Monday, November 15, 2021


Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  Mine was good - filled with fun things but also those pesky chores that needed to be done.

Saturday morning I took off early to feed Talbot and Marcel.  They were happy to see me...happier to have food put in their bowls.

 Once they were fed and talked to, I took off for Dee's where of course I got to see Giroux!  Dee made us some delicious London Fog tea and we knit a little bit and chatted.  Then we took off for the craft fair she had heard about.  It turned out to be a nice one plus it was situated in a very pretty park (Tamanend Park in Upper Southampton).  The craft fair was in an historic farmhouse and there was also an art show in another building.  All well done.  The foliage was very pretty.

And it was damp enough there were mushrooms about.

I want to go back to the park sometime as there looked to be nice walking trails and very pretty gardens.  After shopping a bit we headed to a diner for lunch.  While eating it started raining and then hailing!  And boy did the temp drop.  There was a Tuesday Morning (I thought they were all out of business, but apparently not) in the shopping center, so we stopped in there (and I found a Christmas gift!!).  We saw Coco, the cutest Dachsund ever!

Isn't that the best girlie dog sweater ever?

It was such a nice Saturday - thanks Dee!!

Sunday was filled with chores...groceries, cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing the kitchen floor and then I even scrubbed the outside of all the cabinets (even the ones over the frig!!).  I'll admit it had been some time and the cabinet doors were dirty and dusty.  It's nice to have that chore out of the way.

This girl loves stretching out on the kitchen floor - generally where I will be stepping - LOL

She is very long and pretty tall too.  She is still getting into trouble at every opportunity, but is so sweet we can't stay angry for long.  Her belly hair is finally coming back in where she was shaved when she was spayed - just in time for winter weather!

Now it's the start of another week.  Once Fletch is out of the shower I will get started on doing some laundry.  Tomorrow I'm heading to the office to meet up with Bill and give him some of the rhubarb that Fletch picked the other day.  I need to double check with Colin, but I believe we start feeding the cats again tomorrow night as C&M are heading to Austin to look for an apartment or house to rent come January.

Well, the sun is up and I need to go pour another cup of coffee and get myself woken up!  Hope your Monday is a good one!


  1. What a lovely weekend, Vera! (and that doxie... she wins the day!)

  2. It sounds like you had a fun-filled and lovely weekend! Mabel has beautiful markings and she can show them off stretched out in your way! I had forgotten about C & M moving in January. I guess you won't be stopping over to feed the cats in Austin. :-(

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I can't get over the beauty spots on Mabel!

  4. That is one gorgeous little cat (but not so little already)! Love the fifties fluffy sweater on the dachsund girly. What a terrific model she is.

    It sounds like a productive and happy weekend. And I'm so glad I do not have cabinets above my fridge. I have a hard enough time reaching the top shelves of the ones we do have.

  5. Maybe you should have named Mabel * Mabel the Menace". LOL

    I'm glad you had a good time on Saturday. I thought the craft show was very well done.

  6. Sounds like a fun day on Saturday -- so glad you could go out and enjoy it!

    Do you think Mabel has a little cheetah in her? She's got some beautiful spots!

  7. That is one fabulous doggie sweater!!! The foliage is very pretty this year. These quick and dirty falls do make for pretty leaves once they turn.
    Mabel is really growing! She is one fierce looking cat. I bet she'd be a great mouser.

  8. A craft fair, beautiful fall colors, shopping and lunching with a friend — your weekend sounds perfect! Mabel’s spots are so interesting.

  9. Your weekend was the best - a day of fun followed by a day of necessary chores. I have had wiping down the kitchen cupboards on my list for at least a month. It's one chore I put off way too long.

  10. The fall colors in your photos are so pretty. Ours are pretty much gone. We had a huge windstorm on Friday and it blew most of the leaves away. Zoey is long and skinny just like Mabel. Lizzie will be spayed the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Zoey is that next Monday. Poor babies. I can't imagine either of them wearing the "cone of shame."
    Good for you getting everything done this weekend. I seemed to be so busy but don't seem to have done much.
    Take care Vera.

  11. Mabel is such a show-off! (I would be, too, if I was a beautiful cat like that. . . ) It sounds like a great weekend, Vera -- with a mix of fun and satisfaction (those chores. . . ) XO

  12. That sounds like a pretty good weekend to me!

    Austin... as in Texas?? (I must have missed something...)