Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Recap

Hi Everyone!

March sure is coming in like a LION!!!  My office closed at 3 on Friday, but I left shortly after 1:00.  Good thing I did...visibility was horrible, high winds and blowing snow...branches falling on the car and road as I made my way home.  By the time I got to our street there were several inches of snow covering it.  By the time it stopped snowing that evening, we had about 8" of the white stuff!

Taken through our sliding door to our patio.  And the birds were feeding like crazy!

Saturday morning Fletch pulled out the snow blower and cleared the driveway and we headed out to grocery shop.  It was still horribly windy.  We were fortunate that we did not lose power.

Saturday night I made a quiche for dinner:  bacon, spinach, mushrooms, scallions and Jarlsberg cheese.  So good!!

We watched a little TV that night, but we were both pretty tired and went to bed early.  Sunday morning I fixed peanut butter banana pancakes.  They were good, but
so  heavy!!

Tyg was pretty lazy after playing in the snow - he loves the snow and the wind doesn't seem to bother him, but after romping around, he stretched out.

And later...

Love the way his front paw partially covers his face.  so cute.

Over the weekend I did manage to go through the binders (4 or 5 LARGE ones) that I have of patterns.  Honestly!  I don't need paper copies of all of these.  Some I know I will never knit and many are in my library on Ravelry, so why keep copies?  I got rid of a lot of paper, but still have more to keep than I want.  A second culling will need to be done.  I also pulled out some books to donate.  Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

This morning I checked on the seeds that Fletch planted a little bit ago.  Voila! 

Everything is sprouting!!

Of course...another storm is forecast for Tuesday night into Thursday morning.  Last night my phone was saying 1-3".  This morning I woke up to a text from our "ReadyAlert" notification saying Winter Storm Warning...6" or more!  Here we go again....

I did manage to knit a bunch of rows (50 or so) on the red sock and I put another braid on it.  No pictures yet, but I think I've already put enough photos on this post.  Hoping everyone had a great weekend. 


  1. The storm predicted to hit on Saturday and Sunday was blown passed my area, but today the winds remain. March is by far the windiest month for this area. It blows off the snow-covered mountains, so it's a bitter wind. I'm glad it didn't snow because the drifts would have been nasty.

    Tyg looks very comfy.

  2. you got much more snow than we did! Ours is pretty much gone too. Though the weather is still hovering around freezing.

    Tyg looks like he knows how to relax!

    Going through and organizing my pattern binders is on my to do list... it just seems like such a daunting job!

  3. Tyg looks so much like Giroux in that last photo. I'm glad he is feeling better. I was worried about him.

    We DID lose power (and internet/cable) -- hoping we don't this next time.

    That quiche looks VERY good --- you just gave me an idea for this week's menu.

  4. Oh cats in snow sound so pretty. I have tried to limit my paper patterns too.
    We are on the brink of high winds and snow starting. Roads and weather were clear this morning, so we got to the barn, but they've cancelled tonights classes. Spring? Why must you be so furious???

  5. A couple of years ago, I decided to go through my paper patterns . . . and ended up pitching EVERY ONE of them!!! Binders full! I realized that everything I might want to knit . . . is now available online. (Eye opening.) I hope your snow melts quickly -- and spring arrives for good! XO

  6. No one can relax like a cat, and Tyg is a champion at it. Love those furled paws.

    We had pancakes during our stormy weather also, some kind of Bob's Red Mill whole grain mix. It was very good--nutty tasting and quite hearty. Our 4 inches are almost melted...just in time for more by Wednesday. AARRGGHH.

  7. Holy moly!!! You did get a lot of snow from that storm. That wind was more than I could deal with. Snow on top of it would have did me in for sure.

  8. I am hoping to plant some seeds in the next few weeks. I have been saving egg cartons for this project. I hope winter lets go very soon.

  9. (finally ;-) playing catchup this morning - was delighted to see your finished Sigla - it looks great (and I'm guessing you got to wear it plenty over the weekend, too) and Tyg! hope this latest storm warning goes easy on y'all - I have another Philly friend who lost power for three days (um yikes!!!)

  10. take care through the storms that are assailing you!
    That quiche looks incredible........!

  11. I love snow so much; I am green with envy!
    Peanut-butter banana pancakes sounds yummy and very filling.
    I don't think I've ever seen a cat sleep on its back like Tyg does. Very sweet.
    I need to go through patterns, too. I have more than I'll have time to knit in one lifetime!

  12. lovely snow, I believe we will not get the snow predicted today (3-6 inches). I prefer printed rather than on my ipad. I can't say why...I just do, so I print away and then file them in binders, in a plastic sleeve.