Monday, November 8, 2021

Weekending...Plus Evidence...

 Good morning!

How was your weekend?  Ours was good.  We completely forgot about the time change!  LOL  Sunday is the one morning of the week I fix breakfast for us.  I got up as usual and cooked some bacon and made blueberry pancakes.  We were in the kitchen consuming when the radio host mentioned the time.  We were both "What???"  It was nice to come across an extra hour that morning, but boy it got dark fast in the afternoon.

Friday I skipped out of my office right after my conference call and zoomed over to DSW.  I needed/wanted some new sneakers and I had a $25 coupon that was set to expire on Sunday.  I found a pair I liked and stopped at Pet Smart to look at cat carriers (we had given our carrier to Colin & Mailing after Tyg was killed).  Anyway, I didn't find any I like (I bought one on Amazon instead and it arrived yesterday.)  Fletch was over at Colin & Mailing's watching Dune and when I got home I heard the radio on.  I had not turned it on before leaving the house.  We have a Bose radio/cd player in the kitchen and if you touch the top it will turn on or off.  Guess who must have jumped up on the table and walked across the radio?

Saturday another plant hit the floor and came out of its pot.  I had watered the indoor plants in the morning and decided to move my African violet into the living room.  That was a mistake.  It didn't even take 5 minutes for that plant to wind up on the floor.  I cleaned up that mess and then left to meet up with Dee for some needed therapy - coffee, knitting and chatting.

Then there is the second scratching "thing" that Mabel has.  Fletch bought this one and it is shaped like a cat with a big fluffy tail.

The green stuff?  Why that's the stuffing for the tail.  More than scratching, Mabel apparently just loves pulling things apart.

Then there is this dried arrangement (with some wooden flowers included).  (And the plant on top of the pile of books is the first one that Mabel knocked over breaking its original pot.  Thankfully it seems to be doing ok in a new pot and a new location.)

There are some dried cattails and fronds from our yard in the arrangement which used to be on a table in the living room.  But, for the second time someone (that would be Mabel) has knocked it over.  Luckily the vase did not break...but those fronds?  Apparently they are the best kitty toys.  She pulls them out of the vase and trots around with them in her mouth.  Then she plays with them and God knows how many have been batted under the stove.  That girl is definitely still in the kitten stage.

The balance of the weekend was pleasant.  Colin and Mailing were over for dinner (I made crawfish etouffee and also the cranberry pie that Bonny blogged about - DELICIOUS!!).  I managed to find plenty of time to knit and stitch and read!  And I successfully avoided all chores like cleaning and laundry.  To me, that is a successful weekend!

Today I'm heading back to the office.  Both Bruce and Mike will be in and I need to meet with both of them.  I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to be out of there by lunch time.  Wishing you all a great start to a new week - enjoy!


  1. Oh, dear. Mabel is certainly making her presence known. Kittens are cute but give me a fat, lazy house cat any day. Although any one of my old kitties would destroy a plant in no time if they could get at it.

  2. For a tiny little kitten, Mabel sure can get into lots of things! Hopefully she will learn soon and grow out of the knocking-over-plants stage. At least she hasn't chewed on the plants or gotten into your knitting!

  3. Mabel sounds like Holly. When Holly was little I had to hide all yarn things in project bags because she chewed them. She ate all the plants except two that are I guess NOT TASTY and possibly not good for her tummy.

  4. I know it means a lot of cleanup for you, but I am chuckling at all the trouble Mabel is getting into -- she's very much a kitten!

  5. Oh, Mabel! You little rascal! It's like having a toddler! Gah!

    I am thankful that I live with a Time Change Demon... Steve had all the clocks changed early Saturday night, lol. And Sunday... he started asking me if it was midnight at 5pm! Yeah...Time Change woes here!

  6. Mabel gets an A in Kittening. My senior girl Marlowe is the reason I have a fake plant nestled in rocks in the bathroom. She ate a bamboo plant and a tropical plant, and those were both this year. And that bamboo was six years old before she finally decided to try it!

    The time change this year is annoying me, for some reason. I wish we'd pick one and stick with it, once and for all.

  7. I used to have a vase full of dried grasses and pussywillow. I had to get rid of the contents (we still have the vase), because Burton was just OBSESSED with the dried grasses. If he could get to the vase, he would -and pull it down take all the grass fronds out and strew them about the house.
    He's actually good about my plants, with the exception of the spider plants (he will chew them to nubs in minutes if he gets a chance, and my mini palm - like the grass fronds, the pond fronds are a big toy for him. The spiders and the palms have to be kept out of reach.

    I knew the time change was Sunday before the weekend, but by the time it happened, I'd forgotten about it, lol. Mom and Dad were set to come on Sunday by noon. I woke up at 11 in a panic because I had a something I wanted to get done before they got there. I was very happy when I checked my phone a few minutes later and realized it was actually 10!

  8. I'm sitting here reading this and chuckling in companionship with you because Zoey is the puppy version of Mabel! :-) Of course I know it's not so fun when they're actually doing these things, but remembering they always make me smile. I can't believe how FAST she gets into things. And they she looks at me with her sweet face and cute little ears and I'm smitten again.
    I don't like the time change at all. I wish we could leave it in DST where it's lighter in the evening. At 6:00 pm last night it felt like midnight. Ugh.

  9. GOOD LUCK with trying to keep Mabel occupied.

  10. Oh my gosh! That little one is going to keep you on your toes.

    We thought we lost Giroux this morning. Steve was putting new batteries in all the detectors and the noise bothered Giroux. Usually he hides under the sofa. He wasn't in ANY of his hiding spots. I had been painting the bedroom and opened a can outside. We thought maybe he got outside. We couldn't find him ANYWHERE ..........finally Steve moved his pants hanging in his closet and there he was . . . hiding in the clothes.

  11. Mabel obviously doesn’t have any problems entertaining herself. I usually change the clocks on Saturday and try to go to bed at my usual time. The Spring change affects me more than the Fall change.

  12. Oh boy, I do not miss that kitten behavior!! Good luck with Miss Mabel!!

  13. Oh, thank you for the laugh! Our cats have very different ideas of 'hobbies' than we do! lol

  14. Oh that Mabel. She is definitely a curious little kitten. She will keep you on your toes. We have a Bose cd/radio player on our kitchen counter. My son gave it to us years ago and even though cd's are old hat, I have a basketful that I enjoy. The sound is so good.

  15. Ahhhh . . . kitty fun! Kittens are so curious and playful and mischievous. (Good thing they're also darn cute!) XO