Friday, March 23, 2018


Good Morning!

It is already a busy day for me...more changes at work...additional responsibilities....and on and on and on.  Meanwhile, all I want to do is knit, read and...SEW!  I mentioned the other day about purging my fabric stash but I saved plenty of fabric to use (key word being USE as opposed to just keeping it in the bureau).  So here is a small sampling of what I've kept and what I hope/plan to make.  No timeline, but I figure putting it on the blog just *might* make me more accountable (or not...we shall see).

First up, two fabrics I plan to use to make tunics:

Love these fabrics.  The one on the right is navy embroidered on a very pale beige background.

Next up the possibility of jackets:

The top one is a heavy upholstery fabric - a pale sage/olive green with a cranberry print.  The bottom one is just plain fun!

Another fun piece I hope to make a top from - there is not enough for a tunic, but I'm thinking a cap sleeve or sleeveless top:

This is another piece that is embroidered.

And last, some fabrics I couldn't part with.  I may end up making a couple of project bags:

A crappy picture - the light was glaring.  The fabric on the left is (again) embroidered and has oranges and yellows in it.  Very sturdy (more upholstery fabric).

There is still a lot more where this came from - lol.

This morning, as I was attempting to wake up with coffee, Tyg started sounding like he was auditioning for a part in the Exorcist!  Another cat had wandered onto our patio and OMG, Tyg was so LOUD - he actually woke Fletch up (who was upstairs behind a closed door sleeping).  I couldn't capture his sound, but here he is by the back door after the other cat had wandered away - still a pretty fluffy tail!!

The roads were all clear yesterday for my ride into work which was beautiful.  The winding roads through Valley Forge were so gorgeous - looking like a Christmas card.  The horse farm I pass was beautiful as well.  And by the time I got home at least half of our snow had sunk into the ground.  Our yard will be a soggy mess for some time. 

Well, I've got some work to do before my 10 a.m. conference call and my hope is to get out of here by 3:30 or 4.  And tomorrow I'm meeting up with Dee again for coffee/tea/knitting!  Can't wait.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I'm so excited about sewing tunics and tops, too! sadly, I have no fabric stash ... but you have so many lovely options! Happy Friday!

  2. Lovely fabrics, Vera! (I have some lovely selections deep in my fabric stash, too. I need to a bit of exacvating. . . ) Snow creates some lovely views, that's for sure. And in the spring, it usually melts super fast. Have a great weekend! XO

  3. Our snow is melting, but slowly. Temps are still polar, but there is sun.

    You have a LOT to keep you busy.

  4. Fun fabrics! I haven't sewn garment in decades, but I still have patterns and fabrics. Perhaps, one day. . .

  5. Your fabrics are lovely! I especially like the embroidered ones. My SiL made some gorgeous curtains from embroidered panels when she didn't have enough for the dress she had planned and I admire them every time I visit. Happy Weekend to you!

  6. I love embroidered fabrics--my favorite skirt is black w/ embroidered polka dots.

  7. you have a lovely fabric stash :) Look at that puffy tail!

  8. I like seeing the fabrics. I really like the one with the circles embroidered. Have so much fun with DEE!! Stay safe. Hurry up Spring, Come back

  9. I love all your fabrics, but especially the two that you have earmarked for tunics.
    So cool that you can meet up with Dee!

  10. Mr. Tyg is on duty to save you from marauding stray cats!!! LOL

    I love that second fabric --- the beige with embroidered leaves.

  11. Your fabric collection is lovely. It reminds me that I have some summer dress material that needs to made into something. I should publicly shame myself too in order to get moving on them.

  12. Oh I know that sound that Tyg was making very well! Mia does that every time she sees a cat outside too. lol! She goes bonkers! Love seeing all your fabrics. I'll look forward to some sewing finishes!

  13. I understand their territorial tendencies! lol
    Glad you have a good weekend to look forward to with Dee!

  14. Lovely fabrics...look forward to seeing them transformed...Stitch on!