Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday 03-14-18

Well Hello Friends,

A chilly Unraveled Wednesday here...snow forecast for this afternoon and someone just told me another Nor'Easter is possible next Tuesday (which is the first day of Spring...and my Mom's birthday - she would be 99 this year!!).  And today is Pi Day which I completely forgot about!!

Colin has been making smoothies for breakfast because he leaves for work so early.  I decided to try one.  Last night I blended up spinach, half an apple, some fresh ginger, the last of the blackberries, some carrot juice and a few ice cubes.  It is just ok (and I miss chewing my breakfast!!).  But...I'll see how I feel in a little bit (whether or not I'm hungry).  I really need to eat protein in the a.m. and this has none in it...maybe I'll try adding some Greek yogurt and some almonds.  Do any of you make smoothies?  And, if so, what do you put in them?

I have not done a lot of knitting, but here is where the first sock is right now:

The leg (cuff to heel flap) is 10" and I'm part-way through the foot.  I'd like to finish this and get the second one started before I lose interest.  I love the sock, but after the two horizontal braids, it is just plain knitting (and long) (and a tad boring).  I keep thinking of other things I'd like to start

Fell in love with this pattern the other day.  Hmmmmm.  And there's a shawl I want to make (or 2 or 3) and some more fingerless mitts.  Stay tuned.

On the reading front, I mentioned the other day that I finished Glass Houses - the latest in the Gamache stories by Louise Penny.  As with her other books, this one did not disappoint.  I am about a third of the way through Manhattan Beach and enjoying it.  I just need to stay awake a little bit more (still suffering from the time change).

Work is work - not too busy, not too slow.  We are having a St. Patty's Day luncheon tomorrow.

The weekend is supposed to be a little warmer (I think).  I've got errands to run on Saturday - back to the tax accountant that morning to sign off (and pay) so that they can be e-filed and then running around.  I have a huge printer I need to get to Staples to recycle (Yay - that will be one more thing off the floor and out of the office room!!).  I'd like to go through my yarn and see what I have (preparing for the Allentown Fiber Festival in 4 weeks or so).

What's up with you mid-week?  Hope all is well.


  1. That Juniper top is BEAUTIFUL.

    I don't do smoothies. Too many calories vs. too little "staying" power. Like you, I like to CHEW my breakfast. LOL

    I think they make a great "snack", if you can afford the calories, but they make a less than satisfying meal.

  2. I don't like smoothies! I like my drinks smooth and smoothies have lumps and bumps in a disgusting color! lol
    I drink Boost high protein every morning with a rice cake-filling and satisfying! That Juniper top is very pretty! The sock is gorgeous-hang in there!

  3. Smoothies always sound good, but I really dislike cleaning my blender, so my laziness deters me. I love the color of your sock and those braids are beautiful; you have to finish the pair! My midweek task is planning my trip to Hawaii before next Tuesday (not really, but that's where I want to be if there is another Nor'easter)!

  4. I admit I like McDonald's smoothies but I am sure they are not good for you. I limit myself to one a year-just like the Shamrock Shake I had yesterday. good and so bad.

  5. I don't do breakfast--never, ever have--so I'm no help there. Like Bonny, above, I hate cleaning my stick or bullet blender (ONE MORE THING TO DO!), so I rarely make smoothies. When I do, however, I use Greek yoghurt, and it makes it more filling. If you use it as a lunch/breakfast combo, you can be less concerned about calories.

  6. I'm only an occasional smoothie drinker (the clean up is a pain), but greek yogurt will definitely help your belly get a bit more full. So will adding half a banana, or a little protein powder (but not too much...gritty!).

  7. I prefer protein drinks to juicing: without protein, I get too hungry, and that defeats the purpose.

  8. Sock looks great!

    Work for me is light, which is nice because it gives me time to get things done for Mexico.

  9. Love those socks. Happy Pi Day!

  10. You can finish those socks - go Vera go!

  11. I make fruit smoothies quite often, but I just can't quite muster the interest in "green" smoothies with veggies. (Even though I love veggies. . . ) The socks are lovely. Keep going. (Although that little tee/sweater is quite adorable. . . ) XO

  12. You will get that sock done! it is going to be a lovely pair.
    I'm sock knitting too. WOuld love to finish my second sock so I can start with my new bright fun sparkly yarn. I need a bit of bright and sparkly.
    We celebrate Pie's birthday today. pi day. She got some chicken off my lunch plate. and lots of snuggles shes 4!

  13. Congrats on your progress this week...I've a ways - possibly 8 Louise Penny books to read before I tackle Glass Houses...and I have a copy here, patiently waiting...and calling my name...

  14. beautiful sock!! My trainer is into smoothies but like you, I LOVE to chew. So I take a pass on that but I should try it someday. A few years ago I was making them at night and they were delicious as a dessert...