Friday, May 28, 2021



Abandoning my blog for a week was not my intention!  But life, or rather work, got in my way.  It has been a week folks!  I had to be in the office Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  And each day I was there for at least 6 hours.  I have no idea how I used to work in the office 5 days a week for 8 hours plus each day.  It is exhausting!  And then I got roped into going to dinner with a group on Tuesday at the General Warren Inne an historic place in Chester County.  The food was good (but too much) and I haven't driven at night in over a cataracts make night time driving not a good thing for moi (am thankful I will be having surgery this summer).  Because of that, I had NO alcohol with the meal - I stuck with seltzer water since I was worried enough about driving in diminishing daylight.  Luckily I was able to scoot out just before 8:00 and was home by 8:30 before it is really dark.  Whew!  

Most nights I've been too wiped out to stitch or knit.  Last night Colin was over for steaks on the grill and we sat around a fire after dinner which was so nice and relaxing.  Fletch and I are on cat feeding duty starting Saturday as Colin and Mailing are going away for the weekend.

So here is a quick wrap up of this past week with some pictures I had intended to post during the laid plans and all that.

Last weekend was HOT.  Like 90+ degrees both days.  Dee came over Saturday morning for a little knitting/stitching time.  It had not gotten really hot yet by the time she arrived, but we stayed inside out of concern for ticks (which are everywhere this year).  I started a new dishcloth and working with cotton on larger needles is hard!

I like the colors, but it is slow knitting on this one (that's the 1st [STILL] Enthusiasm Speckle sock in the background).  Hoping to put in some more rows on this - maybe today?  And also the sock - toe decreases FTW!

Tyg was not pleased with the heat.

He was like this much of the weekend.  His lips are getting pink again and soon I will need to get his meds from the vet.  His lips swell and get pink every summer in the heat.  I think it might be a combination of allergies and the heat.  He has been scratching a lot lately too, though we see no signs of fleas.  We did put some "natural" flea and tick stuff on him (peppermint oil). but again I think it is allergies of some kind.  The pollen this year is crazy.

I did manage to get a little stitching in over the weekend and this is where the sampler stands as of right now.

I'm a bit tired of all the brown in this one, but I'm still enjoying it.  I'm hoping to be able to work on this over the weekend.

We have not really had much rain to speak of (some Wednesday night, but not much), though that will change starting today.  It does not look like a really nice weekend for us.  But things in the garden are flourishing.  The garlic is crazy high and we are hoping for scapes soon.  The salad we had last night was made with greens (chard, spinach and lettuce) from the garden.  Rhubarb is still producing (I did make rhubarb sorbet last weekend) and the figs are growing.  We also have our first sunflower open.

On the reading side of things I've started a new book:  Oil and Marble which so far (60+ pages into it) is very enjoyable.  I may even finish it over the weekend!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!  I'm looking forward to getting together with Dee tomorrow morning and Monday is Fletch's and my 41st anniversary!!  Hard to believe it's been so many years.  Meanwhile, I have a conference call at 10 and another one at 12:30...but at least I'm home today and not in the office!


  1. It's so nice to see you here! I was starting to get a little concerned that something was wrong, but I'm glad it was just work. Hopefully that is slowing down and allowing you some free time. You've still managed to make good progress on your sampler, knitting, and reading. Happy Anniversary to you and Fletch, and I hope you have an enjoyable and very relaxing weekend!

  2. Hello,
    I am glad you found some time to post. I guess it can be good to be busy. Cute shot of Tyg, I hope he does alright this summer. We are having a cool Memorial Day weekend. Happy Anniversary. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  3. It would be difficult to adapt to working in an office again. I’m sure a lot of people are discovering that now that the vaccine has reduced COVID numbers. Your garden and yard sound like a paradise. Things are just starting to get green here. Enjoy your weekend of visiting, knitting, stitching, and reading. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Eager to hear how you like Oil and Marble. I have had it on my Kindle for over a year and haven't gotten around to it!

  5. I don't think a lot of people are happy about heading back to the office. Dennis worked at the office through all of covid and now will be working from home. Just the opposite.
    I'm glad you and Dee are able to get together. I'm hoping to find some kind of knitting groups close by here that I can join.
    I'm hoping you can have a nice relaxing weekend after the busyness of your week.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. My kitties were plastered out in the heat last weekend too. It scared me at first because I thought one of them was dead on the deck until I realized how hot it was out there.
    Your sampler is beautiful. I haven't done a stitch this week. I've been too busy organizing my floss to get anything done.
    Happy Anniversary! Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh, my-what a week you've had! Glad you did a bit of handwork along the way! We missed you! Rest up over the weekend!

  8. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    Poor Tyg. I'm sure he is happier with the cooler weather, although maybe NOT so much with the rain.

  9. Relic has had some pretty crazy sneezing fits lately and I'm wondering if it's because of the crazy amounts of pollen. I came out of the house the other day and my black truck was green!!!

  10. I am glad that your absence from the blogosphere was due to being busy and not something else! Allergies have definitely been bad this year, for animals as well as humans, and I'm sorry to hear that Tyg has to deal with them. One thing I do like about continuing to wear a mask (sometimes) when I'm outside is that it seems to help with the allergies, particularly when I'm walking and landscapers are out mowing (recently cut grass makes me sneeze).

    I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend and are able to celebrate your anniversary as you'd like on Monday!

  11. Good to see you posting again. Tough re-entry back to the world of work!

    So glad you and Dee got together for some knit and chat. Wish I could join you. What's halfway between you and NEO? LOL.

    It's 48 degrees today (and yesterday) to start our Memorial Day weekend with rain and lots of wind. Lousy, lousy weather. I hope it at least blows/washes all the pollen away for us all.

  12. Happy Anniversary. We are the shock and awe of all the years we are married. 39 this year. Enjoy each other. I'll take the heat. We are chilly but sunny today.

  13. Happy Anniversary! It sounds as if you had a busy work week. We had a cool but beautiful sunny day yesterday but today and tomorrow the rain and drizzle return. The sampler looks great and the sunflower is quite cheerful.

  14. happy anniversary! This moving thing is taking up a lot of my time and the closer we get to the move the less time I'll have to post.

  15. It sounds like you have been very busy Vera, glad you got to see your son and Dee. Happy knitting.

  16. Busy is not always welcome... I am glad you are working from home today! (and getting older has the most miserable things, doesn't it?)