Monday, November 29, 2021


 Hello There!

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  Better than this morning which so far has involved cleaning up two piles of cat puke!  Not the best thing at any time of day, but especially early in the morning.  The poor little devil has been racing around though as if there were nothing wrong.

She is enjoying the window bird feeder so much and several times has knocked over the dough bowl filled with pin cushions.  We have ordered a window perch for this window - a ledge of sorts with a fleece cover.  Spoiled rotten, but I'm hoping that ledge will encourage her to stay there and leave my things alone!  It should arrive tomorrow.  Thank you Amazon!

Black Friday, I'm happy to say, involved no shopping for me.  I met up with Dee for chatting/knitting/sipping.  As usual, it was exactly what I needed.  I ended up working some on the French Market Bag!  Remember that thing?  The fingerless mitt I had to count and pay attention to, so I decided mindless knitting was the way to go.

The multi-colored yarn has been all used up and now I am back to the green and grey.  I'll keep going for a bit to see how long I can make it, knowing it will shrink a lot when felted.

The fingerless mitt is another story.  I finished it, but I will not be gifting it.  First of all, I did a sloppy job on the thumb and thumb gusset.  Secondly, I am a very tight knitter, and I can just barely get my hand and my thumb into the mitt!  I'm going back to my tried and true pattern of just a plain mitt.  I started one last night in purple for my friend Leslie:

The cuff is done (15 rows of K1P1 ribbing).  Now on to the body of the mitt which should not take long at all.  This particular yarn is cotton and acrylic (Leslie is allergic to wool - can you imagine??), but is very, very soft.  It's from KnitPicks.

Saturday I did brave the stores...or some of them.  I did a little shopping and then went to DSW for myself!  I have a $30 off your purchase of $40 or more.  But...I could not find anything!  I will try a different DSW store - I hate to waste the $30 off!!  LOL  I also went back to the store where I had my glasses made.  I don't know if the prescription is incorrect or if the line isn't placed in the right spot (my glasses are progressive bifocals), but I'm having the dickens of a time reading or knitting or seeing on the computer.  However, the store was crowded...a group of folks in there who didn't speak English very well and kept pulling their masks down under their chins.  I'll go back another day.

One last shot of Regal Marcel from Thanksfiving Day when he was making sure Otto stayed out of trouble!

He really is a beautiful cat!

So now it is back to the reality of work.  I don't think it will be terribly busy though.  Fingers crossed.  Hope you all had a lovely Thanksfiving and a nice, long weekend.


  1. I hope Mabel loves her perch and her stomach troubles resolve. I haven't yet braved the stores or even shopped online, but I think I'm going to have to do that soon. I hope you enjoy a slow week!

  2. I did a bit of online shopping but I had a very very busy weekend! Love the Mabel shots :)

  3. The mitt that was too tight wasn't Bonnie's, was it?

    I went to DSW in Montgomeryville yesterday. I DID manage to find a pair of very cute slippers, but sadly I did NOT have a $30 off coupon.

    Had a great time Friday. We'll have to do it again some day. LOL

  4. Always enjoy the pictures of the cats! If you are able to use Ravelry, I found a free fingerless mitts pattern there-- "Cameron". It uses fingering weight and ribbing so "one size fits all". I like it a lot and it is easy. There are a couple of errors in the pattern which are pretty easy to figure out (or you can contact me and I will send them to you... Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. In all my years of wearing glasses like yours, I've only had one pair that were measured wrong--you need to have them fit right! the ledge will work great for Mabel!

  6. Poor Mabel. Perhaps she ate something she shouldn't have. (No, not Mabel!) I have Marlowe and Piper's cat tree at the window with the feeders, and they love that. Mabel will love her shelf.

    I went to DSW a few weeks ago and found nothing as well. I even checked online a few times--still nothing. Good luck using your hefty coupon.

  7. Sounds like a busy weekend! I did a little black friday shopping, but it was all online, so no crowds!
    I want to get one of those cat shelves for the window in my office. I will be interested to see how Mabel likes hers!

  8. I had difficulty with my first pair of glasses after cataract surgery - bifocal and trifocals were too high and drove me crazy until I insisted they be remeasured. Mabel will love the perch.

  9. That sounds like a great weekend. I'm guessing Mabel will love her new perch. I'm sorry the mitts didn't work for you. Maybe going up one needle size? It looks like you had Giroux to help you too.
    I hope you get your glasses taken care of. That happened with my bifocals on the last pair I had made. They had to redo them and move the line down.
    Take care and I hope I'm back to normal posting again although I would take having my kids here over posting. Ha! I know you understand that.

  10. Hmm, sounds like maybe Miss Mabel has been eating something she shouldn't? I hope she's feeling better and that she likes her new perch when it arrives.

  11. Sorry about your mitt---could you soak it and see if it stretches out?
    Is Mabel eating houseplants? That always caused one cat or the other to puke.

  12. I clean up several piles of puke every morning. My kitties love to eat real fast and then throw it all back up for some reason. I need to try feeding them in separate rooms so it's no so much of a competition.

  13. Mabel is such a stinker! She'll probably enjoy having her own ledge for her nature watching.

  14. I've said it before but I am happy that you and Dee are able to meet up for coffee and knitting. Sorry about the mitt. Now and then I remind myself that some projects just aren't meant to be. I did a little online shopping this weekend taking advantage of discounts.

  15. Oh Mabel... I hope the perch works! :)

  16. I'll bet Mabel will love her new perch! :-) I haven't even started any Christmas shopping yet . . . yikes. Better get myself in gear! I hope your week is going well - and that you can get your new glasses adjusted soon. XO