Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday 10/27/20

 Hello and Good Morning,

I think it will be another grey and damp day.  A bit hard to tell right now since it is still very dark outside.  A little later I will drive to my office, meet with Bill, do a few things and then turn around and come home.  Maybe a nap this afternoon?  I've been awake since 2:30 a.m.  I believe I would have fallen back asleep, but Tyg jumped up on the bed and if he was not furiously grooming and moving around, then he was purring ultra loud.  LOL

Before I get into TNT, I wanted to mention black pepper.  Have you ever put it on ice cream?  Several weeks ago when Fletch and I were grocery shopping, one of the checkers was talking about putting black pepper on ice cream.  She said a chef had just been in her line and he highly recommended it.  We kind of forgot about it until the other day when Fletch wanted some ice cream for dessert.  He remembered the black pepper and tried it.  DELICIOUS!!!  I've heard of putting salt on melons, but had never heard of pepper on ice cream.  Try it!!

Yesterday afternoon I went on line to check on our ballots and I'm happy to report that both of our votes have been recorded.  YAY!!

Well, let's get to the stitching.  I managed to stitch a bit more this past week.  I've rounded the corner at the upper right!

I couldn't resist stitching the little mouse in the upper right.  There are so many cute animals in this sampler - rabbits, foxes, deer, squirrels and a mouse!

He (she?) was fun to stitch and I like the end result.  I think I will move back to the left side of this sampler next and do another Quaker geometric motif...and maybe add the Bear that also appears on this sampler.

OK, time to get moving.  I've got work to do before I shut down this laptop and drive to the office.  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I've never heard of black pepper on ice cream, but I have had balsamic vinegar (very aged and very syrupy) on it, and it was delicious.

    Love your little mouse! But s/he isn't very sassy!

  2. What a sweet little mouse! :-)
    Some of the strangest-sounding food combos end up being delicious! I'm definitely going to try some pepper on my ice cream (at some point . . . if I ever have some in the house again) (the ice cream, not the pepper!). XO

  3. I think it was you that had the black pepper and cardamom coffee. I made some (just sprinkled both in the filter basket with my ground coffee), and it was terrific. Both Rick and I love pepper (I use a blend of black, white, green, and pink), so I'll try it on ice cream.

    That mouse is so cute. Looking forward to the bear and all the animals in this sampler.

  4. Hmm, I rarely eat ice cream, but I’ll remember this tip. I do put salt on watermelon, pineapple and sometimes strawberries.

  5. Lately Relic has taken to sleeping on my pillow at night. I don't mind, I only use a small corner of the pillow, and I love falling asleep to the sound of him purring.

    Black pepper on icecream...??? I don't think I could do it!

    Love that little mousie

  6. What a cute little mouse! I was just online looking at Quakers and I couldn't make up my mind which one to buy. They all look so fun. One day. I suppose I should just finish what I've started before I commit to any more.

  7. That is a VERY cute project. The mousie is just perfect!

    Pepper on cantaloupe. DEEEEElicious!

  8. That is one cute mouse. I have never heard of salt on ice cream. All flavors or just vanilla? I always salt my cantaloupe and watermelon. Yum.

  9. Hello,
    I have never heard of putting pepper on ice cream. Salt on cantaloupe is good. I love the sampler and the cute mouse. Take care, have a happy day!

  10. Since I am not a fan of pepper, I will skip that suggestion! lol
    The little mouse you stitched is perfectly sweet!

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  12. Ooh, I'm going to try that pepper/ice cream trick. We've been getting "good" pepper from Penzey's and, wow, what a difference it makes! I can't wait to try it out. And how cute is that mouse! My nickname was "Mouse" when I was little. :)