Soon we will begin acclimating her to going outside, but not quite yet.

Well, it's Thursday and I've got a slew of financial reports to run and send out, so I'd best get started.  Hope your day is off to a good start.   Just knowing it's Friday Eve is hopeful!


  1. 27 here today! I went out last night to dump some scraps in the composter and noticed that it was cold and smelled like winter. It's coming!

    Poor Mabel. It's hard to be a kitten and to get into trouble, but I'm sure she'll learn. I'm smiling at the idea of her face covered in cobwebs.

  2. Ah yes, the plant disaster. Milo the Koodle is still causing them, and now we have A LOT Of plastic or otherwise unbreakable pots. Ugh.

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  4. It's comfort food season, and baked squash is certainly that. So good!

    Mabel is definitely giving her all to Kittening and excelling at it. We visited with a 13-week old tabby last night and despite her charm, I had no desire to get another cat. PROGRESS!

  5. How funny that Mabel kept returning to the scene of the crime! One headlight on my car was out and I had asked John if he could fix it for several weeks. It's not like I drive much at night, but I finally got tired of waiting, looked up the bulb in the manual, bought it at the parts place, and replaced it myself. It took 10 minutes, and was easy, at least on my Subaru. Enjoy your lunch with Colin today!

  6. I am with Bonny... I find it so funny she kept returning to the scene of the crime... almost as if to say, hey, what's up with this mess you did! LOL

    We had breakfast for dinner last night and it was such a treat!

  7. It's so . . . fun . . . to have a "young" pet. I mean, they can be a total pain in the patootie (as your plant-spill demonstrates so well), but they're so sweet and curious and full of energy! We had Brian and Lauren's pup in our care yesterday. Even though she's settling down well (she's just over a year old now), it's still amazing how much mischief she can find -- AND SO FAST! It keeps us on our toes, for sure! XO

  8. Squash is my favorite Fall comfort food. I sometimes make a meal of an acorn squash. Curiosity and kittens are synonymous. Got a chuckle of Mabel covered with cob webs.

  9. All your meals sound wonderful. I have a squash, but I'm saving it for a pork roast on Sunday. Squash is definitely one of my favourites.

    Oh Mabel! After having a cat for so long, you do forget the trouble kittens can get up to. We have had our share of broken plants around here! And many broken other things!

    Rupert and Relic had a serious case of the 2 am zoomies together last night and kept me up for a good half hour! Its hard to get mad because its just so nice seeing them play together.

  10. It's cold here too and I'm not loving it since I wasn't ready for it. I had to do a rinse and spin on all my warm clothes to get the dust off them before I could wear them yesterday and I was chilly when we took Pup out for a walk.
    My kitties destroy all my indoor plants. I have to put them up on things they get reach which takes all the fun out of them. I just brought my last two indoors because of the frost and I have no idea where I am going to put them so the cats can't get at them.

  11. Oh that Mabel. She is going to keep you on your toes for sure. It's so hard to get mad at them when they are just so dang CUTE!!!

    What would we do without them???

    Have a lovely lunch with Colin.

  12. Yup, cat accidents happen--the plant is replaceable and she will learn not to knock them off! Her exploring the basement is cute. The tacos sound wonderful!

  13. We're just having leftovers tonight. Mandy and Piper are coming over tomorrow night for dinner. I'm making a big pot of chili and cornbread.
    Welcome to my world, but in my case it's a puppy! Gotta love 'em. but oh my gosh, sometimes I rather shake her. Not really. They have to learn. Our problem is that Zoey knows some things and chooses to do otherwise anyway.
    Mabel will learn. Zoey will learn. I hope. :-) And they will ultimately be our best friends.

  14. Oh that kitten, she is into mischief. I hope you had a good time with Colin today.

  15. gotta love the kitten stage! Holly is purely indoor and we keep the litter box in one of the spare rooms. I too scoop daily and there is never a smell ever.

    Since we found her half dead on the road she is quite content being indoors!