Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Day 11/25/21

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Really I had no intention of posting today, but then decided that y'all should see what's been going on here this morning.

First of all, everything on my list yesterday except laundry was accomplished.  The laundry has now been started this morning.  The only thing I need to do today is whip cream to go with the pies I made.  I will do that closer to departure time.  Colin suggested we come over around 3 p.m., so that gives me the morning to relax.

The other day I pulled out a pair of hand knit socks to put on and discovered a hole in the toe of one (I guess my toenails should be trimmed down more frequently?).  I pulled out yarn and decided to darn that hole this morning while Fletch was in the shower.

Voila!  A darned hole.  The yarn used to darn the hole is a fingering weight yarn that I bought at Good Karma Farm in Belfast, Maine some years ago when we were on vacation.  I had used it for some socks and there was lots left over.  Not any more!  When I finished my darning work I couldn't find the yarn I had left on the table.  No wonder.

Someone had grabbed it, dragged it over to the rug in front of the refrigerator and then went at it.  It was too tangled to try to save, so it is in the trash.

Then I discovered this:

The sheep ornament my SIL had given me a few years ago has been chewed and threads pulled out.  Not once, not twice, but three times!  Little sheepy is now tucked away in a drawer along with a needle felted mushroom pincushion (also a gift from my SIL) and a little knit cat that I made the other year.  All of those things were on the top of an apothecary cabinet (where I have specialty thread stored) which sits on top of a dresser in the office room.  Sister Mabel has been jumping up there (where she does NOT belong) and grabbing whatever suits her fancy.  Oy vey!  I will say that she has somewhat lost interest in her favorite ribbon...there are more and better things to be found apparently.

Mabel's appointment at the vet went well yesterday.  She had gained a little weight (up to 6.13 from 6.5).  She put up with her last shot very well and was pretty well behaved last night.  She actually was on the couch in Fletcher's lap or mine while we watched a show!

Oh well, if all I need to worry about are the antics of a very lively kitten, life is good!  I plan to do some knitting, make the whipped cream, get a shower and then head over to C&M's for a feast.  Wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, Mabel. Sigh. She is, as my grandmother would say, a caution.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Mabel certainly does a good job of keeping you on your toes! I hope it's a relaxing and enjoyable day.

  3. Good thing Mabel is so cute! She is wandering into dangerous territory getting into yarn. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day filled with delicious food and good company!

  4. Oh that naughty, naughty girl!!! LOL Good thing she is so cute, right?

    Glad to hear she had a good vet exam.

    You should have saved the yarn. I could have worked at untangling it!!!

  5. Oh no - Mabel made you a yarn salad!!!!!
    Rupert does it every now and again for me, but my dear departed Rocky was the WORST for it. He'd make salad in every room with an entire ball of yarn.
    Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  6. Oh dear, Mabel has been too curious for her own good. Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast! Later, my niece and I will go to my sister’s home for dinner.

  7. Oh Mabel! I fear there is the dickens in you.

  8. Oh, no....naughty kitty. Good thing she's so darn cute!

  9. She is going just love the Christmas season--so many things to chew, I mean hug! lol Gotta love her!

  10. Holly was like that and I had to hide all yarns and knitted stuff. She seems to be doing okay with the one tree...