Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday 10/20/20

 Good Morning!

How are you this Tuesday morning?  I am doing well and waiting for it to get a little lighter outside.  It is warmer this morning - in the 50's, and the whole week is supposed to be pretty nice.  Last night I slept for 9 hours!!!  I was so tired (again) last night that I went upstairs to bed before 9:30.  I read, but couldn't manage more than 4 pages before I had to turn out the light.  Figured I would wake up at 2 or 3 a.m. and be awake the rest of the night, but I never woke up until 6:40 this morning!  Woo-Hoo and Hooray for a good night's sleep.

Before I forget, I want to mention that I discovered a number of comments on my blog that were emailed to me (as they are supposed to be), but ended up in my spam folder...I clean that out every week or two, so my apologies for not acknowledging all comments.  Not sure what's up with that.

Yesterday was a longer day in the office than I had anticipated...and longer than I have been in there in months!  However, I don't need to go back in until a day next week, so that is good news (I had thought I would need to be in today as well).

Forgetting work for a bit (!!), it is TNT, or Tiny Needle Tuesday.  Not much progress has been made since last week, but here is what I managed to accomplish:

This motif is not yet complete.  There will be a bunch more stitching inside this one.  The yellow is at times hard to see on the linen I'm using.  I have to make sure my light is strong and I use magnification too.  Even more difficult to see on the whole piece:

It is on the far right and is the same color as the yellow on the far left.  The next motif to the right of the yellow one is the corner at the upper right.  It will be nice to have the entire top stitched.

We did (FINALLY) receive our mail in ballots last week.  We will complete them and drop them (not mail them) at a location near us.  (I don't trust the mail to get them in on time.)  We've been bringing in Colin & Mailing's mail while they are away, and their ballots still have not arrived!!  It's frustrating.

As I mentioned above, the week is supposed to be gorgeous.  I'm hoping to get out for a walk today.  I do have a conference call, but not until 3:30, so I should be ok for walking around lunch time.  This morning I'll run over to the kids' house to feed the cats and will probably leave the door to their sunroom open for those critters since it's supposed to be so nice.  It was good to hear from them that they made it to Key West safely.  

Time to get to work - emails are flying in.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Such lovely stitching, Vera! I hope your work goes smoothly today -- and that you continue to enjoy good sleep at night. XO

  2. My son's mail-in ballot was quite late as well. I told him I'd run it to the county BOE drop box for him just to be safe. Huge delays here in Ohio, and the company printing them was flying a Trump 2020 flag, too, and making no bones about their support. It's still an issue here.

    So glad you put together so many hours of good sleep. It makes a huge difference.

  3. That's why I wanted to do early voting in person! I know that it counts! The needlework looks great--it is hard to work without good light!

  4. Some of my comments are in spam as well and they are from people I have IN my contacts. It makes no sense.

    We are dropping our ballots off today. Yesterday there was a fire police call to Doylestown. Apparently, so many people showed up to vote, they need OUR fire police AND theirs to help direct traffic. Two thumbs up for that!

  5. Some comments from longtime readers/commenters of my blog have been going to Spam as well. I rarely check the Spam folder but need to now that I’m aware of the glitch.

  6. I've heard about delays in ballots from many people so I'm glad you finally received yours. It is wonderful to see that so many people value their right to vote, have made plans to ensure that their vote is counted, and are willing to wait in line for hours to vote in person. It saddens me that citizens have to do this and can not simply exercise their right to vote freely, fairly, and easily.

  7. I called voter registration two months ago to change our address. Well, Dennis's ballot was changed but mine was not. It had to go through the forwarding process of being sent to Seattle and then back here to Spokane. He got his a full 5 days before I did. It's frustrating because I was assured BOTH addresses had been changed. Apparently not. I think that's what has people worried. The elections offices just don't seem to care about quality and getting things correct. Anyway, we voted and I dropped the ballots off in a dropbox too for the same reason you did.
    I'm glad you were able to get some good sleep. Apparently your body knew how much you needed it.
    Take care Vera,

  8. Clearly you needed that sleep! (Isn't it great when your body cooperates to give you the rest you need?) I'm glad your ballots have arrived. I don't know about your neck of the woods, but our local elections office just announced they're adding additional hours for ballot drop-off. It makes me happy to hear that there's been such a strong voting response!

  9. My ballot showed up weeks ago and it took until a few days ago for The Mister's to show up. We were really getting worried.
    I hear you with that light color. That's how I am with my linen colored sheep on my linen colored fabric. I am using magnification too but it's still 50/50 that I actually get a complete stitch done correctly.

  10. Happy TNT! That is going to be beautiful. We have absentee ballots since we are on the coast, we got them yesterday and mailed them today. Mail has been taking 2-3 days to get to Eugene and we can check online that the ballot gets received. Yay voting!

  11. Hooray for ballots arriving. We delivered ours back to the election commissioner's drop box early last week. I would have to have good magnification and extra lighting to do any stitching on linen these days. If I can ask, what kind of floss do you use?

  12. I'm glad your ballot arrived, ours came a day early, we filled them out the next day and did use our local post office and then the next day we were notified they were received. Yay! Now let's hope we get rid of that monster that is destroying our country! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. ours arrived finally and we promptly filled them out. And yes they have been received! lovely stitching.

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