Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday November 2, 2021

 Good Morning!

It is still early and dark outside, but I'm up.  It is 6 a.m. and I have a dentist appointment at 7:30.  Enough time to sip some hot coffee and post on TNT (Tiny Needle Tuesday).

Yesterday was one of those simply beautiful Fall days.  Fletch worked in the garden doing some clean up.  I worked (work-work) and did some laundry.  It was a perfect day for hanging things on the line to dry.

A tablecloth billowing in the breeze, some leggings and a bunch of socks - many of them hand knit.  Everything smelled so fresh and good when I took things off the line late in the day.  There is still more laundry to do (of course), but I don't think it's going to be quite as nice for drying outside.

My plan was to finish the first Pomegranate Bird on my sampler, but that didn't happen.  Still, more progress than the other week (at least you can tell it's a bird).

The colors are just scrumptious, aren't they?  So pretty.  There will (of course) be another bird on the right hand side.  Then the urn gets filled in (some words and some background color).  So...still quite a bit of stitching left on this one.  No rush.

So, the dentist at 7:30 and then my annual review (via phone) at 10:30.  I've already seen a copy of the written review (all good), but today I will find out what my increase will be.  I don't expect any surprises (in a good or bad way)...our raises are always pretty much at 3% (which sucks, but...).  After that I hope to get some chores done (the laundry, bathrooms, maybe the kitchen floor?) and find some time to knit and relax.

My hope is that this Tuesday will find you doing something fun and enjoyable!


  1. We had a beautiful day here, too. That sunshine was such a treat after all the gloom and rain we've had here lately! I hope by now you're done at the dentist and your review goes well. (And I know 3% may not seem like much, but we've had pay freezes several time in the past few years and I got a whopping 1.75% increase this year!)

  2. I had loads of laundry to do, so I was as glad as you to have such a perfect drying day yesterday. As always, there's more today. I wish your raise could be more. I'm not sure that 3% even keeps up with inflation, but I guess it's better than nothing. Hope you find time for fun today!

  3. The Laundry Bus has arrived here as well...(if only, lol) Anyways, laundry and floors are on the list today! Then the final ornaments for the advent calendar!

  4. Oh, laundry. It's the endless chore. Like vacuuming, it never ever stays Done.

    I haven't seen laundry hung out except by the Amish. We don't even have a clothesline here, except in the basement. I hang things off the patio furniture once in a while, LOL. And now, of course, that's all put away.

  5. How I wish I had access to a clothesline, as I love the smell of laundry dried in the sun. I hope your dentist appointment went well. I have one next week to have a temporary crown switched for the permanent one. About two inches of snow fell yesterday, and this morning it’s raining slightly. I hope the sun comes out today.

  6. Hope all went well at the dentist. I go next week to a new one. That's always nervewracking.
    We had a dreary day yesterday but today is bright and sunny but could. 27F right now. I want to take Zoey for a walk but it's just too cold for her right now.
    That sampler is so pretty and you're making fast progress on it.
    I miss my clothesline in Spokane. Even in the camper I hung my clothes outside whenever possible on a drying rack.
    Take care my friend and good luck with the dentist.

  7. I'm really enjoying your work on this sampler-very pretty! The laundry on the line had to smell so good when it was time to fold and put away!

  8. Dave hung my clothesline on the weekend, I was so excited. (Pics later this week), I have another load to do today, it's cold but sunny and windy so they will dry just fine!

    3% is more than I've had for the last 10 years. They paused increases altogether during the first year of the pandemic (and pay was cut 10% for six months of that!), and this year I think I got 1.2%. Other than the no increase, the worst was 0.8% one year. Most years have been closer to 2.5%. But like you say... it doesn't amount to much - and the cost of living is certainly more than 3%!
    Still.. I know some people who get nothing year after year, so I try to be grateful! But it would nice to just be able to keep up with the cost of everything! I got excited when gas came down to $1.34 a litre yesterday - on the weekend I paid $1.46/L. That's kind of sad! Lol.

  9. Oh I haven't seen any clothes on any lines lately. I love when I do. Your photo is beautiful with the sheet as a backrouond. All those socks!

  10. It's hard to imagine somewhere warm enough for clothes on the line but I'm glad you have that!

  11. the colors are Scrumptious!!! I am cross stitching a Christmas die cut ornament - I am trying to stitch one hour a day in November, wish me luck.

  12. That sampler is beautiful The colors are scrumptious - very autumn like.

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