Monday, November 1, 2021

Weekending - November 1, 2021

 Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  How was Halloween?  We had exactly one group (of about 5) come to the door (while we were having dinner).  Two little kids and two bigger (teenager) kids and one dad.  They all took some candy and that was it!  We left the porch light on and the front door open for quite some time and then by 9 p.m. we shut off the light.  I missed seeing more little kids dressed up.

My weekend was nice.  I met up with Dee for coffee and knitting and chatting on Saturday morning.  As always, that was so enjoyable.  (What did I do before Dee and Steve moved up from Florida??)  Despite interference by a certain someone (that would be Mabel), I managed to do a little stitching and a bit of knitting.

Progress is occuring on the 2nd sock.  And...I managed to change the tablecloth to a fall-themed one.  The picture above has so many good things:  clean tablecloth, knitting, ginger-turmeric tea and one of my all time favorite bookmarks which my Dad had given to me at some point (it says, "The best man for the job is often a woman").  Also the white envelopes behind my tea are our mail-in ballots for the election.  We will be dropping them off today at one of the local collection points.

Yesterday was filled with laundry and grocery shopping.  Yikes!  Is it me or have prices sky-rocketed?  Fletch and I went to one store and dropped $287.  Later I went to two other stores trying to locate a few things we couldn't find at the first.  Those two stores were another $60.  There are only two of us!  I did need to re-stock a few things (soups, canned beans, cat food - of course), and even though I had made breakfast, I guess I was hungry when we shopped because I bought more snack-type things than usual.  But still!!  We also had not shopped the previous weekend...but still...

This little one continues to amuse and delight us.

Thankfully she is quiet all night (and I am keeping the bedroom door shut), but once I am up in the morning, she is flying around - sliding on the hardwood floors, crashing into things, spooking herself out, etc.  Yesterday she was prancing in the kitchen in front of the sliding door to the patio.  She kept arching her back (just like a good Halloween cat) and then I realized it was still dark out and she was reacting to her reflection in the glass.  LOL

Today holds a conference call for me at 10, then Fletch and I will drive to the 4-H center where we can drop off our ballots.  A stop at the library is in order as I received notication that a book I requested is in.  I have a pile more laundry waiting to be done and I'm hoping for sunny weather so that I can at least hang out the jeans to dry.  Not too exciting, but we will see what the day holds.  Happy November!


  1. you are so lucky to have Dee and now I have my sister and we see each other frequently! I love Mabel :)

  2. Mabel must be very entertaining! I'm glad to hear that she is considerate about letting you sleep at night.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! Like you, we only got a few kids for Halloween, which was disappointing.

    Miss Mabel is just such a cutie - she also sounds like she is *quite* busy ... ;-)

  4. Yes, prices are terrible. I just grit my teeth and pay them. But honestly, if they stay like this once the supply chain eases...!!!

    I miss the kitten stage of my cats so much. But these are ABSOLUTELY the last ones. (And I mean it this time.)

  5. I didn't like grocery shopping before, but I really don't like it now that prices are increasing. Mabel is so funny, scaring herself! And I love how you captured all those good things in one photo!

  6. We had zero trick or treaters by the end of the evening. I miss seeing all of the costumes. Now we have to eat all of that candy by ourselves. :-)
    Lucky you and Dee. Do you two realize how jealous the rest of us are that you have someone to chat and knit with?
    Groceries are ridiculous. I rarely by meat anymore. We try to eat more beans, etc. I sure hope it gets better but I don't have much hope for that.
    That sweet little Mabel reminds me of the things that Zoey does. She's sure her reflection in glass or mirrors is another puppy tring to take over her territory. Ha!

  7. No Trick or Treaters stopped by last night, but I didn’t expect any. I haven’t seen a ToT for years. I don’t buy candy anymore because I don’t want it here tempting me. Yes, grocery prices seem to have climbed steadily over the last two years. I doubt they will go down once the supply issues are remedied.

  8. It's just Dave and I, and we don't have extravagant tastes by any means, but I struggle to get the grocery bill under $300 every two weeks (and it's usually closer to $400 tbh).Prices are just going up and up and up.
    I was proud of myself when I managed to get two extra large roasts on sale this week - I cut them up and turned them into three smaller roasts and a couple bags of stew meat so we get five meals instead of two from them. I'm glad Mom taught me how to be frugal!

  9. Oh my gosh . . . I would LOVE to have seen her attacking her window self. LOL

    You and Fletch are one of the best reasons for coming back to PA. :-) I love when we can get together.

  10. We had four kids at the door last night which was the first time in 5 years. I was beyond excited to see them.
    The only thing I've noticed going up is canned cat food. I'm also having a hard time finding it. Amazon just told me that my usual monthly order is out of stock and Pet Smart rarely has what my kitties like on the shelf anymore.

  11. I truly can't get enough of Mable.
    No kids for us--our neighborhood just isn't made for trick or treat. The Community Center had an event where kids could get candy from boats! It was quite popular.

  12. Yeah, the shopping prices are horrid (so is gas prices!)! I'm glad Mabel puts smiles on your faces! Sweetie!

  13. We were in Fort Worth for the weekend so we weren't home for Halloween. Seems like every year, we have fewer trick or treaters. I missed seeing the little kids. It was fun to see our son and his family. I am now happy to be home.

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