Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday November 3, 2021

Good Morning!

It's light outside...I slept without waking up once until 7:30 this morning which is absolutely amazing (and so refreshing!).  Considering that I went upstairs to read around 10 p.m. and turned the light out at 10:20, that is 9 hours of sleep!!  Woo-Hoo.

My dentist appointment went well yesterday - especially since I had not been for a cleaning since pre-pandemic times (and I used to go every 4 months).  My gums were in good shape and everything looked good.  YAY!  I was able to finish up the laundry yesterday and even cleaned the bathrooms and scrubbed floors.  Good to have that chore out of the way (for a week anyway).  I even found time to relax and knit a bit!

Welcome to the first Wednesday in November and Unraveled Wednesday where like-minded folks meet up (and link up) with Kat and her Merry Unravelers to talk about making and reading.  I am thrilled to show you that Peggy's socks are finished!!!

Definitely Fraternal Twin socks and I think Peggy will love them.  I don't know if a pair of socks has ever taken me so long.  The first sock was started on 9/3 and finished on 10/23.  The second sock was started on 10/23 and finished on 11/2.  I almost never have second sock syndrome...the second sock always goes faster for me.

These were knit on #2 needles using Static yarn from KnitPicks in the colorway "Glow."  I, however, prefer to call the colorway Faded Roses.  There are still a couple of Christmas knits I would like to make and I suppose I should speed it up if that is going to happen.

On the reading front, I finished Pax, Journey Home which I ended up enjoying.  Not as much as the first book ("Pax"), but this one was sweet too.  I have given up on Malibu Rising which was just not for me.  I did not find it entertaining, but rather why bother?  Too many other books on my TBR list to spend time on one that is not enjoyable.

I just started reading Water Like a Stone which is book #11 in the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James books by Deborah Crombie.  This series are easy mysteries to read and I am enjoying them.  This one features some Narrowboats which (for me) is fun after reading "The Narrowboat Summer" earlier.  I received notice that another book has come in at the library for me:  Georgia which is a novel about Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz.  I'm hoping this is a good one.  

Today I'm heading toward the office.  I have a few things I need/want to print in color and I should check the mail, etc.  Also, I want to stop at Trader Joes (like I did not do enough grocery shopping on Sunday!!) and the state store for some wine.  The state store by my office is larger than any by my home and they carry a much better selection.  Then it will be a stop at CVS to pick up some more Zyrtec (allergies this Fall!!  they are AWFUL) and then the library.

I'll leave you with a sweet shot of Mabel - as Colin says, she has very long legs.  I love how she covers her eyes with her paws.

Be sure to head over to Kat's to see what others are making are reading - inspiration will abound, I promise!


  1. Those socks are lovely and bright! (I would be so tempted to keep them for myself!) I felt the same way about the second Pax book, and have forgotten about the Deborah Crombie series. I'll need to see where I left off and put the next books on hold. Mabel is SO cute!

  2. Lovely socks. I think the colourway is misnamed, too. I like your name much better.

    That photo of Mabel is precious. I have two very tall cats (even their vet says so; might be due to being part Maine Coon), and I love when they stretch their legs. Mabel looks like she's wearing a long white stocking. So cute.

  3. Your little spotty girl is ADORABLE, but then, you knew that. LOL

    Love the socks and they will make a lovely Christmas present.

  4. Your socks are very cheery. I really need to knit a more colorful pair for the grey winter days

  5. The socks look fabulous and Mabel is a beauty! I love her little spots.

  6. Aww, sweet Mabel. I love how she's covering her eyes too. My little monster woke me up because she was hungry and now she's back to sleep all tucked up into a little ball. :-)
    Your socks are beautiful. Fraternal is great! I rarely have second sock syndrome either, although sometimes it takes me awhile to get going on the first one! :-)
    Glad the dentist went well. I go to the new one next week and have my fingers crossed.

  7. Beautiful socks! I like your name for them, too. I didn't realize that Mabel had spots not stripes! Stunning, long legs and all!

  8. Isn’t it delightful to have a restful night’s sleep. I typically sleep 8+ hours, always have. Peggy will love the Faded Roses socks. Mabel appears to have grown considerably since she arrived. The photo of her is precious.

  9. I'm sure she will love them, they are gorgeous! Say hello to Miss Mabel :)

  10. The socks are great! I'm sure they'll be very well received. Miss Mabel reminds me of my daughter this morning when I went to get her out of bed (I think her exact words were "I was sleeping so well!"). Sounds like you were, too!

  11. Oh, sweet Mabel! I love those socks. They are such a pretty color.

  12. Mabel is very sweet. She does have long legs. The socks look lovely. I too find that the second sock goes faster. Some projects just take longer than others.

  13. I adore those socks - they are one of the happiest pairs I've ever seen.

    Oh Mabel, you are the cutest. Ask your mom to give you tons of kisses from me!

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  15. Those socks are just perfect! I love fraternal socks! :)

    And, yes, the allergies this fall have been absolutely horrendous and I don't know why.

    I am speeding down the sock for Big Foot... and LOVING them! (and sort of wishing they were going to be mine! lol)