Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday 5/18/21

 Hello Everyone,

How are you?  I'm groggy and sluggish.  So much food yesterday - all wonderful, but oh my!  As I mentioned, we went to Mailing's parents for dinner last night.  It was Bonnie's birthday.  There was no lack of food:

There was lamb, a whole fish (in the red sauce above), soft shell crab, squid and other fish, bamboo shoots (!! from our house - just to the left of the fish in red sauce above - and they were yummy), eggplant, green beans, potatoes, rice, sticky rice dumplings, other dumplings, noodles, pickles, and on and on and on!  After dinner, but before dessert, we took a walk (well, Fletch stayed back and rested...and I felt like I should have!!).

There is a trail behind Zohngren's and Bonnie's home that takes you to the John James Audubon Center.  A very pretty place to walk.  The Center also has an enclosure where they keep injured birds.  We saw both a hawk and an owl!

There were also a jay, some chickens, another owl (which we did not see).  It was a good walk - about 2 miles is my guess.  By the time we got back, we were ready for dessert.  Mailing had made a rhubarb almond tart and WOW!  what a treat that was.

Bonnie fixed some chrysanthemum tea to have with the tart.  Fletch and I waddled home after that!

Enough food!  It's Tuesday, so let's talk stitching.  My sampler continues to progress nicely.  I managed to get quite a bit more stitched.  I could possibly be half-way through this project, I'm not sure...haven't measured completely.  but here is where it's at as of now.

Again, I'm loving the richness that the silk floss brings to this project.  The subtle shading of the thread is so nice.

I've a somewhat busy day (work-wise) ahead of me, but I'm hoping to carve out a bit of time to stitch and also knit some.  Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful celebration! How cool to have the Audubon Center right out your back door. It would be such a treat to be able to walk that loop on a regular basis. Your stitching is just beautiful. The colors are so rich. :-)

  2. I love the floss!! That tart is gorgeous -- such a pretty design on top! I'm not sure I'd have taken the time for that. haha!

  3. I love the hearts in the center.

  4. What a feast! And the pie was a work of art. Mailing's parents have such a terrific place to walk; I'd never begrudge my exercise if I lived there.

    The sampler looks terrific.

  5. Sounds like a exceptional visit--the walk had to be so enjoyable! Your stitching is another beauty--the silk has to make it shimmer.

  6. Oh, that tart!!!! What a work of art it is.
    Lovely stitching. That floss is just gorgeous.

  7. Stitching with that thread must kind of be like knitting with hand-dyed yarn!

  8. Hello Vera, I'm late commenting which is getting to be a habit for me. We had an appt. with a lawyer today to get our will done and Mom's too so that took a chunk out of the day. We also sold a file cabinet and the old kitchen sink on FB Marketplace, (well, we gave them away free but it saved dump fees!) Dennis finally has all aspects of his office working except our laser printer. The connection to his computer at the office need some tech support but all seem well now. We think winter in the storage unit may have killed off our printer.
    That food looks wonderful. I would have had to waddle away too! The rhubarb tart is so artistic and perfect. How do you cut into something like that?
    And...of course your beautiful sampler. Those threads are so rich and velvety. It's moving along quickly.
    I hope your day tomorrow is a good one my friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  9. Hello Vera,
    Your dinner sounds delicious and the tart looks yummy. The Audubon Center looks a little like our local park here that keeps the injured raptors. Your stitching looks lovely, beautiful colors. Take care, enjoy your day!

  10. That tart is a work of art -- almost too pretty to eat! And the sampler is looking really good. I really like the shading of the silks. It's like changing colors but without the effort.

  11. gorgeous stitchery and so much food! I wish I was there.

  12. Wow, that tart is gorgeous with the design the rhubarb makes on the top! I bet it was delicious.

  13. What a beautiful sampler. The colors of the floss are so rich. Do you order the floss? And that rhubarb tart looks spectacular.