Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday 11/17/21

 Good Morning!

I'm getting a late start here today.  I did not sleep all that well and was up early, but out of the house around 6:30!  I have a doctor's appointment next week and needed to have some blood work done prior to that...fasting blood work, so I wanted to get to the lab when they opened at 7 a.m.  Then I was off to feed Talbot & Marcel.  Traffic was horrible getting to their house and then, once I was inside, this greeted me:

Yikes!!  I'm not sure who caught this poor, tiny mouse (it was not me).  Hopefully whoever caught it found it in the basement and brought it upstairs.  I was tempted to leave it for Fletch to clean up, but then had second thoughts about that - I didn't want them playing with it, or consuming it, or taking it upstairs and leaving it on Colin & Mailing's bed.  That would not be a nice welcome home gift!!  Anyway, it is disposed of and I am back home, coffee has been brewed and I am sipping my first cup.

As it is Wednesday, I am linking up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk making and reading.  Honestly I have not gotten much knitting done.  The scarf for Zhongren has grown, but it is not finished yet and is much like a blue blob!

The decision was made to forget the cowl for Bonnie and instead go with fingerless gloves.  Specifically the Cloudburst (Rav link) pattern which is free.  Well...I have never minded knitting from charts, but I could not wrap my head around the second chart in this pattern.  It just made no sense.  I emailed Betsy as I knew she had made them.  Turns out she ignored the charts and just went with the written directions.  When I looked at the pattern that way, it made perfect sense.  BUT...since then I have not been able to put another row in them.  They are sitting with half the ribbing done on the cuff.

Could be there is a specific reason why I can't get any knitting accomplished.  Someone keeps trying to help...or learn...or play...or just annoy!  I put the yarn bowl with the yarn and knitting on a bookcase in the office room and guess who I just caught trying to chew on one of the needles?  I just have to laugh.  This kitten stage will end at some point (one can hope).

Other times Mabel is just the sweetest.

This chair is at the kitchen table and that is where she hangs out while Fletch and I have dinner...or lunch...or whatever.  She likes to be close.  She is still long and lean, but I will be curious to see what she weighs when I take her back to the vet next Wednesday.

On the reading end of things I have not done much.  I'm about halfway (maybe...maybe not quite halfway) through The Sweetness of Water and the language and writing continue to be so beautiful.  I've just been too tired to read much.  But, I have a stack of books from the library on my night stand and this one is due back to the library next week, so I'd best get cracking.

Fletch is grilling tonight (a pork loin - yum!!) and we may have a fire after running over to feed Talbot and Marcel.  We had planned to do a fire tomorrow night (a warmer day tomorrow than today), but the forecast is for rain by 7 p.m.  Oh well, we'll figure it out.  Time for another cup of coffee and to check out some blogs...and I guess I should do a little work too.  Be sure to check out Kat's blog and the links - always inspiring!


  1. That does not look like a fun way to start your morning! You deserve an extra cup of coffee. Zhongren's scarf is the loveliest shade of blue, and I suppose that as long as Mabel is only trying to chew on needles, that's better than chewing on the yarn itself. I hope your Wednesday is a good one!

  2. My senior (11 yrs.) cats still like to chew on needle tips, so it may not be just a kitten thing. And I prefer bamboo needles, so that means a lot of filing/sanding.

    Good for Marcel or Talbot, performing pest control while C & M are away. It's not pleasant to find, but they're on the job.

  3. Looks like Talbot and Marcel left you a Thank You gift! Like you, I’m not fond of disposing of dead critters. I’ve been watching some short kitten videos and can’t help but think of Mabel - so much energy but lots of laughs.

  4. Oh that photo ... just melts my heart. Your little one is definitely full of spunk and fun.

    Glad you were able to figure out the gusset part of the mitts.

    But oh .........what a morning start. First a blood draw then a mouse. Hope the day gets better from here.

  5. Ick! That's not a very good way to start off the day! I'm sure the cats were expressing their appreciation for you, but all the same, ick!

    I had to move my walk to the afternoon because of a workshop this morning, but I think the timing works out perfectly to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather today while it lasts! I hope you enjoy your fire.

  6. Have to ask: did you scream/squeal/gasp audibly? Because that's what I would have done, and then ran out and slammed the door. You are a better woman than I am!

  7. Oh, dear. It is that time of year. I haven't seen any "offerings" yet but I've noticed my outdoor kitties aren't eating their canned food as much as they do which means the hunt must be on.
    I watched Daughter's kitten years ago during the Tour de Fleece and I remember all too well how terrible it was trying to do yarny things with that little thing getting into everything. It was a lost cause. I remember she also jumped on my loom and ruined a lot of weaving too. It's a good think they don't stay kittens long. They may be cute but they are the devil.

  8. My light coloured sock dpns are full of little teeth marks from Rupert... and he wasn't a kitten!!!!! He just loves to bite them for some reason I can't fathom!

  9. Kudos to you for taking care of that dead mouse. I hope you enjoyed the fire. Mabel is so photogenic with her striking coloring.

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  11. I'm so late getting online today, you're probably in bed already! Good for you in taking care of that mouse. I just cannot fathom picking up a dead animal. It gives me the heebie jeebies just to think about it. Between lab work and the mouse it was not a great start to your day was it?
    I'm glad that you will be able to do the wristwarmers now. They are so easy with the written pattern but not that chart!
    I have to be at the hospital early tomorrow morning for my mammogram. Yuck! But then it will be done and it's necessary. *sigh*

  12. You had a full day, Vera! And beginning the day with a fasting blood draw AND a dead mouse surprise . . . that's a rough beginning. At least you have that sweet kitty to temper the unpleasantness! XO

  13. I am so happy to see that Talbot and Marcel are working overtime to make sure the house is safe and sound! LOL

    And gosh... Mabel is just awesome! Who could say no to that sweet face!

  14. I've lost a few needles to kitty love and even a few of my cables--those teeth marks make sliding stitches impossible! lol she is a beauty!

  15. Our cats (almost all were indoor/outdoor) would often leave "gifts" at the back door, but I'll never forget watching a mouse scurry right under a cat's nose IN THE HOUSE with barely an acknowledgement, much less any sort of "capture." SO AGGRAVATING!! Sheesh.

  16. eek! it won't be long before she leaves everything alone, I loved that kitten stage so much and so very funny!